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Published January 24, 2019

Throughout the age of Final Fantasy, there has been weapons that have always given many gamers something to look forward to when they got to a certain point in the game. For example, the Ragnarok from Final Fantasy 6 which allowed Terra to learn her Ultima spell without waiting until she’s reached Lv. 99 to get it.

Another example is the Ultimate weapons from Final Fantasy 7 thru 10 which bestowed awesome power to their bearer, but today I talk of another weapon or set of weapons that really are worth the metal from which they are made; I’m talking about the Royal Arms. As many gamers well know, there are 13 of them to be gathered.

Also, I want to go on record as saying that many of the Royal Arms are not as out of reach as they might appear to be. Take the Scepter of the Pious, you’ll have to be at least a Lv. 37 before tackling the tomb which guards this very valuable weapon.

There are Royal Arms that will, unfortunately, have to wait until you’re Lv.59+ and for those that you do trust me when I say this, you’d do well to do so. In this post, I’ll cover where the Final Fantasy XV Royal Arms are along with their locations, how to countering their HP drain effect and why using them will really challenge but worth it overall.

The Royal Arms & Locations

So as you well know, the Royal Arms are located in different places all over the globe, but here’s where you’ll find them and what they are.

I. Sword of the Wise, this weapon you’ll get as you’re adventuring in Chapter 2 so there’s no way that you’ll miss it. Besides, Marshall Cor Leonis will be guiding you to it so pay attention.

II. Axe of the Conqueror, Keycatrich Trench; can be seen as more of a graveyard of sorts but the axe is here in Chapter 2 so getting it is a must. When you face those Sparkshears, you’ll be happy you have it.

III. Sword of the Wanderer, Greyshire Glacio Grotto; Chapter 3 and behind the waterfall is where you’ll find this little pretty as you’re hinted by Talcott. My advice, keep some magic on hand to help wipe out the enemy masses, enemies take lethal damage from magic in here.

IV. Blade of the Mystic, as you’re gallivanting about town in Chapter 4, you’ll run right smack dab into this the fourth of your Final Fantasy XV Royal Arms.

V. Shield of the Just, you’ll find this little number while you’re venturing out in the open world; just make it a point to get it while you’re horsing around in the Thommel Glade.

VI. Scepter of the Pious, Malmalam Thicket. Coincidentally, if you have been doing sidequests like crazy up to this point, like I have then you’ll have no problem going after this one. I must caution you to be no higher that a Lv. 37-38 before entering the joint, you know, for insurance purposes. Keep in mind this, you’ll be asked if want to explore this place during Chapter 6. Don’t think about it, just say yes

VII. Star of the Rogue, Myrlwood. Now, easily this is a place that I would probably wait to do until I was a Lv. 36-37. That way, you won’t feel as if you have to muscle your way through the place and you can just enjoy the exploration and soak up all the “culture” in the tomb. Interesting fun fact, you’ll able to tackle this place during Chapter 7.

VIII. Mace of the Fierce, Rock of Ravatogh. Entering here, if you’re a Lv. 32 to 34, will more than make you a match for the beasties running around here so take care and have some healcast magic on hand and Ignis’ Regenerate ability wouldn’t hurt either.

IX. Bow of the Clever, Balouve Mines. I would at least recommend that you not even try to step foot in here until you’re at least Lv. 52+, the enemies will seem less tough to you plus I imagine that you’ll have most of your Astralsphere filled in by that time as well. Possibly.

Bow of the Clever, much later!

*I got this on Chapter 9 – Callings, and here were my crew’s and I’s stats, but be warned, when you take on Aramusha, don’t use magic because it doesn’t work plus he evades it making it a practical backfire. Destroying Aramusha grant you uninterrupted access to the royal tomb where the weapon lies.

X. Katana of the Warrior, when you get to good ‘ol Chapter 10, this baby will be awaiting and the great thing about it is that you’ll get it as you’re making your way through the chapter. Niffy huh?

XI. Trident of the Oracle, Chapter 12; there’s not much to say regarding getting your hands on this weapon except that it is a pretty awesome weapon, it makes the Drain Lance look like pasta roni noodle. Plus, you don’t have to go to a tomb to get it. Bonus!

XII. Sword of the Father, a weapon as powerful as this won’t see you until you make it to Chapter 13; you won’t, however, have to do a lot to get it.

XIII. Sword of the Tall, Costlemark Tower. A couple of things, first; you’ll want to tackle this joint at night. I guess the Jabberwock within prefers midnight snacks compared to eating at a regular time. Second, entering here as a Lv. 57 would make the enemies more afraid of you than you would them. I’m just saying.

This here is my recommended order in which to obtain the Final Fantasy XV Royal Arms; the method of madness however lies in the details.

Point Warps and Recovery

So to say the least, I’ve been abusing the Royal Arms and dealing with their HP drain consequence. However, I’ve really made use of the point warps that are placed strategically around the battlefield and the same goes for the behind-the-works-recovery i.e. press and holding Square behind a building and/or a rock so you can recover.

When I use the Royal Arms, I always warp strike especially if an enemy’s blindside is exposed then I find the nearest point warp or recovery spot and heal. It is not ideal to hide while your friends do battle while you recover, but if you’re going to use the Final Fantasy XV Royal Arms full time like me then you’ll need, no, you’ll want to get in the practice of doing this. Trust me, the payoff’ll be huge.

HP conservation

Another aspect of HP conservation when using the Royal Arms is using the Engine Blade or the Drain Lance; they’re not Royal Arms by no means but it is ideal to use them if you don’t feel like trekking back and forth to the uncovered elemental deposits that are situated where they are.

Right now, the only time I use my Engine Blade (it’s a Lv. 3 by the way) is when I need some elemental energy which I will use my blade or lance to get and if we’re being honest here, that’s the best strategic way to use your “elemancy” weapons.

Why using the Royal Arms will really challenge you

Okay so you know that the Royal Arms have a HP drain percentage effect which is really challenging if you’re looking to use the Royal Arms full time. However, using the Royal Arms, in my opinion, challenge you because you’re having to try to get in a lot of hit on enemies in the shortest amount of time.

While ideal, it very much is not. But, I feel that the challenge you receive from using the Royal Arms on enemies is necessary because you’ll cross swords with enemies that can’t be harmed any other way. So if you’re already using the Royal Arms and have made peace with their HP drain effect then I urge you to keep using them.


The Royal Arms are a challenge to use in their own right because of their HP drain effect but finding them at the different points in the game can really help you become less fearful of their power. There are 13 Royal Arms and 15 chapters in the game so it goes without saying that getting all the royal arms is necessary.

Utilizing the point warps and recovery “objects” can make a big difference whether you’re hiding behind a building or behind a rock or point warping to the top of a tower. HP conservation will definitely play a role in using the royal arms but the challenge of mastering them is yours alone so making an effort to will help you see how powerful they really are.

If you have any questions about my post or anything in it then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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  1. IgorIgor

    Ok, I knew that they are existing, but I couldn’t find all of them. Thanks to you it will be much easier now. I hope they are as powerful as you said. It is incredible how good tutorials you can find on the Internet! Thanks for your work, I will definitely come here to see more tips and tricks 🙂 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Igor, you humble me. My motivation behind doing this is that I wanted to point out where the Royal Arms were and yes, they are very powerful. The Axe of the Conqueror alone does quadruple digit damage to just about any enemy. Also, I did this for myself as well because I’m working on the game right and it’s good to know where the Royal Arms are without spending years looking for them on the internet or youtube.

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