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Published October 18, 2018

As soon as you start the Dragon Quest XI Post Game, you’re going to be bombarded (or at least feel like it) with more than a few dozen sidequests and other requests that is meant to build you and your team into the perfect, invincible warriors.

Now, I’m going to tell you right now; you need to do this because the enemies’ strength and powers are on par with yours and your team.

So what does that mean for you, it means that every 30 steps you take you’re going to be fought back by everything that you thought was a waste of your personal energy because the enemy fell so easily; I promise you, this time they won’t.

The post game is full of surprises and a lot of equipment that would really work wonders for your team and those on it. I don’t need to stress that this equipment is the strongest in the entire game. But, you might be wondering, where do I begin; how do I get started, where?

Well I’m going to cover that in my post along with several other things to get you going in the right direction but what awaits you in this post is not to be taken lightly, so consider yourself warned!

Naturally, save Veronica

Your first goal upon returning to the past is to keep Yggdrasil from falling by preventing Mordegon from bringing about the calamity thereby saving everyone’s life including Veronica who will be able to walk off the battlefield in one piece. Since this is naturally a part of the story then this is something you’re going to automatically work to prevent.

See, Veronica is safe and sound!

Also, I want to take the time to note that no one goes back in time to screw things up a second time especially if that’s their only chance to correct it, but I digress. Saving Veronica’s life is the key to much larger things; plus, you can’t do anything in the Dragon Quest XI Post Game until you see that scenario through.

While it might seem a really boring way to start off the post game, it is still every bit as important as the events that precede it. So, don’t rush trying to get to the “good parts” of the post game; take your time and be patient.

You can ignore the enemies if you want to while you’re making your way to rejoin the group; the enemies walking about the Arborian Highlands are weak so don’t sweat it.

Drustan’s Trial and others

Drustan’s Trials, and the Trials at Angri-La are more than just enemy bashing and level ups; these trials are the epitome of power itself. Dragon Quest XI Post Game is home to these trials and completion of them are mandatory for unveiling of great powers within the characters themselves.

I have one word of advice when it comes to Drustan’s Trial, GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I won’t spoil it for you, but you’d be wise to do the Drustan’s Trial first because his visage has a lot of cool stuff including an item that’ll increase the Luminary’s sword powers that’s tucked away in the Trial of the Luminary.

Angri-La’s Wheel of Harma Trials are among the toughest in the entire game; it has been hypothesized that it is tougher than Drustan’s Trials but those eyewitness accounts were sorely mistaken and people were mislead.

Ultimately, the second that Drustan’s Trial become available, run on over there and get inside there. Trust me when I say that you’re either going to be really strong or really smart, Drustan’s Trials sees that you end up being both.

Don’t do anything and that includes rebuilding Cobblestone

I know this seems a little unorthodox the way I’m putting it but I mean EXACTLY how I have it, rebuilding Cobblestone takes a great amount of globe-trotting not to mention slaying the right monsters to save the right people. From experience, I saw to each of Gemma’s requests and I ended up facing old enemies and a more powerful version of an older enemy.

You’re going to really need to bring your A-game when you go hunting for Gemma because even the Hades Condor boss that you face at Cobblestone Tor is irritatingly tough; it didn’t even feel like a boss battle, it seemed more like a fight for survival which put several of my team member in critical health.

Also, I want to go on record as saying that rebuilding Cobblestone doesn’t need to take precedence until after you complete at least Drustan’s Trial and got everything he could offer you; even then I’d ride into battle against the Hades Condor with Jade, Hendrik, Rab and Hero. The Dragon Quest XI Post Game granted enemies who, were once weak, into engines of destruction.

Every town has a problem and a sidequest; even pink bubble people are turning up

When you’re told to travel the world and get prepared to battle the Dark One, you’ll no doubt take this to heart; I did. Upon visiting a town or certain towns, you’ll find that there’s a sidequest available and even people with pink bubbles have crazy requests or something they want you to do in order to restore whatever peace there was.

Listen to the plea of the pink bubble individual

I mean, people in towns the world over are turnt up and are reaching out to you for whatever reason; if we’re being honest here, yeah their requests matter too. I found myself puzzled in the Dragon Quest XI Post Game because it seemed like no one was sleeping well because there was always a disturbance somewhere.

Even the pink bubble Heliodorians are in a panic that must be quelled lest pandemonium ravage the land and things get more out of control; again, don’t worry about this until after you’ve completed Drustan’s and the Angri-La trials because taking care of whatever is out there causing the disruption is going to take every ounce of skill you can muster.


Dragon Quest XI Post Game does have you running around from place to place getting you prepared to face Calasmos but saving Veronica takes precedence because without her no post game nothing would be possible. Drustan’s Trials; get your ass over there immediately because it is the key to unlocking every power within each character.

The same for the trials at Angri-La, it is something that needs your immediate attention as you’re able; rebuilding Cobblestone right away is pointless so it is not something that requires your direct attention as does the people in towns all over the world with sidequests in each one.

If you have questions regarding my post then please leave me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Don’t hesitate to abuse your pep powers because they will be needed in order to survive the Dragon Quest XI Post Game






  1. ReyhanaReyhana

    Sounds like a very good game! My younger brother is a fan of video games and as this game has a lot of adventure and running around in it, I’m sure he will definitely like it. It also looks like there is a bit of a storyline, which Is great! I will ask him if he would like to get this game and get back to you.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Awesome. I think he should because I’m currently playing it right now and its a VERY good game, a well over 100 hour game but there is enough to keep him busy; I can promise you that. Also, you’ll be happy to know that I have the game on my website on the page so it’s there if he makes the decision to. 

  2. KisumuKisumu

    I have to leave you a comment now, and the reason is, that I loved your title and as a result I couldn’t resist reading your article even though I have not really played computer games 😀

    In addition, this is the very first review I read about a game and I really liked it. I would just have some questions if you don’t mind: I read all these names and places (Drustan’s Trials, Angri-La’s Wheel of Harma Trials, Veronica, Gemma, Hendrik, Rab etc.), so if I were more into computer games or now I wanted to try this game because of your article, is it a good start? Because I feel that I miss some knowledge here and this is probably a new version of a game or a next level or something like this. Please, don’t let me hanging, I really am interested in it now 🙂 🙂 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Okay, to clear this all up. All of this is associated with Dragon Quest XI. First, Gemma is the Hero’s love interest and childhood and later wife. Drustan’s Trials is a labyrinth dungeon that is named after the hero who fought alongside the Luminary of Legend, Erdwin. Angri-La’s Wheel of Harma Trials is a tentative trials that consists of killing enemies in so many moves in order to progress – best dealt with in the postgame. 

      Veronica is Serena’s big sister; both of which are fighting alongside the current Luminary, Hero. Hendrik is King Heliodor’s right hand and a skilled swordsman who held from Zwaardrust before it got done in by Mordegon. Rab is the Hero’s grandfather and former king of Dundrasil which the hero hails from along with his parents when they walked Erdrea. 

      Drustan’s Trials should also be tackled in the post game because it is tough and I mean with a big, capital T; I wouldn’t cross its threshold until you’re at least lv. 67+ 

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