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Published January 28, 2019

There are 15 chapters in Final Fantasy XV and currently I’m a quarter of the way to the endgame but I’m learning a lot along the way including what it means to try to make my way toward getting my car back in my current chapter, 5. The Final Fantasy XV Chapters hold very various points of interest where you never know what’s going to happen next.

For example, now that I have no car, I have to rely on Chocobos to get to my locales which I guess isn’t that bad because Chocobos are pretty fun to ride and they’re pretty fast too.

However, as it stands right now, there are quite a few locations that need attention right now especially the side quest – Adventurer from Another World; it is a bit of a trial having to go between the Chocobo outpost and back to the side quest locale.

I want to go on record as saying that if you’ve gotten used to taking your car to different places in the game so you can fast travel there, you’re going to feel naked without it; I do. In this post, I will be discussing everything from where I am at present, the tasks, my little bit of foresight and ultimately my verdict.

Where I am?

At present, I’m on Chapter 5 and I have quite a few things that I have to do. Now, the first thing I noticed about this chapter is that I don’t have my car as I stated and that has made getting around noticeably harder; my only saving grace is the fact that I completed the Behemoth Undertaking side quest back in Chapter 3 which allowed me access to chocobos.

I did that side quest as soon as it became available, you may not think chocobos are that useful when you’re getting from place to place or even when you have to rely on them solely but when you are able to access them then you’ll be happy to have them.

So right now, I’m between trying to figure which side quests to do first before returning to the main quest and actually, I’ve thought about waiting until I get my car back to do any side quest that needs to be done. However, if you’re going to go that route then you’re free to do so because I think that would be better.

The fact that you’re on Chapter 5 right now with no car sort of forces you to wait on a little of everything so do that how you see fit because I think the first thing I’d want to do is get my car back.

The tasks at hand

So right now I have 4 tasks that I have to do. The first, Close encounters of the Terra Kind. The second, the Hexatheon’s Blessing. The third, Infiltrate the Imperial Base and get your car back. Finally, Adventurer from Another World.

So naturally, I’m feeling like a completionist so I’ve begun going after the Adventurer from Another World and get that done first. Also, this has to be done by Chocobo and so it shall be; I’ve already retrieved the Premium Greens for the Fat Chocobo and is going to put an end to that side quest.

Next, I may do the Close encounters of the Terra Kind; only because I’m really feel like I want to see where that path leads me. I’ll take care of Ramuh and acquiring him next then I’ll ultimately Infiltrate the base to get my car back; the sad part is that I have to do all of these without my car which will take a few hours at best.

Also, you may notice that the level requirements for the side quests Close encounters and Adventurer from Another World might be higher than you can possibly handle right now and if that’s the case then let them wait until you can handle them.

A little foresight goes a long way

Sometimes seeing into the very near future in a game isn’t that hard but its not that easy either but you can be pointed in the right direction from any angle. Quite simply, the side quests that you do can open doors to prevent future problems like the side quest I previously mentioned, Behemoth Undertaking.

If you know that you might have a little problem with an enemy or a particular part of the game then stock up on things beforehand. It’s a known fact that Naga enemies are allergic to fire so I’d probably be stocking up on fire energy or pulling out either the Drain Lance or Engine Blade to start getting elemental energy or seeking out elemental deposits.

Just keep in mind too that most times, the more prepared you are for a battle situation, the easier of a time you’ll have dealing with enemies foreign and domestic.

My Verdict

Given the overall length of Chapter 5, its more time-consuming than anything; I don’t see the enemies really causing any trouble so you’re not going to really have to worry about the enemies for one.

Second, exercise caution if and when you decide to take on the side quests – Close encounters of the Terra Kind and Adventurer from Another World, the enemies may overwhelm you if your level isn’t anywhere near theirs.

Third and final, you’ll have little trouble in the way of getting the chapter completed; there won’t be that much to do after you clear the side quests first except meet Ramuh, kill the Naga, infiltrate the imperial base and get your car back. My level of recommendation to run over just about everything on this level – Lv. 36 even though I’m a 38-39.


The Final Fantasy XV Chapters have a lot of content that’ll keep you going for hours on end, but you’ll have to contend to one chapter in particular that’ll leave you with a severe handicap; Chapter 5. Exercising a little caution when choosing to do the side quests Adventurer from Another World and Close encounters of the Terra Kind, can and will help you tremendously stay alive.

Ignoring any foresight you have regarding anything on the Chapter 5 is not ideal, prepare yourself well and you’ll do fine. If you have any questions regarding my post then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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