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Published January 25, 2019

When you think about Final Fantasy XV News, what is the first thing you expect to hear about; a sequel, a prequel or even a spin-off starring Lady Lunafreya going on the hunt for her hubby, Noctis; it would be nice to have all of these things come across our gaming desks as news.

However, I come before you today to talk about news of a different kind; the news I discovered the last time I was playing the game. Now, I get that many of the map markers stating what’s what would give gamers some incentive on trying to run after and discover everything on the map.

Sadly, I was one of those gamers that did exactly that and the trouble that it got me into wasn’t so terrible, it was just time I wasted instead of moving on with the quest or story mode as it were. The Final Fantasy XV News that I wanted to share with you today is about the little map markers more specifically, the treasure and food spots.

It is not uncommon to want to fill up on everything that you collect but at some point you have to imagine drawing a line somewhere.

In this post, I’ll cover the newsworthiness of treasure and food spots, alternatives, if they’re worth the investigation and really examining the concept of whether these treasures in the wild are as worth it as they might make themselves appear. So first……

Going to treasure & food spots

Now the Final Fantasy XV News that I wanted to share regarding my discoveries of going out to treasure and food spots is this, they’re not worth it and here’s why I say that. For one, daemons prowl the grounds day, noon and night so if you’re on a hunt for a rare ingredient to complete a recipe for Iggy then that’s all good but I don’t believe its worth the gamble.

Also, many of the food spots have food items that you can buy in town. I can see how going out to the food spots to save a little cash on buying it in town might be a good idea but in my opinion, if you’re completing the sidequests as they’re coming then you’ll have the cash.

My advice, if you’re interested in the treasure and food spots then I would probably go out to them if I’m on a hunt for a mark from a tipster because see then you’ll be in your element and it won’t feel like you’re going out of your way to find “rare” treasures.

Are they really worth the investigation?

So I was asking myself “are treasure and food spots worth the investigation”; the answer, an emphatic no. Simply because since the treasure and food spots are all over the map, you’re not missing anything not investigating them. Plus, not one person in any town is talking about anything rare or finding anything rare out in said spots.

I kind of found this to be a big deal breaker because when you’re investigating something rare or hear tell of a weapon of immersible power then you know that is worth the investigation because you’re always going to need a powerful weapon.

This is worth a treasure hunt to upgrade!

Ultimately, treasure and food spots are not worth investigating and another reason why I found is because it is highly likely that your level might not be on par with the enemies roaming the wilds. The reason, you could be facing multiple game overs not to mention make it so you’ll have to spend some time level-grinding to get up to your enemy’s level of strength.

Alternative to food spots

As I mentioned previously, you could very well go out to food spots to get some food items that you won’t have to pay for but the thing is though is what if there was an alternative to that; what if the alternative was something so simple that all you had to really do is just show up?

Well, the alternative exists and they are these. I’ve found that many of the owners of the local eateries in town will give you food items upon hunting down marks that are causing devastation to their business in some way.

Another way is to do the Furloch Farms sidequests which consist of two veggie hunting quests in which you’ll have to battle enemies in the first one and the second is a simple pick up/drop off. After that the farm will allow open season on their vegetables which is good if you don’t want to feel like breaking your neck for ingredients.

Personally, I found that the Furloch farm is a good place to get ingredients or to get simple vegetables because they’re growing all over the place and harvesting some for yourself is not a crime especially since the owner doesn’t mind.

Treasures are not that rare

Simply, when you’re exploring out in the wilds, you expect to come across some rare treasures like a Megalixir or a Hi-Potion or even an Ether; all of these counted as rare treasures in past Final Fantasy games. However, I got some Final Fantasy XV News that I bet you probably didn’t know, the “treasures” at the treasure spots are not rare.

I found a gun upgrade for Prompto once but that was it. I also found a few gemstones, nothing of the upgrade Drain Lance or Engine Blade variety, but I found a few but I just felt that I was wasting my time as a whole. There isn’t a time when going out to the wilds isn’t necessary just to find a treasure like the Royal Arms; those are treasures worth finding.

However, I will say that if you are hell-bent on going out to enemy invested territory to find treasure then I would suggest making a beeline for the treasure and avoiding enemies that are more than you can handle at the present time like the Magitek Knights; many of these not rare treasures are barely worth the investigation so really, don’t break your neck sticking it out if you don’t have to.


Final Fantasy XV News consist of anything and everything upcoming but the news regarding the treasure and food spots is that there are alternative to wandering out into the wilds for food that you can buy in town. The treasures that are hidden in the treasure spots are not rare which would create an upset of balance considering that there is nothing of value to gain.

If you have any questions about my post then please send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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