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Published March 22, 2019

I just finished Final Fantasy XV in its entirety about 2 days ago and as I was sitting on the couch thinking about my accomplishment, I came across some random notes that I remember taking as I was playing through some parts of the game. As I was doing this, it occurred to me that some gamers like myself have looked over the entire internet for some of the notes I have on some of the areas in the game like the Founder King’s statue for example.

Another of my motivations behind doing this is because one of the areas in the game is proven to be a headache to many a gamer, myself included; I’m referring to Costlemark Tower. This area has given me many a headache especially when I was making my way to Jabberwock the two times that I had to go there and I even took the liberty of making notes on said place so I knew what to do the next time I came that way again in the future.

In this post I’ll discuss that some facts are facts, I’ll also be covering things that are easy to forget or things that you might’ve forgot, random notes I’ve compiled on random places and Costlemark Tower. So without further ado, here’s……….

Random Notes

1. One of the things I want to start with the Random Notes I’ve taken along with the pictures I’ve taken as well, one of the things that I’ve probably made note of is that Steyliff Grove is only open at night. Simply, trying to get at it or near it during the day is pointless. This is something you should keep in mind when you’re doing sidequests associated with Steyliff such as the divine beast of the underworld.

2. When you first arrive at Costlemark Tower looking for the Sword of the Tall, you’ll have to traverse the hallowed halls until you reach the bottom of a spiral staircase which you need to take to proceed. You’re going to come to a wide open room ahead of you with floor panels on the floor that lead to what is known as the cube puzzle. A few things to note here, you’ll only need to explore 2 of the 4 panels

The first is initially open to you off to the right then after you explore that one then you’ll have to go the floor panel on the LEFT in the wide open room and explore the floor panel there, use the map to guide you but make sure you go to the floor panel that lies to the left and nowhere else. As you’re taking the floor down and exploring the cube, you’re going to come to two paths to proceed; one leading down and one leading straight ahead of you.

The circle is the thing, look closely

Proceed to touch the panel ahead of you and look for a CIRCULAR symbol on the floor and touch the panel while standing on that symbol and just follow the cubes until you get to the end.

3. Immediately after you get your final Royal Arm(whatever it is which should be Sword of the Tall), return to the entrance of the Keycatrich Ruins and look for the Founder King’s statue. This statue is the key to unlocking the full power of the Armiger, touch it and Noctis will receive the Founder King’s Sigil which will allow him to use the full powers of the Armiger.

4. Explore Meldacio Hunter HQ and their sidequests after you get all of your Royal Arms and have undergone the Armiger Unleashed training.

5. The Fiend of the Fallgrove sidequest has you going after Jabberwock again only this time the path to him is a little different. How different, well first you have to make your way back to the wide open room with all the various floor panels like before. Next and what I believe is the simple part, take the SOUTHWEST floor panel which’ll lead you to Jabberwock; you can also track Jabberwock by how loud his roar is.

As you’re making your way to Jabberwock thru the cube puzzle, you’ll see two ways to proceed, one to your immediate right and one ahead of you. Take the panel path ahead of you and continue on to Jabberwock.

6. When you do the Backwoods Burial sidequest, you’ll find the tag but thanks to a glitch in the game, the objective won’t change to say – Deliver the Dog Tag to Dave which will reveal the glitch. However, you can fix that by talking to the tipster in Old Lestallum and the problem will solve itself and you’ll be able to deliver the tag.

7. As you’re doing the sidequests for Sania, you’ll eventually come across one called the Professor’s Protége – Griffon. For this one, you’ll need to get a Griffon feather by killing it. To do this with ease, go to Lestallum, go to the tipster (old man with the white cooking head cover) in the restaurant diner area and agree to do the Ruler of the Brave Skies sidequest. After that, make your way to Narcie Haven near the Griffon and camp out there.

Eat the Mother and Child Rice Bowl then make a play for the Griffin upon leaving the camp in the morning. If you did this exactly as I said, you should’ve gotten a Griffon feather after skinning that pesky bastard’s little hide. Now, you can make Sania happy and collect on the sidequest.

