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Published January 26, 2019

Final Fantasy XV Quests, what can be said about Final Fantasy XV Quests besides the fact that they can take up a large amount of time in the game that you spend; they are also solely responsible for 70% of the running around that you do in the game. Incidentally, some quests are as simple as delivering a food item to a local cafe owner.

Other quests have you running around chasing some huge animal and harvesting some parts of its body to satisfy someone else or themselves while others are just simple hide-and-seek games, seemingly. One thing about the quests is that they help Noct and his gang grow stronger.

Many of the Final Fantasy XV Quests can try even the most patient person like take Vyv’s photo assignment of you climbing The Rock of Ravatogh; it took me almost 3 hours to finally figure out that you can climb up the ladder like incline in the cliff. Another thing about Final Fantasy XV Quests is that some of them can really leave you holding the bag as far as clues go.

In the post, I’ll be talking about certain Quests or Quests in general, how many is too many and what you can do about it or to at least minimize the ones that you do per chapter. So having said that, let’s get this party started.


So, what do you think a quest is or what is it not; a quest can be seen as nothing more than a request to come up with a collective solution to a seemingly complicated problem. For example, take the Lestallum’s Finest Quest. Now, Takka needs you to take a trip to Lestallum to grab an ingredient for him.

However, the peddler in Lestallum will tell you that his shipment didn’t come in and send you to investigate; so you now have to complete two quests for one item; what a drag! Another example, A Better Engine Blade. Finding the “upgrade” part to enhance the capabilities of the Engine Blade will take you all over the continent.

The only simplistic thing about hunting for that part to upgrade your mechanical weapons is sometimes you just stumble upon the part and other times, it’s quite the opposite. I still have to upgrade the mechanical weapons like the Auto Crossbow, Drain Lance along with a few others but the whole thing about quests, it’s a kick in the pants but will make you stronger.

How many is too many?

Many of the Final Fantasy XV Quests can really overwhelm you to the point of you just walking away from the game because you’re buried under all of these quests, I can tell you that I spent about 7 hours doing quests yesterday and I felt totally spent. However, I got to a point where I said “no more, I’m not doing another quest until I get the Blade of the Mystic”

My perseverance paid off because when I went to Chapter 4, I got the Blade of the Mystic, I completed Titan’s Trial and I got the Mark of the Archaean and now I’m on Chapter 5 – Dark Clouds. I’m still bogged down with quests that I haven’t completed; it’s too many when you have 9-11 quests that you can’t do because you’re lacking something.

I think 3 uncompleted quests are too many and I always strive to do them all before continuing the main story but you can’t do that in this game because there are as many quests as there are enemies roaming the prairie. You can spend hours doing all the quests you have but they’ll be……

Taking away from the game

In Final Fantasy XV, it is so easy to get wrapped up in helping people during the various quests that you do that it becomes even easier to let it take away from the game. Simply, you can spend hours doing quests that you think matter (hunting down Broken Car quests) and other quests like Bounty Hunts.

Bounty Hunts do not take away from the game because they’re mostly simple and easy which basically involves you finding that mark, hunting it down and killing it. However, it cannot be argued that Bounty Hunts are not time-consuming which make them the ideal “exercise”. So if you have to do any “quests” do the Bounty Hunts!

Having too many quests can take away from the game and make you feel like the only thing you should be doing is the quests until they’re completed in their entirety. I get so consumed with doing this and asking, where is the line; where do I draw it if its even meant to be drawn?

I had to draw a line in the sand much like I did when I decided to put some quests off until Chapter 4, you too have to draw a that same line in the sand and you should.

A solution that might help

After spending so many hours on quests, I got to a point where I said “Enough!” I spent days on Chapter 3 because I had so many quests left to complete and that didn’t change because now I’m on Chapter 5 and its a lot of the same. So my solution to this problem is this, do the Bounty Hunts; make them a priority.

The reason, they’re going to be your bread and butter when it comes to getting stronger; these can push your level to exponential heights.

When you’re doing regular sidequests like Emergency Delivery(Level 11 requirement), do them up to whatever the next tenth number is in that order if that makes any sense. For example, let’s say you’re in Hammerhead and you’re on Chapter 1. Do all the side quests that have levels from 1-10 in each place you visit then save side quests 11-20 for Chapter 2 etc.

The point is that you don’t get too overloaded with side quests to the point where your time is more invested in taking care of those side quests then playing the actual game. The story mode of the game is awesome; the side quests are just there for adequate distraction.


Final Fantasy XV Quests are many but there are ways and exceptions that make the going easier. For example, doing too many quests can take away from the game where you’re doing more side questing than completing the story mode. Often times drawing a line is necessary because it is easy to forget that 8 side quests are too many to do in one town.

Calculating the number of side quests and doing them up to the tenth number on that list can be done within that chapter whereas the side quests that start with a 1 like 11 or 21 can wait until the next chapter. If you have any questions about my post then please send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. HbeeHbee

    This is very informative. I really like how you have explained the quests in detail, this will certainly help those out who are interested in wanting to know more about this game! And because there are more quests there more fun to have! And i like how you have also mentioned that bounty hunts are not time consuming because people will be willing to play as a result.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      There so much to love about Final Fantasy XV and that includes the quests along with the post game content. Play the game, I guarantee you’ll love every bit of the game; it’s worth the money.

  2. DancinscotDancinscot

    This was an interesting read for me because I’m not a gamer. It gave me a window into this world that many spend high numbers of daily hours “wasting”, from some points of view.Yet, your clear description of the activities show that this activity can lead to enhanced decision making, predicting time consumption needed to perform certain tasks, and other prioritizing which can lead to real life know-how.Life is somewhat of a game isn’t it? Business certainly is, and these abilities are good ones to have!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks for the input buddy.

  3. Irin KhanIrin Khan

    Excellent! I must appreciate you for fantastic writing about Final Fantasy XV Quests. I think it is a smart game with wonderful ideas. I am hopeful that, this Final Fantasy XV Quests game will be a lot of fun in my boring times. Can you please tell me how can I collect this game from where? Thank you.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Trust me, definitely get this game and play it, you’ll enjoy it and I assure you that it’ll be money well spent. I’m playing the post game and those have quests on it and I’ve done like 3 quarters of them; there’s a lot of quests but those quests make it so you can get ahead in levels so your enemies seem not so strong.

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