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Published March 26, 2019

Prompto, the whiner, the cameraman, the comic relief and gun-toting funny man of Noctis’ crew. Many can surmise that Prompto is a unique character with special beginnings. Episode Prompto is all about shining light on what happened after Noctis accidentally knocked Prompto off the train and before finding him in captivity in Gralea.

When I was first getting to know Prompto in the game, I sort of always thought there was something about him; like I always thought he didn’t grow up like the others did. As I kept going through the episode, I learned more and more about him.

Episode Prompto has a special quest, Aranea Highwind; former Niflheim Empire warrior. Aranea keeps Prompto company which is good because a lot of what Prompto had to do he couldn’t do it alone. Aranea was the best backup that Prompto could’ve had, the creators played that to the wire i.e. just right.

There are sidequests along with a wide range of other things that you’ll come to love about the episode which I’ll discuss in my post along with Prompto’s ability of weapons, his crackshot ability and his time with Aranea. So having said that, the first thing about Episode Prompto that I’d like to discuss is………

The Story

What gamers know about Prompto is that he’s the fun loving gunner that never misses his mark especially when you use one of his special abilities like Starshell or Pierce. However, during Episode Prompto, you learn that Prompto is a direct clone of Verstael Besithia and was born in Niflheim. Prompto was created to destroy Lucis along with the friends he felt he worked so hard to make.

Incidentally, this doesn’t sit well with Prompto and goes completely berserk and fights to prove his loyalty to Lucis and his, at the time, absent friends. I thought the story surrounding Prompto’s beginnings were very tear-jerking only because he was created to fulfill a destiny he never wanted to, he was just like any other normal boy and he wanted friends which he got.

Ultimately, I respected Prompto so much more because he fought against his creator and ended up being satisfied with the result that he put an end to a life that he never meant to have. Ardyn should’ve left Prompto alone after Prompto went off to find the guys but ended being captured which sucks but it brought his capture by Ardyn and his rescue by Noctis & Co full circle.

Sidequests, not worth doing

There are sidequests during Episode Prompto that’ll surface and are marked with a bright yellow marker, but you are under no obligation to do any of the sidequests because they’re not important and they do little to impact the overall element of the episode. So, if you get to a point, and you will, that you get curious about the sidequest, don’t.

Trust me, you’ll be wasting your time and energy, I remember one time I was responding to a call i.e. sidequest via several miles from my target point and I got into it with this giant mech; practically indestructible even using the Bazooka did little to damage the mechanical menagerie of bits and chips.

So the only option was to run, I remember another sidequest where I had to help a stray animal from becoming mech food for a bunch of small mechs that were attacking the stray animal at once. Please, pay the sidequest portion of the episode no mind because you’re not to miss anything if you decide to leave the sidequests alone; there’s no benefit to doing them.

If you should see that little yellow marker on the map, stay away from it; trust me, you’ll be thankful when you’re not going through your curatives trying to destroy the mechs.

Using Prompto’s ability of weapons

Now, as you well know, Prompto’s an ace when it comes to using gun weapons to destroy his enemies like his Gravisphere special ability, I love Gravisphere! Anyway, this does not change during Episode Prompto when he’s turned onto many weapons such as an assault rifle, a sniper rifle and a bazooka. The weapon I went with the most was the bazooka and the assault rifle; both are very good weapons to use to eliminate crowds of magitek soldiers.

The great part about Episode Prompto was that many of the Magitek troopers died by their own weapons and that included the Lumen Flare Grenades; the bosses that you fought in Episode Prompto were not too complicated and were not bulletproof to the point of the bullets bouncing off them.

I assure you that if you’re going to be running around in Episode Prompto, you’ll want the bazooka because even if you’re just carrying it around with you; its good in all battle situations. The bad part is that it is only good for 5 shots. However, that’s still more than enough to get the enemies off your back.

Using Prompto’s weapons is the best part about Episode Prompto, when I saw the bazooka; I fell in love and was firing shots all over the place. Enjoy it!

Crackshot was awesome

Crackshot was another of Prompto’s special abilities during Episode Prompto which was triggered when you dealt an enemy enough damage, you’ll see the option to use Crackshot; do it! Crackshot will destroy what’s left of your enemies. I can remember a time when I was using the assault rifle on a gang of magitek troopers. I used Prompto’s special ability, Crackshot to destroy them. Believe me when I say that the blast is powerful enough to destroy your enemies.

The only unfortunate side effect of using Crackshot was that it can be only be used on a single enemy. However, make no mistake, you’ll be happy you see the Crackshot option when you do because there are some enemies that will require Crackshot to kill. Plus, I like the yellow color that Prompto glows before he fires off his Crackshot.

I used to not want to use Crackshot at first because I always felt it was a little over the top especially since regular gunfire will kill most Magitek troopers but I got to a point where I wanted to see if it was as useful as it was deadly; it was. There are plenty of chances for you to use Crackshot during Prompto’s adventure so don’t worry.

Aranea was kick ass

Aranea was kick ass, I didn’t too much care for her attitude when it came to Prompto and her lack of sympathy toward him as he was in shock about his origins. Ultimately, Aranea was a great companion for Prompto and it cannot be argued that she was more than a match for everything during Episode Prompto. Also, I found it kind of interesting that Aranea was hanging out in Niflheim Empire territory to begin with.

She was on her mission to destroy the Niflheim Empire and that’s what she did, it was good to know that Aranea was on Prompto’s side despite the rocksteady alliance that was born from it. To me, Aranea was a good back up character, but she was nowhere near as strong as Noctis or even Gladio; she was only Niflheim strong not good guy cool attack strong but she was good to use all the same.


Episode Prompto was the story of Prompto discovering and coming to terms about his origin and his goals in life, even though Prompto killed the only father ever knew, he got to use all of his own skills including his awesome ability with weapons along with his Crackshot ability to dominate his enemies. Keep far away from the sidequests and you’ll always have a teammate in Aranea.

So what do you think of my post, do you think that I was off or dead on; do you think Episode Prompto was the strongest, weakest or needed a little work of the 3 episodes, whatever your position is send me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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