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Published October 23, 2018

I’ve been playing Dragon Quest XI for a long time now and I have to say that it is the most revolutionary game of its kind; the game teaches many great lessons on the long road to success which arrives at the death of Mordegon and Calasmos.

Ultimately, before getting to the Fortress of Fear, you’ll cross plains of “different dimensions” such the underwater world of Nautica.

Also, you’ll be getting a transport that allows you to visit realms that exist in the sky such as the Watchers’ own Havens Above domain. Enemies in certain areas are usually easy enough where you can get in a few good strokes with your primary weapon and move on to others.

However, what do you do when you get to the Fortress of Fear and find out that your “primary” weapon and its damage output isn’t getting the job done especially against enemies that are made of tougher stuff than enemies you’ve faced thus far; the cause of this could be many. One, the weapon is ineffective on the enemies.

Two, the Luminary gang are not strong enough to face the enemies in said place and since that’s not the issue then logic suggests that the primary weapons are not getting the job done. Three, the weapon lacks the attack power to deal the damage needed to kill that enemy or enemies.

In this post, I’ll discuss how to hit the hard enemies in the Fortress of Fear harder to inflict mass damage along with who you can and what you can count on to get through the Fortress of Fear. Here’s my post on Dragon Quest XI Weapons.

The Sword of Light isn’t going to cut it, Luminary

Exactly how I have it written in the heading; the Sword of Light isn’t going to cut it nor none of the enemies here for 3 reasons. The first, the Sword of Light (quote unquote) is a forged fake; its power or lack thereof pales in comparison to the real Sword of Light; the Super Sword of Light that Mordegon takes from the Luminary at Yggdrasil.

I used the Sword of Light at the Fortress of Fear against every single enemy there and guess what happened; the sword BARELY did ANY DAMAGE to them. So what am I saying, using the Sword of Light at the Fortress of Fear is pointless. I even used it against Mordegon when I got to him and I barely had anything to show for it.

So my advice, don’t bother using the Sword of Light against the enemies at the Fortress of Fear because you’ll do more horrible than a sniper with a head cold.

Hit hard and fast with the Luminary i.e. Cutting Edge

The Sword of Light is useless against the enemies at the Fortress of Fear but that doesn’t mean that everything in your arsenal is useless; Greatswords are great for hitting tough enemies for a lot of damage especially when you use Cutting Edge, a Greatsword ability. The Luminary can hit hard and fast using this ability; many enemies within the fortress are metallic in nature.

Which means that you’re going to need to do something or use something to penetrate their armor which the Greatsword will; it goes without saying that there is a reason that you have two weapon choices in this game, if one weapon isn’t getting the job done or killing those enemies outright then you know the other will.

Above all, it’s important for you to use a Greatsword all throughout the time you’re here because, in my experience, enemies are only going to fall to the might of a Greatsword or another weapon of greater attack power than the primary. So be mindful of that.

Hendrik is a big help

Along with the Luminary, Hendrik should DEFINITELY be a go to while you’re making your way around in the Fortress of Fear and here’s the top 6 reasons why:

1. Hendrik’s Axe skills such as Parallax does great damage on demonic enemies and undead enemies.

2. Like the Luminary, Hendrik has Greatsword abilities like the Cutting Edge ability (make sure he knows this before you storm the joint or right immediately after you touchdown).

3. When it comes to skill and power Hendrik complements the Luminary’s with his Heroism and Sword skills.

4. Despite when Hendrik joins, his attack power is still on a higher plateau than the Luminary’s.

5. Need to heal so Serena and Rab aren’t doing it alone; Hendrik has the MoreHeal ability so you can definitely lean on him if you’re badly bruised.

6. Kabuff is one of Hendrik’s greatest abilities; it can take the max damage of an attack and reduce it to nearly nothing.

Keep these six in mind when you storm the Fortress of Fear and make sure that Hendrik is in your party; you won’t get that far without him, I’m going to tell you that much right now.

Jade and Rab’s got Claw Skills to pay the bills

Jade and Rab have two unique weapons like everyone else in the party, Jade has Spears and Claws. Rab has Claws and Staves. However, if you’re taking Jade and Rab to the Fortress of Fear party (and you should) using Jade’s Spear and Rab’s Staff is NOT going to get the job done.

Equip both of them with Claws, and the reason for that is because Jade and Rab, from experience, will critical EVERYTHING in the fortress except for the Metal King Slimes; Jade’s Lightning Thrust will kill the Metal King Slimes outright every single time.

