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Published March 25, 2019

Final Fantasy XV consists of two parts; one, the main story and two, the post-game. Incidentally, for many gamers who enjoyed playing through the story more than likely are looking to see just how much of the post-game stuff that they can do on just their gaming ability alone. I was one of those gamers who made the decision to pursue the post-game content because of my curiosity and ability.

Also, I want it to go on the record that much of the post-game content consists of sidequests as you well know but what you might not know is that much of it is level-based which might make it challenging to even consider doing any of the post-game content.

This is something that I considered when I was doing the post-game content, I took a bit of a systematic approach which I’ll talk about in this post along with why I changed my mind about doing the post-game content, I’ll discuss the importance of mastering Armiger Unleashed, what I’ve done thus far not to mention the post game content I’ve done and I’ll provide a tip on how to keep up with incoming new sidequest. So having said that, it’s time to touch on….

Why I changed my mind about doing the post-game content

At first I was saying that after I beat Final Fantasy XV that I was not going to play any of the post-game content because since I had already spent 120+ hours on playing through Final Fantasy XV, I was feeling like I needed a break from the game or so I thought at the time. However, the urge to completely do everything that I could with the post-game content was too strong so I stopped fighting it and just did it.

I spent about 49+ additional hours on the post-game content or the “lot” that I did and let me tell you, some of the post-game content was a real pain in the ass but it was very much worth it not so much for the extra weapons but the experience points and peace of mind.

Challenging myself was the main reason why I changed my mind about doing the post-game crap to begin with, I always like knowing how far I can push myself in my games and I like being able to make the choice to leave an area alone if I feel like it is too much for me which I have pointed out in previous posts the areas I didn’t bother with but you’ll be free to make the same choice. My advice, don’t get overwhelmed!

Mastered skill – Armiger Unleashed combo i.e. storm, assault, vortex etc.

One of the biggest advantages you’ll ever have in the post-game on Final Fantasy XV on PS4 is the Armiger Unleashed via Founder King’s Sigil. Mastering the 5 Armiger combos will make you an unstoppable force. However, you may find that trying to get the timing down to when to use the Armiger combos can be a real challenge and if you are having trouble then go back to the tutorial and practice until you perfect it.

I did this, I was having trouble pulling off all the Armiger Unleashed combos especially Armiger Storm (circle x 2 and triangle just before Noctis stops glowing white). I spent 4 hours of my time in the training room and I came out of there when I was sure that I perfected the Armiger combos and I did; I can now pull them all off instantly.

Mastering Armiger combos is going to make many sidequests easy, there are few enemies that can withstand the power of the Armiger Storm. Think about it, take a second!

All the post-game content I’ve done

So on Final Fantasy XV on PS4, I’ve done a lot of the post-game content and you’ll find my list is far from little. Here’s everything I’ve done along with the levels my party was at the time.

I. I took on Randolph’s legendary weapons sidequest and I took care of the Bennu; Gladio got a new weapon

II. I went to the Keycatrich Trench ruins and started the A Menace Sleeps in Keycatrich Trench; I destroyed said menace.

III. The Zu of the Feathered Giant of the Firesmoke sidequest was looking for a good thrashing so it got its wish granted

IV. Sania’s Frogs of Legend sidequest was a bit of a toughie; but I found all 5 frogs.

V. Dreadful Legend – Done

VI. A Menace Sleeps in Greyshire Grotto – Done

VII. Serpent of the Abyss – Done

VIII. Legend Wrapped in an Enigma – Done

IX. A Menace Sleeps in Fociaugh – Done, my party’s levels were at 78-77

X. Bones seeking an Offering – Done

XI. An Omen Crawls Upon the Ground – Done

XII. A Menace Sleeps in Duarell – Done

Note: You’ll see a “secret” room that isn’t as secret as it is hard to get to, you’ll see this room upon entering the room with the Hecteyes and Blue Giant. The simplest way to get up to this room is to destroy all the Hecteyes then point warp up to the point where the room is, leave Gladio and the rest to take care of the Blue Giant. Let the ladder down after the battle and continue forward.

Another thing, don’t use the Armiger Unleashed powers on the enemy crowd because you need the Blue Giant alive so Gladio & Co can finish it off; Noctis is to stay where he is which is hanging above the secret room via point warp until the battle is over.

Tip: Come to the Duarell Caverns with lots of magic. The Custards are allergic to only Ice and Fire magic; the Dolce are allergic to Ice and Thunder magic, they’re immune to Fire.

XIII. A Menace Sleeps in Balouve – Done (Party’s levels at this point is 81-80)

XIV. Scrap it Now sidequest – Done

XV. Breeding Season: Hen Extermination – Done (party’s levels 83-82)

XVI. A Behemoth Undertaking – Done

XVII. Old Denizens of the Woods – Done

XVIII.Cruel Giants of Duscae – Done

XIX. Rulers of the Banks – Done

XX. Devil Cry Curses – Done

XXI. A Menace Sleeps in Steyliff – Party’s current level is 83-82, I didn’t make it through because of it being 100 rooms, time-consuming and my curatives were bled dry. I was trying to make it to the end and didn’t, party’s levels are 90-89.

XXII. A Wondrous Weapon – Done (Party’s current levels 91-90)

XXIII. O Partner, My Partner – Done. Hint: Use the Armiger Unleashed moves like Armiger Assault, Armiger Storm and Armiger Vortex etc on Melusine, it edges her closer to death; she has to be destroyed before the sun comes up otherwise you’ll have to do the whole battle again.

XXIV. A Menace Sleeps in Crestholm – Done (Party’s current levels 93-92).

XXV. Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe – Done (Party’s current levels 94-93). The Blade of the Mystic and the Star of the Rogue are the keys to the Adamantoise’s demise along with Armiger Unleashed moves i.e. assault, storm and vortex along with barrage and onslaught.

XXVI. A Wall in our Way – Done. I used a Power Ex on Noctis along with a Verge Wx. I equipped Noctis and Gladio with Ribbon accessories, Ignis and Prompto with Earth Pendants; I used Armiger Unleashed and killed the monster. Also, I used Thundaga magic on the monster as well. Party’s current levels – 94

XXVII. People eating Snake has got to go – Done

XXVIII. Breeding Season: Rooster Extermination – Done. (Party’s current level – 94)

A strategy for keeping up with new sidequests

So now, the strategy I used when I was trying to keep up with all the sidequests that surfaced in every town that had a tipster as I was coming up in the ranks with the hunts. So a particular strategy I used was to fast travel to each town that had a tipster, and I signed up with those hunts/sidequests.

Also, instead of reporting back to the tipster to collect on the hunt/sidequest, go on to the next sidequest/hunt until they’re all done. The game keeps a record of the hunts you’ve done along with the tipster you have to report back to. Once you get in the car, you select Resume, you’re taken to or back to whoever the tipster is; mind this always


Final Fantasy XV on PS4 is full of post-game content that’ll keep you entertained if you’re not feeling like ending the game after the battle with Ardyn. Practicing the Armiger Unleashed combos and minding the strategy for keeping up with new sidequests will likely make it so you’re not spending as much time on the sidequests and hunts.

If you make the choice to do the post-game content then make sure that you’re making the decision to do it because you want to and not because you feel forced. So what do you think of my post, a little too much or do you have a problem with some of the things in my post and if so then send me a message and I’ll respond to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If you’re looking for Sania’s 5 Frogs of Legend i.e. Rainbow Frogs here are where they all are, pay attention to the blue circular mark.


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