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Published September 15, 2018

Dragon Quest XI has become one of the most revolutionary games since Dragon Quest VIII, and the one thing that all Dragon Quest games have in common is that there is always something to learn whether it is enemy patterns or different things about the environment. Playing Dragon Quest XI Edition of Light over the last few days that I have, I’ve begun to learn quite a few things that may or may not turn the tide with the gameplay.

An example of this “tide turn” is how there are sparkly spots all over the overworld and how saving up skill points can be more of an advantage than a disadvantage; it is sort of like my dark eco expenditure strategy in Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier, spend a little, get a little.

As I continued to play, I began to realize that there are other things in the game that did not seem important at first but eventually get prioritized as you progress like even though you’re focused on mastering one skill category, you can still hold onto the weapons that come with your characters because it is a nice perk to have if you need to change up your battle strategy. That said, here are other things to keep in mind when you play Dragon Quest XI Edition of Light.

Finding the Sparkly Spots is the key to extra forging material

As I was playing the game yesterday, I pulled up the map and came around the Sparkly Spots after fully analyzing the map or aspects of the map and I found an entire list of Sparkly Spots that you need to find within that region; I’m telling you this now, DO THIS! The rationale, you’ll come up with so many items like wakerobins, copper ore, iron ore even flintstone.

Seek the Sparkly Spots

Ultimately, these might not seem all that important at the present time but trust me, the items you find along with the forging material all play their part. Above all, Sparkly Spots exist in not just the overworld; they also appear in the dungeon areas and anywhere monsters are holding up so check that list and often!

You don’t have to fight every enemy, i.e. I fight enemies in my direct line of sight or if they run up on me

Another tactic you want to keep in mind that I’m sure you’ve no doubt noticed is the amount of enemies that are running amok in the overworld. While it might be ideal to destroy every enemy you see, it’s too much to do and too time-consuming. One particular strategy I find that works is that I always fight enemies that are in my direct line of sight which means that if I’m running to a Sparkly Spot and an enemy is right next to me, you better believe there’s going to be a rumble.

Fighting enemies that run up and pick a fight with you should also be put down; you don’t have to fight every enemy so bear that in mind. Just so you know, I’m a Lv. 14 and I just made it to Gallopolis; getting ready to enter the Sultanate; I grinded not!

Save up your SP to buy more than one cheap skill

One particular strategy I created was that I saved up my SP to buy more than one cheap skill within the same category; the reason I did this was so I can get two skills for the price of one which I think is worth working up to. Here’s why I say that. For several levels, you’ll get between 2-3 skill points and while you’re learning abilities and new skills, you’re doing so at an alarmingly slow rate.

Case in point

My rationale is that if you’re going to squarely focus on one skill category then I suggest saving up for more than one skill. The choice is yours on how you do this, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous as far as wanting to learn more than one cheap skill for that one category then save up your points; sometimes, it’s good to have more than one skill at your disposal.

Don’t underestimate hidden treasure

9 times out of 10 when you’re focusing on the Sparkly Spots, it becomes apparent that there are hidden treasure chests in the immediate area or in the distance and while it pays to be thorough, don’t underestimate hidden treasure or the concept of because you could be walking right past a treasure chest without even knowing it; I remember when I was in Manglegrove and I did exactly this.

So, don’t get so caught up looking for the Sparkly Spots that you forget about the hidden treasure chests in the area. One thing you can do is to find all the Sparkly Spots then get a horse and run around finding the hidden treasure chests; there’s a 96% chance that you’ll find one that you ran over and forgot or thought you got when you saw it.

It’s okay to keep more than one weapon on you even if you don’t
have any skill points invested in them yet

What I’ve gotten into the habit of doing is carrying around that extra weapon that comes with every new character that joins such as

Luminary – Sword, Greatsword

Erik – Dagger, Boomerang

Veronica – Whip, Staff

Serena – Spear, Harp

Jade – Claws, Spear

Rab – Wands, Claws

Make it a point to hold onto any and every secondary weapon that new character comes with because even though you’re not putting skill points into their secondary weapons yet; I still encourage you to do so because many secondary weapons really come through in a pinch.

For example, I had Erik use his boomerang to weaken the masses when I was in the Cryptic Crypt yesterday and I use the Luminary’s and Veronica’s Sizz spell on the enemies; I toppled gangs of enemies doing this so having that secondary weapon helps.

Don’t sell the secondary weapons by no means because I believe that you’ll do more harm than good to your party; trust me, like an umbrella in a thunderstorm, you’re going to need those secondary weapons. Unmoot point: DON’T SELL THE SECONDARY WEAPONS!

Serena and Veronica joining heralds new ways to learn skills

Serena and Veronica joining up have, I think, created a new way or for you to learn skills at a faster pace. If I were you, I would take full advantage of this because you won’t have to pick and choose which abilities to get now vs. later or which ones will and won’t give you an advantage in battle.

By learning multiple skills, it does become possible to learn skills over entire categories. However, keep in mind too that if you’re only focused on one category then just focus on that or you could venture out and learn multiple skills; again, it’s up to you.

Of course, if you do decide to learn multiple skills over different categories; weigh your options because I know I’ve thought about doing that so just weigh your options and be careful because the worst thing you could do is to hinder yourself and be kept from having all the good abilities before the endgame. I know the rectification option exists so you could exercise that if you’re wanting to explore that.


Dragon Quest XI has come to be known as a game that is not particularly hard to play or really get into as long as gamers make time to search for the sparkly spots whereever they are and that they do not have to fight every enemy they see; it’s better to fight the ones that are in their direct line of sight because who wants to stay in one area killing regenerating monsters.

Gamers should keep in mind too that it is okay to save up their SP (skill points) to buy more than one cheap skill while remembering to not to underestimate hidden treasure because it too is everywhere you don’t think it is.

Along with Serena and Veronica joining the crew; it is okay to keep their secondary weapons along with that of every future character that come with one because that secondary weapon will play its role as well.

I’m open to answering any questions that you might have or have about my post; leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Make it your life’s work to kill as many enemies as you can because there’s a 99% chance that monsters in the immediate area you’re in won’t bother you after gaining a few levels from beating them, but I also noticed that there are some that will walk right in front of you even though they know how strong you are. Be mindful of that

Unique circumstance





  1. Florence Ki Florence Ki

    Thanks for sharing. I don’t really play game but your article attract me. I didn’t know that even buying stuffs for game need some knowledge as well. My son is always buying “skin” for his CSGO game. And I don’t really understand why is he insisting to buy. Is it possible for you to write about CSGO too?

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      I can do a little research on the game and pick it a part; I just have one question, what is CSGO and what console is it for? 

      Thanks for reaching out and I’ll tell you something; buying stuff in games especially RPGs is what makes your character stronger. However, there are shortcuts to buy those things like if you get them made somehow then you can get a lot and spend a little. I’m playing Dragon Quest XI right now, it’s something I’m putting into practice.

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