Rab and Jade’s Claw skills will always come in handy here especially since most of the enemies trolling the place are metallic which the two can use to their advantage, using Spears or Staves here is not going to destroy enemies nor critical them.

It is imperative that if you bring these two with you then you have to make sure that you forge them some strong claw weapons beforehand otherwise their chances of survival is zero even if they’re using Claws and strengthening the claw weapon via character builder is DEFINITELY advised.

Gigasmash doesn’t hurt either

Now, although welcomed but not a requirement, Gigasmash is a great move to have when you’re storming the Fortress of Fear because I’ve seen enemies take lethal amounts of damage from it and since it is a Greatsword skill then it stands to reason that they’re going to.

Mordegon’s tough but not so tough that you’ll need the Gigasmash

However, let me be clear about this, having Gigasmash is not a requirement because even with Cutting Edge, Rab’s M-Pathy skill and a crap load of Sage Elixirs; you’ll be ready for Mordegon and whatever he throws at you.

The nice thing about Gigasmash is that the damage it does equates that of Gigagash so don’t feel like you’ll be at a loss for damage to your enemies if you have one and not the other.

Keep in mind too that if you decide to abuse Gigasmash then you’ll be more likely getting MP assistance from Rab and from the obvious level ups you’ll get there. Personally, I only abused Gigasmash on certain enemies groups or one that I felt was giving me more trouble than your average enemy.


Storming the Fortress of Fear is definitely something that you have to do but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it ill-prepared and by that I mean the weapons. The Sword of Light is not effective against the enemies here so switching to your Greatsword is going to win the day.

Using abilities like Cutting Edge can mean the difference between life and death while skulking around the fortress. Hendrik is a great asset and so is his Axe, Greatsword and healing abilities; don’t underuse or underestimate any of them. Jade and Rab’s Claw Skills are necessary for the fortress; you will not take down the enemies there without it.

Gigasmash is good to have but not a requirement as the other contributing factors i.e. Hendrik and the rest is there so in the worst case scenario that you don’t have it then they’re there to help pour on the damage.

So what do you think about my post, is it possible or is it impossible to do the Fortress of Fear without the “fake” Sword of Light; I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.




  1. JooJoo

    I’m not really into fighting games, but my husband is. I’ve always had not a single bit of interest in his games. Oops… But now as I was reading your article, I can start to appreciate how people love these games, as it’s got to do with the graphics and design of the story, the space and the realms in the games, that transport you into this magical place, where one can escape from the realities of life for some moments. 

    You’ve portrayed the story line very well, and the tips you provide for hitting the hard enemies show what a pro you are, and how much you enjoy this Dragon Quest game. 

    Now I’m starting to see my husband’s games in a different light. 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Indeed Joo, video games aren’t just a way to waste time, but they are also powerful vehicles of mental power that can provide hours of entertainment especially all of the games that are getting remastered for different consoles, it’s very easy to get swept into different worlds or the conflicts going on in those worlds; trust me, play a game or two, I mean, just to see what you feel and experience when you play and I promise you’ll be hooked.

      I provide strategies and tips to help gamers get through rough spots in games so if you’re ever stuck you can reach out to me or my website for tips. 

  2. HollyHolly

    This is a very thorough review on Dragon Quest/Fortress of Fear. This looks like an interesting game. I typically get my husband a video game for Christmas each year. Would this be one that you would recommend? He normally plays pretty trendy video games, like Madden, Battlefront, Cod….but he does like sci fi stuff so I wonder if this would be something unique for him to try outside of what he normally does.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Well Holly, this game is an RPG – Role Playing Game and if he’s into RPGs then he’ll be at home here and yes I would recommend this game to you or anyone who’s in love with Dragon Quest games even if you’ve never played or bought a Dragon Quest game before, buy this one!. Currently, I’m doing one of the dimensions in the post game and its not too hard but not too easy; it’s just right challenge-wise. 

  3. Kelly ElliottKelly Elliott

    my only question would be, is this game appropriate for young kids. My nephew is hardcore into this stuff but I don’t want to suggest a game to him that isn’t appropriate for 11 year olds. I understand and appreciate your strategy to advance from level to level. People tend to not think about it but strategy is a huge part of gaming.  

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Kelly, I believe the game is appropriate for kids his age. There are a lot of weapons and things in the game but there aren’t a lot of gory scenes in the game that might pose a problem for your nephew. 1 or 2 at best, but nothing extreme like people getting killed or maimed outright. I will warn you though, a lot of Halloween monsters you see people dress up as exist in the game but if you can stomach that then you and him should be good.

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