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Published September 29, 2018

I’ve been working on Dragon Quest XI for a while now and I don’t have to tell you that it is a great game that’s full of surprises; everything from the hidden sparkly spots to finding out that Jasper was the traitor (which I already knew when I first went to Heliodor).

Since my last post, I’ve done a lot of experimenting with my teams’ powers and have been trying them out on different enemies; I’ve learned a thing or two to say the least.

There are Dragon Quest XI Tips that gamers have developed that have given attention to liquid metal slime grinding and experience points farming; I’m not on any of those, I play my games with strategy. However, I will say that it is not easy trying to survive the hordes of enemies who seem to get stronger as you do.

Ultimately, the following Dragon Quest XI Tips is something I created that you can use which I encourage you to because sometimes the hardest thing to do is trying to find that next vial of Magic Water to give yourself some magic power back so you can use your powers especially if you learned Zap. So having said that, here are my Dragon Quest XI Tips; commit these to memory always!

Lean on Rab

Rab may look like an old man with sub par skills and a somewhat crappy skill set but trust me when I say that he’s far from useless which leads me to the first of my Dragon Quest XI Tips; Lean on Rab.

The reason I say this is on account of the fact that he has some very valuable skills such as his M-Pathy which comes through in a pinch especially if you’re abusing Hero’s Luminary skill, Zap which I was.

Another reason to keep Rab close is because many of his abilities focus on hurting enemies and healing his comrades a great deal. Now, I’m not saying to always have him in the party but I think it goes without saying that he should get a little more face time than your other teammates; well, outside of Serena, Jade and Veronica.

Really, Rab’s M-Pathy is definitely an ability you want to abuse because as you well know that he get a magic point refill when he gain levels which could go straight toward using his M-Pathy skill to give others a magical helping hand.

Use your spells on the “appropriate” monsters

Any lover of Dragon Quest worth their salt knows that spells are the key to conserving health and magic especially if it is healing magic, it sucks when you have to burn more magic points healing than using your magic to destroy your enemy which brings me to #2 of my Dragon Quest XI Tips; use your spells on the appropriate monsters.

Case in point

For example, you’re going to cross paths with enemies who get spell-happy as it were the farther you progress, but using powers like Antimagic on spell abusing enemies can go a long way and let’s not forget about big monsters such as the Cyclops; their lumbering size can be used against them especially when you throw Snooze and Kasnooze in the mix.

Don’t get caught trying to use attack power alone to kill tough enemies because that’s why there’s a skill grid for each character not to mention spells you learn when you gain levels. I just learned Erik’s MountainMover skill and it has downed MANY a tough enemy.

This probably goes without saying but anytime you’re in a battle with 2+ enemies that look alike then get Veronica and abuse Bang, Boom or any other spell that will wipe the floor with enemies with ease like Kasizz.

Before you leave Sniflheim, do the sidequests

After your “stay” in Sniflheim upon exposing the royal family’s “blindness”, two sidequests will become available; Viking Hoard and Cold Crush. I almost missed these two after I left Sniflheim, I suddenly remembered as I was climbing the World Tree, Yggdrasil. I’ll tell you though, it was a stroke of luck that I made the decision to hit the Viking Hideout before even stepping foot in Sniflheim.

This might not be as valuable a tip in my Dragon Quest XI Tips, but I assure you that remembering to check your in-town map for sidequests can be afterthought especially if you’re nearing the end of the first half of the game; don’t be in such a hurry that you forget about the going ons in town. The dangers you’ll face for not completing the sidequests in Sniflheim is no less real.

So, take the time and do the sidequests before you completely leave Sniflheim because I can’t help but think that there is no returning to it later on after the world completely goes to hell after Mordegon and Jasper take over especially since you have to revisit EVERY town and country all over again.

Before you leave Arboria for the World Tree

Two sidequests will open up after your little talk and history lesson from Father Benedictus; Planting Seeds for the Future and Fit as a Fiddle. Okay, here’s what you’re going to do.

First, go talk to the fitness nut in town regarding the sidequest, Fit as a Fiddle and agree to do it. Next, go to the Grove of Repose, left exit out of town, and talk to the sick girl there; agree to do it.

