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Published March 29, 2019

Episode Ignis introduces us to the incident that left Ignis on his lonesome going after Noctis after Leviathan awakes, Episode Ignis was, in my opinion, the best of the 3 episode dlc. Simply, you have Ignis taking down mounts of magitek soldiers and mechs. Also, I liked Episode Ignis because I feel like it really went above and beyond to explain exactly what happened on Ignis’ end as he was trying to make his way to his king.

Ultimately, Ardyn’s hand was stirring in this and he ended causing a massive amount of trouble for the gang especially Lunafreya. However, the story had everything and it really made you understand that protecting the chosen one was no easy task. Ignis does have a little help from Ravus, it couldn’t be argued that Ignis had everything under control.

In this post, I’ll discuss Iggy as the one man wrecking crew, the powers of his spelldaggers, his team up with Ravus, the unfortunate downside of his Drain Lance along with 2 paths, 2 endings. So having said that, let’s explore…….

Iggy is a one man wrecking crew

Ignis or Iggy as he’s called by Prompto and Gladio, is without a doubt the 2nd strongest member on Noctis’ team. Now, at first glance, you wouldn’t believe that Ignis is strong enough to take on the entire Niflheim Army along with Magitek soldiers to boot but as I was playing, I found out just how capable Ignis was.

Iggy is a one man wrecking crew, he’s not one to succumb to weakness and as you play his episode, you’ll come to find out that the biggest thing that he drew his strength from was helping his king survive. Ignis’ weapons were strong enough at the time because he was at a good enough level where nothing was really giving him trouble.

Also, Ignis’ dodge reflex is remarkable; he was dodging the big mechs missiles like Noctis would if he was phasing through them but Ignis was just as fast; it cannot be argued that Ignis’ speed is almost a match for Noctis’ when he phases through certain items and objects.

So if it crosses your mind that Ignis isn’t strong enough to go toe to toe with anything during his traversal of Altissia, think again. Ignis is strong because he has his power and……

The spelldaggers are kick ass especially the Frostbind and Stormbind

Using Ignis’ spelldaggers were the height of the “adventure” especially the Frostbind and Stormbind powers which were good for crowd control. I cannot tell you how great and handy Stormbind is when you’re taking on the giant mechs, it brought those behemoths to their knees like no other. Personally, I used the Frostbind when I was dealing with the 100 magitek warriors that I was.

Frostbind is an excellent crowd controller because using Frostbind with Total Clarity wiped out masses of enemies in under 10 seconds. I was abusing this throughout my “time” in Altissia because everywhere I was going, there was an icy trail left behind after using the Frostbind on the magitek warriors who thought it was a good idea to challenge me to mortal combat.

The Firebind ability was great for one on one enemies like if you were taking on just Ravus and a lone magitek trooper but even then I still used the Frostbind and Stormbind powers over the Firebind because the latter two abilities were great and versatile.

So my advice to you, use and stick to the Frostbind and Stormbind because they’re always going to carry you through. You can use the Firebind and experiment with it if you want to see how powerful it is but that would be up to you.

Teaming up with Ravus

Teaming up with Ravus was another cool aspect about the episode, it went without saying that Ravus is a powerful warrior and worthy of his power as a Niflheim commander even more so Commander Caligo. Teaming up with Ravus meant that Ignis didn’t have to do everything all by himself but incidentally, Ravus was there to help because he was no longer on the Empire’s side for hunting his sister.

Ultimately, Ravus can hold his own even if it was just him and Ignis had fallen, but fighting alongside Ravus was great because I could focus on healing if I had to and he could do the fighting.

Ravus did bring a bit of a negative energy to the party but it was well-intended; the only thing about Ravus is having to fight him at the very end of the episode before fighting Ardyn, it sort of took a bit of a nasty turn but it was all good.

I didn’t think that Ravus was a bad person; just someone forced to do something that he wished he could have done differently. Ravus and Ignis’ goals were the same and that was to protect those closest to them; only one of them achieved that goal – Ignis.

Not being able to use the Drain Lance unless I was counterattacking

The sad part about using Ignis’ weapons were not being able to use the Drain Lance III as readily as I could the spelldaggers; Prompto got to use all sorts of weapons and Gladio did too to a lesser extent but you cannot use Ignis’ Drain Lance III unless you’re counterattacking which wasn’t hard to do but the timing sort of came unexpectedly.

2 paths, 2 endings

Now, the nitty-gritty; the endings. There are two paths you can take to get one of the two endings; one, if Ignis puts on the Ring of Lucii and destroying Ardyn or two, getting captured in the name of saving Noctis. Personally, I went with the Ring of Lucii ending because going down the second road/ending seemed a little more complicated and I suspect some foul-play on Ardyn’s part to try to get Ignis to lure his friends into a trap.

Ultimately, you can do either one to get either ending that you want but it cannot be argued that going down Ardyn’s path was entirely unnecessary not to mention that it would’ve been time-consuming because everything would’ve been brought back full circle. My opinion about this is that it is the only episode among the 3 that had a secondary ending that you can explore if you wanted to but the choice would be up to you.


Episode Ignis covered everything that Ignis did during his solo mission in Altissia during Leviathan’s awakening, Ignis’ ability to take down 100 magitek troopers on his own is nothing short of amazing especially when using his Frost and Stormbind powers of his spelldaggers. Teaming up with Ravus was awesome and didn’t really take too much from Ravus.

Sadly, you cannot use the Drain Lance III unless you’re counterattacking so be mindful of that and you’ll be treated to 2 endings to Episode Ignis depending on whether or not you made the choice to pick up the ring or not. Ultimately, it is your choice.

So what do you think of Episode Ignis, do you think it could’ve went better, do you think it’s the best or the worst of the 3 and what do you think of Ardyn pulling the strings; leave me a message with your reply and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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