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Published September 18, 2018

Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age is an expansive game with so much to do as many gamers well know and while treasure hunting on the overworld is more or less complicated given the actual places the treasure actually is; it can be just as hard to find treasure inside the various towns you visit. From experience, I make looking for treasure the first thing I do when I first go to any town.

However, do you ever run into the problem that when you visit a massive town like Heliodor or Gondolia or even Gallopolis you just feel overwhelmed and are like “where do I even begin looking for treasure?” I was feeling that way too but I’ll tell you that I have found a great way to turn the entire town on its head looking for treasure while keeping my head up, eyes right.

The solution lies with the in-town map; I found that it is the key to finding everything. I don’t mean it’ll point out where the treasure is per se, but looking at the map will show different squares/houses that you can go in to find the treasure.

I’ll discuss a great way to make any town’s map work with you along with finding other things; the goal here is to find all the in-town treasure using the map. So without further ado, here’s my take on in-town maps.

Divide the Town Up into Two

As you’re hanging around in town while playing Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age, you’ll no doubt notice how sizable most towns are along with the various houses; so what’s the first thing you do, divide the town up into two and pick a side to start on.

For example, I was just in Gallopolis and the town is massive; I divided the town up into two i.e. two sides then started my search for treasure inside the house on the left side first.

Then, after I was satisfied with my thorough search and I decided to move onto the right side. After I fleeced the right side of the town i.e. inside and outside the houses looking for treasure then I went on to do my objectives.

Ultimately, you want to always start on one side of the town searching and getting all the treasure because its easy to get lost in towns like Gallopolis and Heliodor while looking for treasure.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to search houses moving from one or two houses on the left then trying to do one or two on the right; this strategy i.e. dividing up the town only works if you start on one side first. In other words, don’t get ahead of yourself.

Find the church, questors and other pink bubblers

This sort of goes without saying when you play Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age, but using the map to find the church upon arrival in town is IMMENSELY advised and there are three reasons why I say that.

The first, saving upon getting into town which will ultimately save your progress and your place before you start your in-town treasure hunt. The second, so you know where the church is so you can save if you’re facing bad weather conditions i.e. power outage.

Case in point, check the map

Finally, you can keep your place after you’ve completed a quest given to you by questors who you’ll be able to identify easily; the “pink bubblers” are not as important to keep tabs on in some towns but it is still a good idea to mind their presence and where they are on the map because some of them hang out in select parts of town that might or might not be as important.

The biggest thing I had to ever worry about was trying to find the questors i.e. those with sidequests and as silly as this sounds, I wasn’t always paying attention to where the questors and the pink bubblers were in town so I definitely confused the two in the parts of town they were in. Unmoot point: mind your map at all times.

Pay very close attention and don’t waste time

Another problem that I know many gamers can run into while searching for treasure inside towns in Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age is the concept of second guessing; I’ve done this so many times.

My advice here is if you’re second guessing yourself about which side of the town you started on to gather the various treasures then go inside the first house you see, if you search that entire house and don’t find anything then its safe to assume that you’ve been there before.

That’s the problem with towns and there being so many establishments and houses in them because you can waste time trying to remember where you are or where you were not to mention how long ago. So, make sure you’re paying attention because the worse thing you can do is to waste time going inside the same houses again and again.

The Downside of In-town Maps

Ah yes, as there is always good; there is always bad. The downside of in-town maps in Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age is that it doesn’t point out where the various hidden treasure chests are in town.

For example; there are treasure chests behind the various houses in town, but how would you know that unless you look. In a small way, I can see why the creators behind the game wanted it this way so as to make the gamer do the work which I respect.

See, there’s no symbol that pointed you to that chest

However, I can’t even begin to imagine there being a recipe inside of a treasure chest in town and it could be the key to saving money on weaponry via using the fun size forge and you just couldn’t find it or didn’t see it because it was out of sight or out of your direct line of sight.

Incidentally, in-town maps don’t tell you where treasure chests are which kind of sucks but again, I understand why; I just think the map should’ve been made to point out the location of the treasure chests.


Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age is a great game with more than enough in game features to keep one asking for more, but the various towns in the game can make finding treasure a bit of a hardship.

However, in-town maps in the game can make finding treasure a breeze as long as gamers divide the town up into two and start on that side of the town. Finding treasure isn’t the town map’s only use; it can be used to find questors along with the church or even pink bubblers.

Utilize your in-town map so as to not waste time with trying to find treasure you have already gotten and making sure to pay attention while you’re in that specific town. The reason, it is easy to become lost when you think you were somewhere you weren’t.

The downside of maps is that they don’t point out the direction of the various treasure chests in town which is more or less okay if you’re searching for a specific recipe or item.

I’m open to questions and comments of every kind, so don’t be afraid to send me either one; I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

When you get to Gondolia, go right to the church and save; the church is located inside a red building not far from the salesman whose selling a cat suit for 10k. The map is of little help trying to find the church.





  1. DarrenDarren

    I’ve been trying to find material on dragon quest as it has been recommended to me to start playing.

    I’m galas I came across this post as it gives me a little more insight into the game.

    You say that you make looking for treasure the first thing you do. How hard is it to find? 

    Is one town easier than the other to find treasure or are they all similar ? 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Darren, treasure to find in the game isn’t particularly tough to find, but it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack if you don’t divide and conquer the houses in town. Each town in Dragon Quest XI is equally big even the sunken city of Nautica; there’s treasure down there as well. 

      I have tons of material on Dragon Quest XI on my website; please, go there and indulge yourself in the knowledge of the game because the game is massive and you’ll thank yourself later.

  2. Snap BriskSnap Brisk


    I am so glad to find this post. I think this is something I’m looking for. I love searching for the treasures, this game has so many features. It will be challenging as you have mentioned because of buildings/houses and possible time wasting… I have to try this game, btw where can I buy it online?


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      I have it available on my website on Dragon Quest XI posts on my website; trust me, buy the game because you’re going to have a blast not to mention that it is content heavy to keep you interested for the whole game. Here’s the link if you’re looking to buy


  3. QuinnQuinn

    Thank you again for this wonderful Dragon Quest post I really like the way you described what goes on in the game and gives information on how Dragon Quest works.

    This was a good article I really appreciate how you laid out information for us to get more acquainted all time favorite game. 

    Thank you again I really appreciate this wonderful post

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      No problem Quinn, glad I could help. Sometimes visiting a new town can be overwhelming; now it doesn’t have to be.

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