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Published September 25, 2018

Dragon Quest XI has caused many gamers to draw the line between strength and strategy, a particular strategy that many gamers hold dear is level-grinding. I want to make something crystal clear, level grinding of any kind is both unwelcome and a complete waste of time.

Why, because all you’re really getting when you level grind is the satisfaction that you can run through the rest of the game without any kind of challenge or complication.

While that’s good for some, but it is simply something that I cannot do; too many of my Dragon Quest gallivants about town were ruined because I decided to level-grind then I ended up being overpowered when facing enemies who were doing no more than 70 points of damage to me and my people at a time.

Dragon Quest XI Leveling makes it so level-grinding isn’t necessary which isn’t hard to see if gamers paid attention to the obvious signs.

My goal here is to illustrate and emphasize the fact that several key things makes it so level grinding is as pointless as trying to fill a shallow grave with deadnauts not to mention an overall time-consuming practice that simply doesn’t need to be. Having said that, here’s strategy on Dragon Quest XI Leveling.

Is it unnecessary, yes

Is Dragon Quest XI Leveling necessary, yes; is level grinding unnecessary, yes. Why, there are tons of enemies roaming the plains to the regard that the experience gained when destroying the monsters is more than enough to carry you to the highest level in the game and then some especially after the world goes crazy after Dark One’s confidants invade.

Lv.99, this is doing too much!

I’ve seen the experience points that gamers are awarded after killing some of the monster running with the Dark One, it really tips the scales when it comes to gaining experience points and levels in order to stand a decent chance.

So my overall advice for this is go back to the basics, destroy enemies that are in your direct line of sight. The rationale; even if you’re not directly in your enemys’ rear view, it doesn’t mean that you’re not in theirs.

Personally, I’ve been playing RPGs since I was 15 years old and it always the same thing, level grind, get stronger, run over enemies and spend the next 3 levels with the same abilities and learning nothing new; its old folks!

Do yourself a favor, don’t get caught up in trying to be several levels stronger because I promise you, you’ll be okay before the end of the post game; trust me!

Following the one or two category skill path makes level grinding pointless

Naturally, you’re going to get skill points that will go toward teaching your people new skills and abilities which is a definite plus. Dragon Quest XI Leveling is all that is needed to obtain the skill points or the amount that you’re supposed to get to be able to stand against any threat.

This is THE key to beating the postgame content

Reminding you as well that as soon as you hit Lv. 30+, grinding will be unnecessary anyway as I previously stated in a previous post.

Another thing that I feel the problem is that gamers don’t take their skills and abilities in the game seriously because why else would you go to such lengths to level-grind.

Right now, I’m in Phnom Nonh, my party is between lv. 31-32 and I’ve mastered a good many abilities in separate categories and I didn’t have to level grind at all. If you’ve mastered a good many skills up to this point like Falcon Slash or at the least, Miracle Slash then you’re good until you learn the rest.

So the big thing here is this, stay true to the path of learning skills across one or two skill paths because that’s going to put you right on the margin of getting the last few good skills that you’re trying to get before you face the Dark One or when you’re facing Jasper after his betrayal.

Any level past 55 us good for end and post game “activities”; ex. Dragon Quest VIII final boss lv.43

Alright, another theory that I want to poke holes in is the fact that being over level 55 is nowhere near enough to get anywhere in the post game which is complete nonsense. Do you remember when you fought Rhapthorne at Lv. 43 in Dragon Quest VIII then you, albeit optionally, did the Dragovian Trials which boosted you up several levels because of the strong enemies.

This is NOT what I consider as a worst case scenario

Well, this is a similar situation. You can do all post game activities at Lv.55 but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to stay at Lv. 55; you’re going to go up several levels which, if we’re being honest here, is something that you should embrace because I can’t help but think about how boring post game stuff is when you find that there is no “worse case scenario” to prepare for.

Case in point!

Abuse your powers, everything

When you’re doing Dragon Quest XI leveling, you’ll want to do this; abuse your powers, everything and that includes the pep powers as well. As a gamer and from experience, you make the game harder than it has to be if you’re not using the tools at your disposal and not exactly taking the challenge factor seriously.

