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Published December 2, 2017

On March 13th, 2003, Square Enix created, what they thought, was a necessary continuation of one of the most awesome games (Final Fantasy X) ever created for the Playstation 2 and that game was Final Fantasy X-2. Interestingly, the game brought a lot of things to the table that Final Fantasy X did not; 3 character focus, 17 dresspheres, a mountain of abilities and lots more. However, it cannot be argued that the game did have something for everyone.

Final Fantasy X-2   Final Fantasy X-2

The game was ranked decent at best because of the elements that it possessed, but it left a lot of people wanting when it came to certain aspects of the game such as the Blitzball tournament in Luca in Chapter 5 or the full exploration of Lake Macalania that existed in Final Fantasy X. Incidentally, I tried playing and beating the game several times and the result is the same every time; poor.

Final Fantasy X-2

In X-2, None of this!

The game is a decent buy if you’re looking to speed right to the end, but you might find yourself having mixed feelings about wanting to make it to the end. With that said, here’s my final fantasy x 2 review.

The Good

Final Fantasy X-2 is, as I said, a decent game that is worth a play through if you’re looking for closure from Final Fantasy X. The battle system is okay in which it and the dresspheres as well as their abilities give gamers a chance to choose which dressphere is or would be ideal for certain battles against enemies such as the Black Mage dressphere being useful against plant enemies and Lupines(wolf) enemies.

Final Fantasy X-2

The game also allows gamers to be able to learn any of the available dressphere abilities of their choosing instead of learning them in order which allows the gamer to have a specific ability or power when dealing with enemies. For example, learning the Warrior dressphere’s Thunder Blade ability will come in handy while you’re navigating Macalania Woods.

Final Fantasy X-2

Black Mage and Thief dresspheres will be more than a match for everything on the Moonflow, enemies there like the Ochu aren’t fond of heat i.e. fire. There were other people who gave their final fantasy x 2 review and none of it was teetering on good and bad, it seemed like it was mostly bad. Area select was another good aspect about the game; gamers were not bound by going to levels with enemies that were not worth the energy expenditure.

The Bad

There were aspects of the game that seemed really tedious and just overall bad. For one, certain dresspheres were stronger than others which did not do the gamer any favors in regards to HP totals. For example, Dark Knight dressphere has high HP which starts the gamer out at 3,000 to 4,050 at their present level while the Songstress has a little under 1000 HP.

          Final Fantasy X-2

See the difference?!

I especially wanted to cover this in my final fantasy x 2 review because I feel this must be said and emphasized on. Many battles in the game leaves many dresspheres at a disadvantage and what I mean is that you can go into battle against an Oversoul Queen Coeurl using a Dark Knight, Black Mage and a Songstress; the Dark Knight is the only one that’ll survive because of its excellent magical and physical defense.

Final Fantasy X-2         

Also, what I didn’t like about the game was that the farther you got, the more some dresspheres became useless especially when the gamer makes the decision to take on Via Infinito at Bevelle in Chapter 5. There is no greater pain in the butt than going into battle and having to heal the “weakest link” of the group. Flat out annoying!

The Ugly

Final Fantasy X-2

No final fantasy x 2 review is complete without talking about the percentage point aspect of the game – the bane of my existence. The percentage point aspect of the game made it so you had to do everything perfectly for the 100% which isn’t worth it by any means. Secondly, the dressphere abilities make it so you have to play the game at least 3 times to max out every ability for every dressphere.

Final Fantasy X-2

Many of the areas in the game get so boring while navigating them that it can make any gamer stop playing because many of the same areas have the same enemies with no new moves or nothing new to learn. The ability point reward per battle was plain terrible; gamers were learning dressphere abilities at an extremely low rate unless they were using a dressphere ability that allowed for pacifism such as the Warrior dressphere’s Sentinel ability etc.

Final Fantasy X-2

The AP Egg is found here; late in the game!

Learning abilities in the game was the toughest part of the game because it relied more on how many times in battle that a particular girl participated; I felt the game did not create enough opportunities for ability point gain or learning abilities quickly in the game until gamers found the AP Egg in the Chocobo Ruin Depth dungeon on Ch.5 following a very complex algorithm that granted you access.

No Love Lost

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the game is worth playing if the gamer wants to know what happened to Tidus after Final Fantasy X, but the truth is that the gamer will have a pretty good idea of that when they see the ending to Final Fantasy X so there’s no love lost if they don’t play or finish Final Fantasy X-2; heed my final fantasy x 2 review and remember to think long and hard before buying this game.

Final Fantasy X-2


Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2 is a game that makes the gamer work hard toward learning abilities and being ready for anything that enemies can throw at them. However, the game gets very tedious and boring making gamers want to quit long before they finish and the percentage point aspect of the game demands that the gamer play the game to perfection which get very frustrating.

My opinion of this is that there really is no real reason to play this game because Final Fantasy X was better and the elements in the game are not worth exploring let alone playing the game for; keep Final Fantasy X and leave this one alone.

I hope my final fantasy x 2 review has inspired you gamers out there to make a decision regarding the game and what you’re not missing. If you have any questions or comments regarding my post then please feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you within the hour.






  1. Kenny Kenny

    Hi and thanks for creating this article. I remember playing the earlier Final fantasy versions. I had hours of fun! Your review brings back many memories for me. I can’t wait to see what else you review on your site. The visuals you used were great to hold your readers attention and you write with great enthusiasm too. Thanks for this, Kenny. 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      You’re welcome Kenny, I appreciate your feedback; I’d love for you to look thru my site some more and give me feedback on other posts as well. I loved playing the earlier Final Fantasy games, I’ve played and beaten 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12. My next step is to beat Final Fantasy 6 and 15.


    Ok, quite a lot of gaming vocabulary that does not sound familiar to me because I’m not so much into gaming. 

    But this review caught my attention however, because it reminded me of a movie that I currently have, but which I have not been able to watch to the end, named ”Final Fantasy”. It’s a modern cartoon, yet I’ve been too dumb to understand its story-line. It appears to be very difficult to follow up, and every time I start watching, I fall asleep.

    Perhaps it’s because I’m not familiar with their history as well.  And if a real gamer like yourself is complaining about the frustration Final Fantasy makes you feel with respect to completing, then this would definitely not be a pick for a beginner like myself.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      No NSOH, it is not. I liked Final Fantasy X better because it was easy to ease into and you really felt like you could take advantage of your characters’ strengths; Final Fantasy X2 did not do such a good job with that. Sometimes it felt like everyone was fighting to be equal in strength but they weren’t. 

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