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Published March 3, 2019

Final Fantasy XII first came out for the PS2 and seemingly, it was a hit with many gamers all across the world because it seemed like it was “the” Final Fantasy game that everyone has been waiting for. However, some gamers found the game to be good and others didn’t.

Later, Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age came out and there was a vast improvement over the original like with the job class based on the individual zodiac of the person which was a very nice and impressive touch to the game, but (and there always is one) the game still played like much of the same so it can be said it was kind of hard to see improvements in battle.

Other aspects of the game that was noticed was the Espers and their involvement in the game; it can be said that Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age won out over even Final Fantasy XV (in theory).

But, there’s still one thing about the original Final Fantasy XII and the Zodiac Age edition and that is the Auto Attack feature which will be discussed in full detail along with the job class, my verdict and to conclude. So without further ado, let’s get this review started with acknowledging…..

How much control do you REALLY have; yes that damn Auto Attack!

The biggest and most important aspect of the Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age review is the Auto Attack function in the game. This really messed up what could’ve been a great remaster, I don’t want to be sitting on the sidelines watching my guys kick ass; I want to be the puppet master pulling the strings as it were. Ultimately, the Auto Attack function in the game is insulting and just downright gives gamers a reason to be lazy!

This is why I love Final Fantasy XV because the control of Noct and his friends is in your hands in and as you move along the Ascension grid, you can control or switch control to one of the Noct’s friends; that is the true meaning of control! Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age is potentially just as bad as the original Final Fantasy XII.

The Auto Attack function isn’t a coming of age or state-of-the-art feature of the game, it is simply something that was never meant to exist in a Final Fantasy game, period! So if you haven’t yet, play Final Fantasy XV; you’ll get a WAY BETTER gaming experience out of your game then you ever will playing Final Fantasy XII or its Zodiac Age brethren!

Remastered version vs. Original

The remastered version of Final Fantasy XII is impressive in some instances, it cannot be argued that the game has improved vastly over the original especially how the PS4 makes cities like Rabanastre come alive as if we were looking at the city with our eyes, from our perspective.

Incidentally, the Zodiac Age version of the game has given other aspects of the game to gamers which is great because gambits have been used to practically play the whole game without much “configuration” from the gamer. I personally found that you can control the moves of your espers great because who doesn’t want to unleash Zodiark’s Full Eclipse on enemies and wipe the field clean.

As any gamer plays, they’ll be able to notice the difference between the original and the remastered version; I was only playing for a little while and I noticed the differences off the bat. They’re not hard to recognize if you’re studious and observant. Still, the improvements did little to make the remastered version worth keeping. So exercise caution if you’re going to get this game; you won’t completely be in control, you know, from me to you.

Job Class

Now, I have to say this is the only aspect of the game that would get a 10/10 because assigning characters jobs based on a specific zodiac sign was utter brilliance and very innovative. If I had to offer my honest and humble opinion upon this feature, it really made the game fun and really made you feel like you had the options to make your characters how you want them.

I really fell in love with this feature because since I’m a Libra, it did really make me think about how to go about assigning specific jobs to my people. I mean the possibilities are endless, it’s amazing that I didn’t stay up all night because I was trying to figure out the job class; hell, even the license board kept me entertained to that regard.

All in all, this was the only plus to the game and it was a welcome addition because it gave you some control despite having none in battle or over your party members actions in battle; the job class aspect was done perfectly! Again, it’s the only thing that deserve a 10/10 and a platinum trophy of its own!

My Verdict

My verdict, my verdict, NOT WORTH BUYING and I mean that. The game still plays the original Final Fantasy XII and there’s little to convince anyone who hated the original game to buy this one, I don’t understand how some people can say that Final Fantasy XII was better than Final Fantasy XV because it wasn’t; not by a longshot!

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age was slightly better than the original but not by much and it is still not worth the buy because of the Auto Attack feature in the game, if the game didn’t have that feature then I think it would’ve rated a little higher on many gamers’ charts so to speak.

Whether you’re downloading it or picking up the physical copy of the game; think before you actually buy it because it could be as it was for me, a decision you’ll live to regret especially if you’ve thrown away your last 50.00 dollars on it. Haste makes waste especially in this case.

Think long and hard before you buy this game, don’t do like me and blow your hard-earned cash on a game that’s not any better than the original. So keep your money and steer clear of this piece of crap!


Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age is a game that is seen as slightly better than the original but the truth is that it is no better than the original because of the Auto-Attack feature, the fact that the game gives you no control at all except when dealing with the gambit system which let you play the game without really pushing any buttons.

The Job class was the only thing that was good about the game and so is the license board but again, you’re better off saving your money because it is complete and utter trash! If you want a Final Fantasy game that you can play and enjoy then get Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition.

If you have any questions about my post then send me a message and I’ll respond to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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