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Published March 28, 2019

The Crestholm Channels, interestingly enough, is a dungeon area that you can access anytime you want. However, the minimum level requirement to enter Crestholm is 45. As I reflect upon it, I was further in levels when I went; I think I was about a Lv. 56-55. When I first went to Crestholm, it was on a sidequest for Cindy called “The Ever Illustrious Regalia”.

Navigating around the place was a bit of a headache and trying to always remember what path I have already walked was a bit daunting but once I found the right path then it was easy to get through. Incidentally, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed while traversing the channels because there are many twists and turns when it came to the paths.

The Crestholm Channels isn’t as hard a dungeon area as it is confusing but it is not even confusing, it is just all about which path to go down. There are tons of enemies in here and it is a good place to give the Armiger a good workout.

In this post I’ll be covering everything from difficulty of the dungeon, the right path (which will be laid out before you), ladders, why you should not rush and why Royal Arms and Armiger are your friends in here. So without further ado, let’s explore the…..

Overall difficulty

In my opinion, the Crestholm Channels are not that difficult to navigate and neither is the enemies within. On my run-thru, I had little trouble with the enemies in here and navigating but there were some enemies that could inflict poison on your team which made battle difficult on occasions but it wasn’t anything that would really deal any kind of real damage or slow my team down.

Make no mistake, I’m not saying that the enemies are so easy that running over them will be a cakewalk; I’m saying that you’ll find your fair share of trouble down in Crestholm but nothing proves too difficult to the point that you have to leave and come back.

It is still a good idea to come in here with 40+ curatives like Hi Elixir, Elixir, Hi Potion and Phoenix Downs; I was stocked to the brim but I didn’t really need that many curatives but I did use the Royal Arms the whole game so I did go through some of my curatives.

You have little to fear from Crestholm upon entering, just make sure you’re at least a 55+ before entering and you’ll be just fine.

What to find and the right path

Upon entering Crestholm, there’ll be 4 generators that you’ll need to find in 4 different locales through the dungeon; they are not as hard to find as they appear but getting to them can be quite the challenge if you’re not taking your time. The right path to take can be seen in the pictures below.

Look at the map of where the monitors and the path is and you’ll get to the end!

The bigger aspect of navigating Crestholm is that you don’t go down the same path twice or more because only then will you truly know frustration but let it be known though that if you can keep up with where you’ve been, you can get where you’re going with no problems if that makes any sense.

The green door is the goal, look at the map!

At one point there’s going to be a path under a grate leading downward, take it and follow the path which should take you to one of the generators. Ultimately, the 4 generators you’re looking for and activating is going to give you access to the boss in the area and later, the sealed door when you make the choice to do the sidequest – a Menace Sleeps in Crestholm (Lv. 92 dungeon, but can easily be tackled at lower levels like no lower than 88-89). Finding the right path in Crestholm is not hard at all.


One thing to note about the Crestholm Channels is that there aren’t that many ladders in the place where you’ll find something of use, but I will tell you this; there is a generator that lies up a ladder in the place, it’s actually a little off the beaten path but anytime you see a ladder, definitely explore it because 10 times out 10, it’s going to lead you somewhere or get you closer to that generator or to a generator that you missed.

With some of the other ladders in the place, you’ll find yourself back at the beginning of the area or the middle. The overall aspect of ladders in this place is that will definitely lead you to a part of the dungeon that you haven’t been yet.

Don’t rush

The best way to really get the most out of traveling thru the Crestholm Channels is to keep one very important thing in mind, Don’t rush! I tell you this for your own good because when I was running through here, that’s all I was doing, running and I was getting nowhere fast; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to look at the walkthrough on this level alone. Talk about humiliating!

So don’t rush and if we’re being completely honest, you can stand to go up more than a few levels here as long as you don’t rush. For example, I came here and I was a Lv. 56 and I left out of here a Lv. 58. If I had’ve taken my time, I would’ve left out of here at least a Lv. 60. But that aside, you can find your way through here as long as you don’t rush; taking your time is totally worth it and you should.

Don’t let the re-emergence of enemies put you off, and I’m not saying that you should ever level-grind, but what I am saying is that if the enemies re-merge you’ll be able to kick their behind. Also, you’ll come across doors that can only be opened from the opposite side so consider yourself warned!

Royal Arms and Armiger is your friend

Now, as many of you well know, the Royal Arms are powerful and when used will deal a 1% penalty HP Drain. Armiger Unleashed consists of 5 armiger combos that makes Noctis a one man wrecking crew. I want it to go on the record that I used the Royal Arms the ENTIRE game, I didn’t deviate because of the cursed weaponry; I love the challenge of using the Royal Arms to destroy my enemies plus they’re a part of Noctis’ heritage.

If you make the choice, as I did, to use the Royal Arms throughout the whole game including in here, you’ll find that enemies take a lot of damage from the Royal Arms especially the Black Flan; I used the Katana of the Warrior when I fought that thing and I dealt it so much damage. Also, I used the Armiger combo, Armiger Barrage (Circle x 2, Triangle in midair before Noctis stops glowing) to level some of the enemies in here.

Don’t feel compelled to do this as I did it, but if you want quality results of defeating the enemies and making sure you have little trouble in the way of dealing with them then make full use of Armiger and your Royal Arms. Fun Fact: Many creatures of the aquatic deep don’t seem to like the Trident of the Oracle very much; from me to you.


Final Fantasy 15 Crestholm Channels is a unique dungeon area where you’ll have to really be at the top of your game because it is a place that can test and push the limits of your mental intelligence like with the overall difficulty along with what right path to take to get where you’re going to find all 4 generators not to mention activating them.

Explore ladders, don’t rush through the place because you can go up a level or two or five. Don’t be afraid to use your Royal Arms along with your Armiger because they’re the key to sealing the fate of most enemies down there.

So what questions do you have about my post, is it the post, do you want to know what is the right path in the Crestholm Channels and if so, what do you think the right path is? Leave me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. Great tips. They all make sense and are well explained. Thank you.

    • My pleasure Chuck, I do it all for you, the fans. But more importantly, thanks for the feedback; it is most helpful.

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