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Published February 2, 2019

Noctis, crown prince of the Lucis line and the next king of Lucis. Noctis is a very capable warrior on his own and is more than able to wield the Royal Arms or any weapon with skill, it is without saying that he is a force to be reckoned with especially since being branded by the 6 Covenants.

There are quests in the game where Noctis is always participating in which is great for you because you get a chance to use Noctis and his various powers to own your enemies, but practice with the Royal Arms in particular can elevate Noctis’ strength almost twenty-fold.

However, there are 2 quests in the game that require Noctis’ attention and it has become quite clear that both of them require that you are ready to take them on no matter what.

The two quests in particular is the ‘Adventurer from Another World’ and ‘Close Encounters of the Terra Kind’. Now, the first time you see these are on Chapter 5 – Dark Clouds. If you’re like me, you’re going to dive head first into doing these and get them squared away.

But, there is more to them than you think which I’ll talk about in this post along with the downside of these quests along with other crucial points to that end. Having said that, I’d like to first focus on the……

Two quests, Close encounters of the Terra Kind & Adventurer from Another World

Now, Close encounters of the Terra Kind and Adventurer from Another World are two quests that are unique to the game. How are they unique and how do Noctis play into both; quite simply, his presence will change the course of both the quests’ endgame. For example, in Close encounters of the Terra Kind, you’ll guide Noctis on his temporary solo journey and partner up with a young woman named Sarah.

The two fight their way across the plains and put down whatever the big-bad is and Noctis is sent back to his time; the Adventurer from Another World quests focuses on Noctis leading the team to help a mysterious woman quell some unrest at her place. After you destroy Garuda (Lv.120); you’ll gain some pretty neat rewards such as change of attire, powerful weapons even a Garuda summon.

You might think that they are greater stakes on the line doing these and you’d be somewhat right but doing these are your decision alone.

Noctis’ Involvement

Noctis’ Involvement with both quests can, as I said, turn the tide of the endgame. However, it goes without saying that both of these quests are not going to get done without Noctis’ help or the people you help during these side quests will never know peace until Noctis lends a helping hand.

Ultimately, when you’re journeying with Sarah, you’re going to be dealing with enemies that are not too tough for Noctis and if you’ve obtained half of the Royal Arms before attempting this then I think you’ll be in good shape. It is not quite clear why Noctis’ involvement is such a big deal when it comes to these two quests.

But, if I had to guess, Noctis’ involvement has to do more with his altruism than his royal blood or just having to be a passerby that just happens to be willing to help them out of whatever mess they’re in. Noctis’ strength is enough to get him through both of these quests.

Obviously, it’ll take a little more than muscle to get through the Adventurer From Another World quest because of the Garuda boss but incidentally, it is nothing that should give you too much trouble.

Are the rewards worth it?

The sixty-four million dollar question, and the answer is an emphatic no and here’s why I say that. One, by the time you finally get to the point where you are able to do these, you’ll come across more powerful weapons; hell, I’d even say that you’d probably be going after the legendary weapons if you’re not already seeking the rest of the Royal Arms.

Now, change of attire is always great because you’ll find that your stats get a significant boost such as HP, Strength, Attack power etc. On the other hand, you could estimate that the rewards are worth it and you attempt this anyway just to get those rewards but in my opinion, the rewards are not worth it.

The weapons themselves are not bad from what I can tell but it still seems like a bit of a tough sell when it comes to providing the right motivation for doing these two quests, it really comes down to personal preference but I’m sort under the impression that these two quests require that you be a Lv. 60+.

The rationale, so you’ll stand more of a chance against the boss in the Adventurer from Another World quest; destroying Garuda isn’t really a requirement unless you want to make it one.

The downside to both quests

The utter downside to both quests is that you cannot save your game which means that when you make the choice to do the two aforementioned quests, you’re taking your life or the lives of your team in your care into your own hands which means that you’ll have to be fully stocked to the brim with everything for one.

Second, you’ll have to at least be a Lv. 60 to 100+ in order to stand a decent chance because you’re going to have your hands full trying to stay alive and keep your party alive while you’re traipsing about town. Noctis will not have access to any of his Royal Arms which means you’ll have to rely on other weapons.

There isn’t a level high enough!

Another downside is that you’ll have to unlock all the weapons within the Adventurer from Another World quest and that means playing it over and over again until you get every weapon. The unfortunate aspect of this is that this comes after you destroy Garuda, it doesn’t make any sense; the Royal Arms are my go to weapons and its a deal breaker for me when I can’t use my own strength a boss as tough as Garuda.


Noctis is a powerful force to be reckoned with equipped with his birthright, the Royal Arms, he truly is a formidable power. In the face of the two quests that more or less demand his attention, there are more reasons to not do them than do them especially since you cannot save and you have to be really prepared if you make the choice to do this.

The rewards are not really worth it considering that you’ll more than likely have more powerful weapons in your arsenal but if you see that the change of attire is worth then you can attempt the Adventurer from Another world but that’s based on preference.

If you have any questions about my posts then please send me a message and I’ll get respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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