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Published March 30, 2019

Final Fantasy XV has 3 additional dlc that was centered on each of Noctis’ crew, one of Ignis, one of Prompto and finally one with Gladio. Episode Gladiolus was focused on Gladiolus having severe self-doubt after his defeat at the hands of Ravus. Unsatisfied and humiliated with his defeat, Gladio went on a journey of self-discovery; reaffirming his purpose as the king’s shield.

Given that Gladio is the king’s protector, he was certain that there was none mightier than the king’s shield; his strength and his ability to guard his king was unwavering and unshakable until his little bout with Ravus. Ultimately, the episode was great in many aspects. Cor Leonis, the Marshall and a fighter of immense potential joins Gladio on his journey to challenge the Blademaster.

Make no mistake, as you play through the episode, the enemies will seem easy enough to where you’ll have no trouble whatsoever until you get to the bosses which aren’t hard either except for when you don’t use your shield and sword as one.

In this post, I’ll be discussing Gladio, the bosses and enemies, using the sword and shield as one, Cor, why this episode is totally worth doing, the techniques and finally the conclusion. So without further ado, let’s start with…………..

Getting to know Gladio

Now, as you well know, Gladio is the muscle of the group and is very dedicated to his role as the king’s shield and guardian. Episode Gladio was all about getting to know who Gladio is, what drives him, what makes him tick and above all, his sworn duty to protect his king.

At first glance, Gladio looks like a muscle head that’s all muscle and no brains but there’s more to him than meets the eye as you find out in his episode.

Gladio’s desire to protect his king as the king’s shield is Gladio’s job as his father protected the previous king before him. I sort sympathized with Gladio because his defeat at the hands of Ravus really took a toll on him and made him feel like he was weaker than he was. No one wants to be embarrassed by the enemy let alone the strong man of the group.

I sort of felt like that as I was playing through the episode that Gladio’s duty and loyalty to his king is what gave him strength not to mention gave him the strength to conquer any foe whether it was the blademaster or even your common run-of-the-mill enemy.

Destroying bosses and enemies are easy

Playing through Episode Gladio the first time out, I was having major trouble with the enemies and most of that was due to the fact that I was trying to run through the episode without taking my time. So my advice to you is this, don’t rush; destroying the enemies and the bosses is easy and gets easier as long as you don’t just rush in without a strategy.

Even at Gladio’s current level in the game which if I’m not mistaken was 24 at the time, it is more than enough to get the job done and strong enough to smack most enemies into submission. So it is not a question of level or even level-grinding; it is all about taking your time and walking to the finish line.

The Blademaster isn’t even that hard as long as you don’t rush the battle with him, he is strong but you’re stronger; you don’t even have to burn through your curatives or that many of. Ultimately, Episode Gladio should more or less be handled with kid gloves but don’t get too wrapped up in taking it easy because the enemies reward laziness and overconfidence with death. Consider yourself warned!

Sword and Shield as one

This next one might not seem so easy but I assure it is, using your Sword and Shield as one. The easiest way that I found to do that is by block an enemy’s attack with your shield just before the hit connects; doing so will fill Gladio’s technique meter. Using your sword to kill your enemies is all well and good but just remember that blocking is not only good defense but you’ll stand a better chance staying alive if you actively use your shield.

Using your sword and shield as one is the highlight of the episode, it is a technique you’re going to have to master if you’re looking to pull off any of Gladio’s moves. For example, slashing your enemies then using a technique then using your shield to block their blow will help you go far in the episode as too many enemies can’t withstand Gladio’s strength as a whole.

Totally worth doing & Cor being along for the ride

Episode Gladio is totally worth doing because for one you already paid for the dlc so you may as well do it and the best part of it is that Gladio is not going to be alone on his journey for the Blademaster and to prove his mettle to said entity, Gladio will be joined by Cor.

Having Cor along for the ride makes the battles with enemies easier so it is great that he’s there because it is so easy to get overwhelmed by enemies especially those who are just starting out.

Cor comes equipped with his own strengths and powers not to mention that he’s usually the one mopping up the enemies while you’re trying to catch up which can be said is good because conserving your strength for the Blademaster is an absolute must.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t get your hands dirty but let it be known that enemies will come for Gladio so you have to be able to destroy them which you will.

Cor is your backup in case things get out of hand which they never do so he’ll be there to offer you wisdom and share with you his stories and his insight when he was running the gauntlet.


Throughout Episode Gladio, you’ll get to use many of Gladio’s Glaive Art techniques such as his Earthshatter which is good for a little breathing room but not by much, you really won’t start really feeling the power of Gladio’s Glaive Arts until you’ve learned his 3 most powerful techniques which are Razor Edge, Tempest and Maelstrom.

My advice to you is when you’re fighting enemies and you get a chance to use one of these techniques, do it; all the techniques boost incredible power especially if you use Maelstrom. Many of Gladio’s techniques can be used on a whim but getting his bar full first would be good to the effect that the ability will be ready to use but it is actually better to use it as you’re filling the bar.

I’ve leveled whole rooms of enemies using these techniques and it cannot be argued that they are the greatest things in Gladio’s arsenal, I would say abuse these as much as possible because you’ll need that practice for when you face the Blademaster which all of Gladio’s techniques can be used on and to inflict a great amount of damage. Ultimately, practice using Gladio’s Glaive Arts, they’re both powerful and useful in all battle situations.


Episode Gladio consists of getting to know Gladio and who he was along with his ultimate goal which is to slay the Blademaster and prove his mettle as the king’s shield like his father before him. Gladio’s strength is drawn from his loyalty to his king and his desire to be stronger than any shield that before him.

While playing Episode Gladio, using the Sword and Shield as one will destroy most enemies and bosses not to mention will help you save on your curatives. Another reason why Episode Gladio is worth playing is because Cor is along for the ride and help Gladio out.

I was happy when I saw this; that episode was brutal!

Abusing Gladio’s techniques/Glaive Arts will make him a one man wrecking crew especially against the Blademaster, Gilgamesh. So what do you think about Episode Gladio, do you think its weak, do you think its good or bad or just not worth it? Leave me a message and tell me exactly what you think and I’ll respond to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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