Both the Red Kale and Wishteria Seeds are found in the First Forest; find them and immediately go back to town via Zoom and drop off your payload to the people expecting them. Then, you’re going to walk right back to the First Forest and make your way up to Yggdrasil’s Altar on foot.

This particular of my Dragon Quest XI Tips has made enemies scatter to get away from me when I get near them and really, there’s no secret nor grinding; I believe that if you walked your butt up in there then you can walk your butt right back out. Using Zoom is completely forbidden and that means no using it to get back to the Campsite in that area as well.

And, if we’re being honest, enemies in the game or even in that part of the game aren’t particularly that strong so there’s no reason why you should be having any trouble with the enemies in the Arborian Highlands or the First Forest.

What my skill categories look like at present

The one thing that I’ve taken the initiative to do as I got more into the game is doing my own thing with the skill grid, I was told once to focus on one skill group at a time so as to get the maximum amount of use out of one group of weapon skills. But, you know what’s wrong with that logic, you’re limiting yourself which isn’t something that’s wise to do in this game.

All of my characters have learned a great many skill over different skill paths which I like because those abilities all come into play sooner or later. For example, I started getting more into learning different skills especially across the Luminary skill path, I learned Zap and Poof.

Before Yggdrasil

Despite having lost my Luminary powers at the present time, I don’t regret choosing to learn those abilities when I was able to I got great use out of them.

My skill grid regarding each character is uniquely me and I’ll tell you now, it is something that I encourage any gamer playing this game to do; learn different skills across the skill grid. Limiting yourself is not an option in this game so don’t make it one, I didn’t.

Don’t underuse or underestimate Jade and Rab’s Claw skills, they’re powerful

Jade and Rab both come with Claw weapons when they first join as you well know, I’ve been using Jade’s Spear and Rab’s Heavy Wands as only their primary weapons along with skills.

I equipped Jade and Rab with their respective Claw weapon and the damage that they were doing was spectacular; I even saw Jade get HP back upon with every strike which was good for me because she was hemorrhaging health at the time.

Rab did decent damage to the enemies he fought using his Claws thanks to his attack power; remember this the last of my Dragon Quest XI Tips, don’t underuse or underestimate Jade and Rab’s Claws skills because they are lethal and can end battles as quickly as any other weapon or skill.

If nothing else, try it out and see what I mean; you’ll be as impressed as I was when I was using them. Spears, Enlightenment, Allure and Heavy Wands are good to use with these two but get Claws in the mix from time to time; they work like magic against certain enemies.


There are certain Dragon Quest XI Tips that will take gamers a long way in the game but make no mistake, it is just as bad to limit oneself as it is to fall back on things like grinding to get ahead.

Gamers that play this game will be straight as long as they lean on Rab when they need a magic point pick me up not to mention using their spells on the appropriate monsters such as using Antimagic on spell abusing enemies and using Snooze and Kasnooze on big enemies.

Sniflheim needs special attention before you leave there and upon getting the items to satisfy the two people in charge of the two sidequests in Arboria, make your way back to the First Forest and ultimately Yggdrasil’s Altar on foot using no Zoom power whatsoever and that includes using Zoom to get back to the Campsite.

The skill categories should be a work of your own design not something based on a recommendation or what the best piece of advice is regarding what skills to concentrate on.

If you commit these Dragon Quest XI Tips to memory always, you’ll be just fine. If you have any questions regarding my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Before you leave Arboria or even before you begin your ascent to Yggdrasil’s Altar, get your hands on a Zombiesbane; you’ll be glad you did when you face the beasties alongside Hendrik at the start of the second half of the game.

The Falcon Blade works too, but the Zombiesbane is preferred!




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    This is written like I was actually sitting watching you play the games live. Your descriptions of what to
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    I am going to be watching for more from you and letting other people know you have this site up; our
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    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thank you Susan, I am truly appreciative of your feedback and humbled. I’ll tell you something though, I got inspired to do this because this is what my website and the info on it focuses on, the rough spots in games that no one will point out to us. It is precisely times like these that I get so peeved at that then I take it upon myself to point out how to get past that rough spot or how to do a particular something or even how to find a particular something.

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