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Published February 5, 2019

Final Fantasy XV is a truly magnificent game that has come up with some very innovative ways to fight your enemies like take the Magic Flasks for example. Fill and/or mix it with the different elements to create a deadly mixture of elements, put it in a flask then launch it not to mention using items as catalysts to strengthen said magic or element.

One of the things about the game that I’ve fallen in love with even though I didn’t quite stand this aspect at first is the Ascension chart. The Final Fantasy XV Ascension guide is one of the greatest inventions in a Final Fantasy game since IX came up with the Doomsday spell for Vivi.

There are different categories on the Final Fantasy XV Ascension guide that really speak to your characters and those are “aspects” you must explore if you are going to make team Noctis stronger than their enemies. At first glance, the Ascension chart looks complicated but it is far from it.

The key to gaining specific abilities or abilities overall is the various AP (Ability Points) you’ll get as you journey around the land killing this and saving that.

However, there are some categories that’ll give you more ability points per action so to speak which I’ll discuss in my post along with the specific number order I follow and why focusing a little more on Noctis can really elevate your ability to use the Royal Arms infinitely and so much more. But, let’s get started by examining…..

A specific order of numbers

Normally, when you think or see power enhancing charts with different categories like you do on the Final Fantasy XV Ascension guide, your first inkling might be to save up for the biggest power up you can find or see but don’t do it. The best way to get your hands on a handful of good skills is by starting low.

For example, any and every Ascension skill across the different categories that has an 8 or a 16 or even a 12 by it; these are the ones you want to buy first. The rationale, they’re inexpensive and will get you on the fast track to some serious growth.

Then as the game progresses and after you bought all the skills that range between 8 to 72 then start working toward the skills that’s 99, 333, 555 and 999 etc. However, I warn you, don’t focus on these until about the close of Chapter 7.

A big tip i.e. AP gained thru Exploration

Okay, exploration skills on the Final Fantasy XV Ascension guide are the key to getting a lot of AP in a short time. Simply, the exploration skills reward you for things as simple as riding a chocobo to a locale that’s far out (pardon the expression) to just driving your car. Incidentally, start putting points into these first and you’ll want to, I mean who doesn’t want extra AP for going camping.

Another thing to keep in mind as well is that if you’re helping Ignis collect ingredients for the food at camp then you definitely get a wealth of AP when he cooks or cooks one of his friends’ favorite meals, you’re rewarded extra AP which will look good on your bottom line as far as being able to buy more Ascension skills.

Ultimately, you see where I’m going with this, but a warning, only invest points in skills you want; don’t let yourself be overtaken by the Exploration skills and you end up blowing points on a skill you have no intention to use. Above all, read before you invest.

Saving up AP

Now ten times out of ten, you’re going to get to a point, as I have, where you’re going to start saving up your Ability Points which is perfectly fine especially if you know which skill you’re saving up for. This is a great and noteworthy goal but saving up your ability points for the Final Fantasy XV Ascension chart skills is something you’re going to find yourself doing only because you either bought the skills you wanted or you don’t have enough for the ones you want.

Saving up your AP is good exercise because whether you do it or not, spending your points on everything you see is not ideal. If you’re going to save up your ability points then I suggest you save up no more than 200 to start.

Later on, I say about a little into Chapter 8, I’d start saving your AP so you can buy different abilities for your crew which will come in handy especially later on when you’re attempting to get the Bow of the Clever before the endgame which you should.

Focus a little more on Noctis

When you’re spending AP on the Ascension grid, you’ll want to keep in mind this very important fact even as you’re exploring the Final Fantasy XV Ascension guide and that is this; focus a little more on Noctis. Simply, you’ll want to do this because Noctis is your strongest character and it goes without saying that he need the most attention.

Noctis’ phasing powers are extraordinary and strengthening them is only going to make him that much harder to hit and less likely for your enemies to hit him; start focusing on strengthening Noctis’ phasing powers in the Ascension grid after you’ve spent ability points on maxing out a majority of the Exploration aspect of the Ascension grid.

Incidentally, since you’re going to have Noctis for the whole game then it only makes sense that you work toward making him a superpower which starts with improvements to his phasing powers. Noctis having the ability to phase through enemy attacks will yield a lot of AP.

Also, I want it to go on the record that if you increase Noctis’ strength, you’ll be able to deal more damage to your enemies when you attack their blindside; it is such a good feeling when you can see the amount of damage you’ve done to your enemies just attacking their blindside with your opening attack.


The Final Fantasy XV Ascension guide follows a unique algorithm that will simply help gain focus on getting the low-costing abilities first then focus on the more expensive ones later. Specifically, starting with the abilities that’s like 8, 16, 24 etc will get you started and with a decent amount of abilities.

Spending time in the Exploration category is mandatory seeing as how you’ll get AP for doing things you do every day in the game which will really help your bottom line. Saving up a certain amount of AP will allow you to buy some good abilities later on so remember that and also remember to focus on Noctis when you’re spending your AP on improving his phasing powers, it’ll save him from getting hit or dying.

If you have any questions regarding my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll respond to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


In case I wasn’t clear about anything in my post then check out my video which will clarify everything.

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