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Published October 2, 2019

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Update has once again brought some new stuff to the table including some of the materia as well as the expectations for the materia, it cannot be argued that materia is part of the driving force that made Final Fantasy 7 the golden apple that it is today. Also, the materia will take on more of a supportive role in the game doing everything from ending your enemies to healing. One of the characteristics that the materia is going to have is allowing the gamer to do more in battle. The following video will back this.

There is also the concept of a possible multiplier that the gamer will be able to take advantage of while they’re using the materia in battle. I want it to go on the record that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is going to be totally awesome! The biggest takeaway from the game is that there a few summons that are definitely going to be in the game as well.

Favorites like Shiva, Ifrit, and Titan. I’m not exactly sure what other summons will make it into the game but I can tell you this, it’s going to be over with if Alexander makes it into the game because you can’t spell holy power without Alexander but more on that later in this post.


As previously mentioned, materia will definitely be in the game. According to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Update, the materia won’t just consist of fire and ice; there’ll be other elemental materia as well. Despite the fact that Ultima isn’t an element but a non-elemental, I hope it makes it into the game because Ultima is the ultimate power in the universe and gaming-verse. Personally, the game needs to have an Ultima Materia because it would really give the game more oomph in the materia department.

I want to go on the record as saying that I hope the remake carries a lot of the materia from the original game over with the exception of the Independent Materia which is ultimately useless and has no bearing on the game whatsoever. The Master Materia needs to make back into the game as well, but there’ll be plenty of materia in the game to explore and use to your heart’s content.

Personally, the materia is definitely going to take center stage because it’s definitely going to complement certain characters as well as help out tremendously in combat. Unlike the original, the materia is going to give gamers more options of how to dispose of their enemies.

Weapons taking on elemental properties

Part of what makes the materia awesome in the remake is that it’ll allow your weapon to take on the elemental properties of the materia that is installed in it. Personally, this, to me, is a game changer plain and simple. I mean, what better way to multiple the damage being done to your enemies elementally than using your weapon that is being elementally charged from the materia that you have equipped to it. When I first read about that and watched the video, I was like “whoa, mind blown”.

Materia was always awesome but having it equipped to your weapon will make your weapon hit with the same force as that element you’re using, it can have monumental effects on your bottom line as far as changing up the strategy for combating your enemies. What is really going to be awesome is actually seeing your weapon on fire or iced over or even having it glow with some ethereal color to represent time or shield materia etc.

Overall, gamers can expect to see great things with their weapons taking on elemental properties, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the weapon will be that much stronger attack point-wise, but it will allow you cause some critical damage to your enemies.

2 to 4x normal damage multiplier

One popular aspect that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Update made perfectly clear is that there will definitely be a damage multiplier which will be made visible when you’re striking an enemy’s weak spot or you’re using the materia to inflict damage on the enemy when their back is literally turned but more times than not, you’ll see it when you’re inflicting damage on an enemy’s weak spot.

How it used to be

Now, one of the main things to note is that the multiplier window does not stay open very long and with the multiplier, it gives you the ability to end the battle a little sooner than later. Weaknesses are meant to be exploited and as long as you’re drawing breath in the game when you play, you can’t not play this game and not exploit any weaknesses.

In the original game, you didn’t know that you were causing any significant damage until you saw a flash of light hit the screen indicating that you got a critical hit upon striking the enemy. However, a damage multiplier is a little easier to spot considering that you can just look at the red numbers that pop up as you’re striking your foe but all will be revealed in time.


Now, all Final Fantasy games have one thing in common, summons or the summoning of a monster with extraordinary power. Part of the reason I fell in love with the Final Fantasy games is because of the summons which will allow you to deal A LOT of damage to your enemies sometimes even killing them depending on how much damage they take from the attack.

Shiva has definitely been confirmed for the game which is good because no Final Fantasy game is ever complete without Shiva or even Bahamut for that matter. However, in the case of Bahamut, I hope they don’t have two or three variations like they did in the original which was kind of cool but very unnecessary. If I had to choose between regular, Neo and Bahamut Zero, I’d go with Bahamut Zero simply because its power is unmatched by the former two.

Also, for the first time, the summons will be able to run around on the battlefield with you so that means that summoning them for a short time then they disappear was definitely improved upon. Ultimately, you’ll get a chance to wipe the field clean more “professionally”, for lack of a better term, and you get to see your summon’s monster true power. Win freakin’ Win!


In the latest of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Update, there were more than a few things that were mentioned that could be a game changer for the game such as the summons, the damage multiplier along with the elemental materia which, can be equipped to the weapon as well, will give you the ability to deal extraordinary amounts of damage to your enemies thereby ending the battle quickly and allowing time to amply recover.

So what do you think of my post, good, bad or needs a little work. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. RodarrickRodarrick

    Hell, I have been a big time fan of the final fantasy series and seeing that final fantasy 7 is being remade is surely awesome. Though not the best they’ve made but definitely one of the top two final fantasy that I have played in the series. This is great to know of. Thumbs up on this. Also, I like all the elementals that are being induced into the game. They are great to know of. Thanks

  2. HendersonHenderson

    I was already thinking of getting the final fantasy VII remake before and I didn’t think that the company will be putting in some more update to that. It’s my first time of playing the game so I don’t really know much of the multiplir you mentioned but I’m sure it’ll be a great game worth the tim. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. ShelleyShelley

    Summons is making its way into the game? Wow! I must surely get this when it is finally out. When I heard about the final fantasy 7 being remade, I felt somewhat indifferent towards it but now, I realise that they are actually planning to make the game much more better. I love the fact that Shiva has been confirmed and I would love it if bahamut too is included. This is cool and ive got my fingers crossed on them.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Bahamut is my favorite of all of the summons, there’s Knights of the Round but I’m not so big on them but they are awesome nonetheless, Shiva is my second favorite of the summon; the game has a lot of big stuff in store for us all.

  4. MissusBMissusB

    Upon reading it, I think you explained well what it is to expect from Final Fantasy VII. I am curious as well about how materia can definitely charge weapon with its elemental properties. I hope it just doesn’t look like an aesthetic evolution of weapon but a real deal of damage, as well customizing abilities according to players’ likings. . I also like to know how the Limit system grants unique combat skills in the game. Thanks for sharing what’s new with final fantasy vII.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      No problem, I think its important to share this kind of info so you guys know what expect from the game.

  5. DonnyDonny

    Perfect, I think I’ll fall in love with this remake especially with my weapons taking on elemental properties I think that would make every player more destructive and the game more enjoyable, let’s just that the weapons don’t make winning too easy otherwise it may end up being quite boring we need some competetion and real fighting. As for the summons I don’t think I would want to be in the battle field alone either, those monsters do me good. Anyways is this really going to be the final remake? I hope I get to see this one real soon I can’t wait.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Yep, and the game is going to play awesome-ly. March 3, 2020 is the drop date.

  6. JohnJohn

    I was really already excited about the game an now u am learning that it also comes with an update pretty soon. There is so much excitement from you when writing this post and this is exactly what I need to be convinced that the game is really going to be worth it. Those multipliers seem to be a really big deal though. I’ll share this with my friends soon so they know about the game too. Thank you

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      You’re welcome.

  7. DarshanaDarshana

    I am also fond of playing computer games. Also your web site has attracted great attention. I am always looking for information on computer games on your web site. Can you please make me happy on your website. I hope you can do it. Not many people will like it.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Well, I can ‘make you happy’ by continuing to provide content on my website for your amusement, but overall I’m happy you like my website. Stay tuned for more.

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