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Published November 8, 2018

One of the best qualities about a Dragon Quest game is the weapons, but some weapons are better than others as you well know. Weapons are judged by their strength, the added power they give the character as well as the secondary effect that it comes with.

However, Dragon Quest XI Weapons have been known to be the kind that gives you a little of everything, a little protection from instant death to being able to cure every ailment there is. While weapons are truly the main power in the game, it has become a rather touchy issue as to when to upgrade.

A general rule is usually to upgrade weapons often, but when would your weapon upgrade come in handy; in general or if you know they’re going to carry you to a win. For example, if you’re going to complete the trials within Drustan’s Labyrinth, it is advised that you forge the highest level weapons.

There are things about weapons that get overlooked and attack power is all that’s taken into account which it should not be. In this post, I’ll talk about the importance of a weapon analysis, where it’ll do you the most good and what you have to do to make super strong weapons.

Pay attention to the star level

Now, I’ve made plenty of Dragon Quest XI Weapons and even tried them out on enemies; it was great knowing that my new weapon was causing lethal damage. However, one thing I always overlooked was the star level; it didn’t dawn on me the true power of the weapon came in the form of the star level.

Always pay attention to the star level of the weapon and another reason to do this is so you don’t make the mistake of forging a weapon that might have a higher attack power but the star level is low. I did that too many times and wasted so many materials to boot.

The star level will tell you exactly if the weapon is of the highest quality weapon-wise and in it so doing, you’ll be able to save not just time and forging materials but you won’t have to journey all the back to either the Trial of the Disciple to get Orichalcum or to the Battleground to track down even more Orichalcum.

It might not seem like much or seem important at the time but for the future, pay close attention to the star level so forging weak weapons doesn’t undo you.

Magical Might makes a difference

As with many Dragon Quest XI Weapons, you’ll come across many Heavy Wands that have a great deal of magical might to which Rab and Veronica can immensely benefit from when it comes to their magical attacks. You’ll want this to be as high as possible when you’re facing off against enemies especially within the Wheel of Harma.

Weapons with strong magical might will no doubt come in handy when you use Veronica’s Magic Burst or her and Serena’s double tech Mighty Magic Burst. I was using this on the Slime Party in the first round of the 4th trial of the Wheel of Harma and swept the field clean instantly.

Let’s not forget Rab and his Pearly Gates ability, his magical might especially when he’s pepped up will cause lethal damage of the highest caliber 450 – 505+; it doesn’t matter what level Rab are at after Lv.80. Magical might will always be the reason why magic attacks do the kind of damage that they do.

I just forged Veronica and Rab a Staff of Eternity, a weapon with high magical might and power to boot; don’t go into the Wheel of Harma trials without it.

Wheel of Harma – 4th trial, 3rd monster team

This part of the trial is by far the most complicated in the entire 4th trial, you’ll face off against 3 metallic hands and one metallic scorpion. Strategically, it helps to have the most powerful weapons and for this battle you’ll need Hendrik and Jade. Before I go on, its worth mentioning that Jade should have her Lightning Thrust ability.

Hendrik should have his Hatchet Man ability because the only way these metal monsters are dying is by those two attacks in particular. I want it to go on the record as well that one of the hands will occasionally cast Whack so be prepared for that; I was lucky enough to make it through the round without seeing it.

Above all else, destroy the hands first because they’re the biggest threat; this is where having the strongest Dragon Quest XI Weapons really comes into play because, and I believe this, it helps with the critical attack likelihood. The character builder makes this a slam dunk if you’ve been keeping up with that which I hope you have.

Revisiting areas for materials

One of my favorite things to do when creating Dragon Quest XI Weapons is revisiting areas for materials like the Orichalcum that lies in the Overlooked Cavern in the Battleground area or the Disciple’s Trial to get more Orichalcum. Personally, I hated the latter because I was there on the hunt for something else.

But, if you’re searching for Orichalcum in particular then I suggest you go to the Disciple’s Trial for it; I’d even mine a bunch of it so you don’t have to make frequent trips like I’ve had to. Revisiting areas for materials is something I would encourage you to do because it is going to make the Wheel of Harma trials easier and less time-consuming.

Personally, I was looking for a Chronocrystal or two and I didn’t remember that Derk sells it in the Cobblestone shop for a huge stack of bank so if you’re looking for Chronocrystals then that’s where you’ll find it. Many areas are home to materials that have what you need to make the strongest weapons on Erdrea.

Another plus to revisiting old areas for materials is the dozen of strong enemies that lie their and beating them up for extra experience points never gets old. Also, I want to point out as well that the experience points gain per monster kill is immense. So my advice, sit back and enjoy it.


Dragon Quest XI Weapons are judged based on their attack power, magical might and most important, their star level which tells you how powerful they are. Magical Might benefits Rab, Veronica and Serena; don’t ignore making them weapons that’ll skyrocket their magical might.

Revisiting areas for materials is beneficial for you for two reasons. To get stronger as you’re searching for whatever the material it is you’re looking for and two, so you’ll be ready to conquer the 3rd monster team of the 4th trial of the Wheel of Harma with the two aforementioned characters.

If you have any questions about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If and when you complete the Wheel of Harma’s 4th Trial, you’ll be given a chance to complete the fifth. My advice, don’t rush to get it done; travel the world and complete other sidequests in other towns. Don’t go anywhere near the final Wheel of Harma trial until you’re at Lv. 92+



  1. KennyKenny

    I love reviews about games like this, it brings back a lot of memories from my last when I had more time to play games online. I still love the strategy elements and planning that goes in to levelling your characters. And that includes weapon choices too. Thanks and I’ll be visiting your site again soon. Kenny 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Kenny, I appreciate the compliment and the feedback; I have more posts similar to that one on my website so feel free to check them out at your leisure. Good games don’t come no better than this.

  2. cjciganottocjciganotto

    Hello Rodney,

    I really did not know the game but it seems spectacular. 

    But for what you explain, we will have to pay close attention to the power of weapons. 

    We have to create super-strong weapons and heavy wands that fire their magic power.

    I must review the materials area to make the wheel of harma trials more easy.

    Many thanks for sharing.


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Claudio, yes the Wheel of Harma trials are the toughest in the whole game even tougher than the Trial of the Luminary on Trial Isle so being prepared means forging the strongest weapons to exist. Remember that always.

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