Just keep following this path, you’ll be fine

For example, I used to hold back Gigaslash and Gigagash after I learned them in DQ VIII. However, the dragon enemies in the Dragon Graveyard taught me a valuable lesson; if you don’t use your power and above all, your head, some THING else might.

Miracle Slash comes to mind as I make this point, it is a powerful sword technique that should be abused if you’re getting your butt handed to you; bosses are not immune to its effects.

When it comes to your pep powers, I would focus more on the power up aspect such as the ones that boost attack and defense power. If you look at this from a logical point of view, all level-grinding can be seen as raising the strength and power of your party which can easily be done via pep powers or offensive and defensive buffing.

The post game trials

Upon my research of several of the post game activities, I’ve come to notice that there are trials that surround certain aspects of the game and the trials have the toughest enemies in the world there which is a practically an icebreaker for you and your greatsword.

For example, if I was going to enter trial isle, I would take Hendrik, Serena, Jade and Erik then just switch them out based on their powers and abilities to counter the enemies’ attacks.

I’ve seen a good amount of levels being gained in the trials whether they are on trial isle itself or through some trial; it sorts reminds me of the Dragovian Path from DQ VIII and that was WAY harder than this; these trials.

Ultimately, I’m close to making it to the trials in which case I won’t grind because there’ll be no need for it. Here’s some advice, Hendrik and Hero are the keys to conquering the trials; I’ll let that sink in for a minute.


Dragon Quest XI Leveling is necessary in order to gain levels but level grinding is pointless because the game practically hands you everything that you’re supposed to have in order to beat the game with minimal difficulty like following the path of going down one or two skill categories as you’re making your way through the game.

Despite the protests of not level-grinding or the logic in it, lv.55 is more than enough “level” to get through the pre-post game then gain levels as you’re doing the postgame content.

Just remember to abuse your powers, and everything that you need to in order to survive. If you’re having any problems then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.



  1. Vik Vik

    Hi There,

    I really like the amount of detail you have gone into by explaining about why Dragon Quest XI Grinding is not necessary and emphasize the fact that everything that is needed to be successful in the game is available at your disposal.

    I agree with you that a game is no fun without a challenge.

    I wish you all the best 🙂


    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thank Vik, to this day I will not grind in an RPG because so many gamers sell themselves short by not trying to get through the game on their own merit. I’m in the post game right now and the challenge is extreme.

  2. Kenny Kenny

    I just want to play for the story and for fun. I like playing this game, but I feel it’s forcing you level up to 99. I’m at level 72 MC and having troubles fighting Abject Terror and Darkest Despair. They are OP af. Can’t I just enjoy the game? I’m tired of grinding. I like a little challenge, but this is too much!

    • First off, let me ask you; have you done all of the other sidequests? I ask because when I fought those guys, I didn’t grind; with all of the sidequests that I did, I was more than strong enough to take them down. But here’s what I’m going to do, here’s my video on that exact problem

      Alright here’s a small checklist to ensure that you beat those guys no sweat.

      First, save them for last! I can’t stress this; save them for the very last like right before you fight Calasmos. What this will do is to give you time to build up. Also, if you are roaming around in the Trial of the Luminary, which I assume you are, you’ll see some metal slimes; which brings me to my next point…

      Second, Jade; make sure that you have most of her claw skills along with her spear skills like Lightning Thrust or Lightning Strike because I used her on the Metal King Slimes and they fell like dominoes.

      Third, as you’re doing all of the sidequests including finding everyone’s ultimate outfits, forge the Super Sword of Light.

      Now, assuming you’ve done all of that, you’ll enter battle with them. Now, the worst thing you can do is kill one before killing the other. What you want to do is, kill them at the same time. How do you do that, weaken them both until they’re down to their last bit of life then kill one then the other because if you kill one of them without killing his partner after, one will just revive the other. So it’s important you weaken them before you kill them both. Again, check out my video, it’ll explain everything and if you have anymore problems then look me up.

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