8. In the sidequest, A Place to Call Home, you’ll have to get a pic of your homeland from a hill in the distance. To do that, you’ll need to make your way for the Insomnia City gates. Take out the guards so they’re less of a nuisance then get back into the car and do the manual control where Noctis is driving.

Back up/turn around and drive until you see a dirt road off to your right, take that dirt road to the end where you can’t drive anymore. Get out and take care of all the guards, get to the hill (and hope you did this with daylight to spare even though I doubt it), take the shot and be done with it.

9. The Duarell Caverns is a bit of a forgotten dungeon and is easily overlooked. The easiest way to find it is to look at the map where it says ‘Schier heights’. Go a little ways northeast of the ‘s’ at the end of the word ‘heights’ and search for a dark hole admist some rocks and you should find it.

10. Berried Memories, a sidequest in its simplicity lie in Iris, Cape Caem and your vegetable garden. Hopefully when you first started this, you planted your seeds right away because if you did then went you went back to Cape Caem a VERY SHORT TIME LATER like after the start of the next chapter then return to your garden.

Pull the carrots then exchange them with Tony for the Ulwaat Berries that Coctura in Galdin Quay needs. So go and give her those berries thus wrapping up the sidequest.

11. Crown City without a King sidequest will put you at the heart of a picture taking task. However, there is one picture you won’t be able to take unless you find the master underpass key that one of the kingsglaivesmen dropped. After you find it, make a mad dash for the picture sight and get that photo.

I probably don’t need to say this, but go where the blue mark is in the picture

Just in case you forget one day

Now, this might seem like it’s a little over the top and for all intents and purposes, it very well could be. But the list of things I mentioned previously above are things to keep in mind in case you are playing this game one day and you happen to forget something like how to carefully navigate Costlemark Tower when you’re make a play for the Sword of the Tall.

These are helpful reminders and that alone, so don’t look at it like this is a walkthrough or a how do to what I want guide to the game, I assure you it is not.

Facts are still facts

Facts are still facts. What I simply mean is that the facts that you find here are all the research conducted through my gameplay through the game so you’ll be able to make it to say, Jabberwock both times with minimal trouble. The problem is that there are separate paths to him both times that you are to go after him. But, no matter what, the fact of the matter is that getting to where you need to go at some part of the game is time-consuming if you don’t have the right way of going about it.

However, the facts regarding the navigation to Jabberwock per se is absolute so no longer will you need to worry if you’re going the right way especially if you’re trying to do this blind.

Costlemark Tower

Costlemark Tower is, as I’ve mentioned previous times before, is a place that is one of the most complicated places to navigate in Final Fantasy XV, but there’s no doubt that there’s a rhyme to its reason which is basically saying that its not complex as long as you’re paying attention to the little things that seem insignificant like the small circular symbol on the floor on your first visit in the cube puzzle upon taking the left floor panel on the left side of the room in the wide open room.

You just have to be smarter than the cube puzzle and the tower which isn’t hard at all, it just takes time and patience. Go in with both of these and Costlemark Tower will feel no taller than a Lego castle.


Final Fantasy XV is a game that has many a dangerous and confusing areas within it especially places where you can randomly get lost like in Costlemark Tower for example. However, if you remember that Random Notes are there for your gaming pleasure so you’re not all over the internet looking for tips on how to get out of anywhere.

Another reason I did this was just in case you forget, there’s no doubt about it that as we age, we forget the simplest of video gaming knowledge in games and these facts are always going to be facts especially how to get to Jabberwock and make him pay for taking your ancestral heirloom.

So what do you think of my post, do you have questions, If you do then please send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. RoDarrickRoDarrick

    Wow! I was just thinking of getting the Final Fantasy XV this week, since I got tired of my fortnite already and one of my colleagues at work kept on hammering to my hearing about how interesting the final fantasy series have been. However, reading through this post, you have given me some kickers to get started with the gaming experience and I will surely bookmark this post for future references should in case I got into the same scenarios as presented here so I would know how to always maneuver my way out. And hopefully, I will be welcomed when I come back for questioning on any part I cannot understand well in the game. Thanks

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Of course Roddarick, you can always come to me when you need help with the game, I’ve gone through the whole game sidequests included so I’m no stranger to what happens in the game as you venture through it, definitely come back to me if you have any trouble.

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