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Published November 1, 2018

As you well know, Dragon Quest XI has you trekking to Trial Isle in order to, as Rab puts it, get into fighting shape so you’ll be ready to fight Calasmos. Trial Isle is home to 3 of the most challenging trials in the game, Disciple Trial, Trial of the Sage but there’s one trial where you’ll truly be tested, the Trial of the Luminary or Luminary’s Trial.

Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial reek of enemies bringing their A game so you know you’re going to have to as well. Normally, I would’ve charged right into the trial of the luminary without even thinking but there was “something” about it, my gut told me that I should never cross its threshold; never step inside without upgraded gear, better weapons or a combo of the two.

However, I will tell you now that from my perspective, its worth going all over the world to gather the materials needed for certain armor sets because two characters get their final outfits which lasts them until the endgame. Personally, it goes without saying that taking the time to prepare for the Trial of the Luminary is lifesaving which I’ll talk about in this post.

Clear both the Trial of the Disciple and Sage’s Trial, obviously.

As in the heading, before you take on the Trial of the Luminary; you must clear both the Trial of the Disciple and the Sage’s Trial. Upon clearing these and whether or not you’re able to beat the bosses, which you should be able to without too much hardship, you’ll be allowed to proceed to the Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial.

My advice as you’re traversing both trials, search every inch of the place because more than a few pieces of two of your characters’ outfits lie there and it goes without saying that you need it. Another piece of advice I have for you when attempting these two trials is that don’t sweat if you’re under leveled.

I say that because the first time I took on the Trial of the Disciple, I was at a Lv.64 but surprisingly didn’t have much trouble with the enemies; it was sort of a different story by the time I got to the Sage’s Trial but even then I had no trouble with the enemies. If you make it your life’s work to trounce every enemy in the place then you’ll be ready for the trial of the luminary.

Creating the Supreme Sword of Light; optional

Okay, so when I decided that I was going to even take on the trial of the luminary; I thought “my Super Sword of Light might not be enough to get the job done”; there were a few thoughts regarding this.

One, creating the Supreme Sword of Light is optional. I say that because if you remember, the Watcher on Trial Isle mentions only the Super Sword of Light; it didn’t mention anything about the Supreme Sword of Light.

So this led me to believe that the Super Sword of Light is more than enough to get the job done even when the time comes that you attempt Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial. The rationale, the Super and Supreme Sword of Light’s attack power are equal.

The only benefit that the Supreme Sword of Light have over its Super counterpart is that if you use the Supreme Sword of Light as an item in battle, it’ll erase all bad ailments no matter what they are; it comes in handy in a small way but the choice is up to you about whether or not it makes enough of a difference to create.

Armor Sets

In my opinion, I believe that the biggest challenge of preparation is traveling the world to gather everything you need to create whatever it is you need which brings me to the Armor Sets. Currently, I have Erik’s, Veronica’s, Rab’s, Jade’s Warrior Princess armor set, I have two pieces of Hendrik’s Drustan’s set and one piece of Serena’s Serenica set.

Also, I want to go on record as saying that Hendrik is in his General’s Outfit at least until I complete Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial or until I open the red door within to get access to the rest of it. I mention this for the sole purpose of emphasizing that armor is going to be crucial to surviving and I think the armor sets are the key.

Incidentally, it might not make much of a difference when it comes to defense as you’re trolling through the trial of the luminary but I believe every bit helps which also leads me to believe that creating the armor sets is one of the best moves that you can make.

My advice, keep plenty of Slipweed and Silkblossom handy; they seem to be precious commodities when forging some of the armor sets.

Powerful weapons more or less matter

Another thing to keep in mind as you’re moving through the Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial is that powerful weapons are a definite must but in my opinion, don’t put too much emphasis on them. For example, the Supernova Sword is powerful and I believe that Sylvando or even Erik could wreck some serious havoc with it.

The Supernova Sword

At present, Hendrik has the Miracle Sword which will take him far while in the trial of the luminary because, and from what I can tell, enemies within the trial are the toughest enemies in the entire game so it is worth making sure that you have every perceivable advantage.

You can get by on good weapons even the ones that you buy from Derk’s shop in Cobblestone which, I believe, are among the strongest and most hard-hitting weapons in the game.

My advice, if you’re going to buy weapons from Derk’s, don’t be stingy with the cash especially since these weapons are going to further complement your ability to be able to stay alive in the trial of the luminary.

Let’s not forget about the Character Builder and the power it provides; you should have more than enough points saved up so you can get yourself a good skill or two and trust me, it will make all the difference.


Dragon Quest XI Luminary Trial is the toughest of the 3 trials, but clearing the Trial of the Disciple and the Sage’s Trial will put you on the fast track to accessing it.

Creating the Supreme Sword of Light more or less make a difference but it can be helpful and handy if you’re looking to turn the Luminary into a “doctor” so to speak.

Armor Sets are recommended especially with the above mentioned characters and Hendrik’s General Outfit is enough to get him through until he get the rest of his Drustan’s Set. Powerful weapons are more or less needed to complete the trial of the luminary but they are helpful in accomplishing said task.

Also, don’t hesitate to spend almost everything if you’re going for broke at Derk’s because the weapons he sells are of the finest and deadliest quality. If you have any questions at all about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If you made the FOOLISH mistake of restoring Cobblestone to its original form before attempting the 3 trials; you’ll no doubt end up with Noah’s Archive which gives you a round number of how many treasures there are in the area. Use this to find every treasure in all 3 trials.

Also, Queen Marina’s little trinket, the Sea Queen’s Conch is a great tool for finding and helping people in need which I believe will come in handy if you’ve gone through every town, helped everybody but feel like you’ve missed someone.



  1. free4lifefree4life

    Good content and very informative, but this isn’t my choice of games. I know a couple guys who would love this post and I will be sure to turn it on to them. There is a lot of good details and things that need to be done, that is important to a gamer and I know that they will love it. If it were Elder Scrolls, then you would have gotten me hooked too. 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Free4life, its just as well. I’m glad you took the time to reach out to me, I’m very appreciative and please be sure to turn your friends onto my post because the more there are, the better. Off the record, Elder Scrolls wasn’t a bad game, none of them were, in fact if I was an Xbox guy instead of Playstation, I would’ve gotten it; you’ve got good taste in games.

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