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Published November 15, 2018

The creators of Dragon Quest XI have introduced a truly wonderful feature to us gamers and it has made gameplay even more awesome than was first thought, I’ve been playing the game since the beginning and I’ve still yet to get bored with it because of the awesome features that exist in the game.

One of the features and perhaps the most important is the ability to get pepped up. When you take on enemies in Dragon Quest XI Pepped Up, you get a lot of bonuses added on to your temporary form which goes a long way in battle as you well know.

Also, I want to on record as saying that another great feature to being pepped up is being able to use double, triple or even quadruple pep powers. I remember when I first started playing and discovered the pep powers, it was like I had just discovered a more creative way of destroying my enemies.

I definitely love the blue color as opposed to Dragon Quest VIII’s purple color, but the colors for the forms in both games are good and I’m going to discuss the concept of the pep, the Luminary’s connection to the pep and strategies regarding being pepped.

The Benefits of Being Pepped Up

Now when you’re running around from one area to the next in Dragon Quest XI Pepped Up, you’ll often find that certain aspects of your character have gotten more powerful or enhanced as it were.

For some, it is enhanced attack power and defense; for others its more powerful magic and magical damage to enemies and healing powers give back more per use.

I would say that one of the greatest benefits to being pepped up is being able to make the choice involving your actions whether it is making the choice to use a pep power to waste enemies or just being able to stay pepped until it wears off; either way, you’re making the choice.

Being pepped up is another way of ending the battle quickly because it is almost as if enemies can destroy you as easily if you weren’t pepped up. Another thing I found out about being pepped up is that the more levels you gain, the quicker you get pepped up which is a big benefit when you’re trying to complete areas like Drustan’s Labyrinth.

Never underestimate the power of the pep, but don’t waste it either; it is there for your enemy killing pleasure which is something you should definitely take advantage of.

Just ‘Wear It’

Naturally when you’re in Dragon Quest XI Pepped Up, you’re going to be tempted to use a pep power right away but don’t do it. Sometimes, it is okay to do so when you’re trying to hasten that enemy toward death which is definitely justified in every way, shape and form. However, sometimes it is okay to just wear it, keep the form up until it wears off.

As you progress more and more into the post game, you’re going to find out quickly that just being pepped up is enough to keep you alive especially if you’ve learned Divide and Double Down with Erik; a great and must have combo by the way. I remember I always used to use my pep powers when I got pepped.

But then I learned quickly that wearing the form is enough where your characters will still benefit from the bonuses that’s unique to them which is great if you’re looking for an excuse to not want to use your pep powers if the situation doesn’t call for them; there’ll be situations that won’t.

The Luminary’s Pep Up skill

Now, I love this. I just learned the Luminary’s Pep Up skill last night and the gameplay is off the hook. Simply, I got access to pep powers right away which was good because added onto the fact that my Luminary is a Lv. 96; he’s hitting like he’s a Lv. 200.

When you’re traveling the world in Dragon Quest XI Pepped Up, you’d do well to activate the Luminary’s Pep Up skill because it is a lifesaver when you need that extra push or boost to get the upper hand on your enemies; I also found that Big Banga does a little more damage when the Luminary is pepped up.

Another thing I love about the Luminary having access to this power is that if another character is pepped up then he can activate that then combo any enemy at anytime; it’s great knowing that even when the Luminary is the only one pepped, he can still pull off pep powers with his teammates that are not pepped up.

My advice, don’t rush to learn this skill but do learn it before you complete the endgame because in that fight with Calasmos; you’ll be like “what fight?”

Pep Pop

This extraordinary item is definitely a must if you’re going to do the Wheel of Harma trials and even then you should not be below a Lv. 94 when you attempt it because with the Pep Pop, you’ll be pepped up instantly. When you’re in Dragon Quest XI Pepped Up especially if you’re doing the Wheel of Harma trials, every little bit helps.

The Pep Pop can be bought in Cobblestone after Derk takes over the item shop; you’ll no doubt accumulate a lot of cash on your travels around the world. I’m encouraging you to buy at least two of these because if you’re going to be taking on tough enemies then you’ll need the added power.

No pep pop was used during the making of this post lol

Not to sound like a jerk, but by the time you reach Lv. 87+, your characters will be going into pepped up status more often which might make the pep pop kind of a waste of money but it depends on the situation. I’d buy the two pops like I mentioned if you’re at a Lv. 91+ and want to take on the Wheel of Harma trials.

That’s more than a necessary reason to blow the money on them at all is to get that instant pep status so you can make enemies go bye, bye; definitely worth it!


Waltzing around in Dragon Quest XI Pepped Up has some amazing benefits for the characters you control in the game like enhanced attack power along with enhanced magical damage and it goes without saying that there is no greater appreciation for power than the pep up form and using its power to destroy your enemies.

Sometimes it is okay to just wear the pep up form for the bonuses, it is not always necessary to use pep powers because you’re pepped up. Remember this too after you learn the Luminary’s Pep Up skill; it puts him at the pinnacle of his powers which will go far if you’re doing areas like Drustan’s Labyrinth.

The pep pop is a valuable item which should not be taken for granted or leaned upon unless you’re going to do the Wheel of Harma trials especially the fifth trial. If have any problems or have any questions regarding my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll respond quickly. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

So you remember when you got beat down by the boss(es) at the end of the Trial of the Luminary; well, here’s what traveling the world, saving it one area at a time and doing all the sidequests not to mention beat up on the baddies within the Trial of the Luminary as wrought. Behold!




  1. NicNic

    Great review…as always!

    I find it extremely beneficial reading your review for progress in this game. Being pepped up to me seems like a must. I like how you diagnose and pick a part when to use and when not use the pep. And as always, love the videos! 


    Do you find if more beneficial to pepped up or to try without it first?



    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Well Nic, you’re going to be un-pepped up (for lack of a better term) plenty of times throughout the adventure until your character peps up then you’re going to be on. Personally, I find it to be more beneficial to not be pepped up because getting pepped up is, in a sense, an awakening of awesome powers. A gamer must be able to play this game without relying on being pepped up all the time. If you can master your powers and mental state without the pep power, you’ll come to realize that it doesn’t make the game, you do. Remember that always. 

  2. MichaelMichael

    This pepped uo ability sounds quite amazing, and like you said comes with many benefits.

    Playing RPG games growing up, I know how hard it can be to level up characters once you get pretty high — and I assume this ability can make it to where you level up much faster which is cool.

    I don’t think I read in your post, but how do you get this ability? Can you use it from the very start, or do you need to acquire it somewhere?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      The Pep Up is a skill that’s innate to every character in the game; the pep up skill doesn’t make it so you level up faster, its meant to add power and additional abilities to your arsenal. You have access to it from the start of the game but you’ll have to be a few hours in before you unlock your 2 character pep power. Overall, it’s a great power to have when you’re on the fence and trying to survive until you get to the campsite.

  3. ShyShy

    I love video games, but I do not get the chance to play as often as I would like to now.  I have never played Dragon Quest though it sounds like a great RPG.  The picture of the game looks awesome and it would totally be the kind of game that I would play.  I love RPG games.  It is great when you get to level and get all kinds of different skills and abilities, like the pepped up powers that you mentioned.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Definitely Shy, you got to play this game; its really good and lots of fun. The pepped up powers are a plus in the game but the game is overall great. Try it.

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