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Published September 27, 2018

Cool prizes won with tokens are easily the best reason to go to a Dragon Quest XI Casino. Although there has only been one casino in the past that has delivered tokens, a way to win those tokens, and the prizes of your choosing; Dragon Quest XI has brought before us two casinos, one in Puerto Valor and the other that’ll open up in Octagonia later on.

Now, Puerto Valor’s casino is introduced early on so as to get a recipe that’ll help you complete the sidequest in which it is needed, but the problem is that Puerto Valor’s casino has no Roulette table in which to win tokens.

The bigger problem I have with this, and I speak for all the gamers that feel this way, the Roulette table should’ve been in the Puerto Valor casino because it would’ve helped gamers get everything in the casino quickly and early.

Despite this little minor lapse in judgment, it is without question that the carryover is the biggest thing; being able to take the tokens you win from one casino and use them at another is just awesome. I know some gamers have crafted “cheats” in order get the maximum amount of tokens from the slime slot machine; I’m not going through all of that, it’s a monumental waste of my time.

I will discuss the top 5 reasons why I believe you should wait until the Octagonia casino opens instead of trying to get everything at the casino in Puerto Valor despite having a cheat sheet to the slime slots.

Reason #1, Roulette

I about fell over when I first heard that the Roulette table made a return in Dragon Quest XI; Roulette is the ultimate winner of tokens and it is worth the time you invest in winning them because the tokens will allow you to get your hands on some powerful gear.

I mean, you can waste your time trying to get all the slime slots to line up and get that ultimate jackpot but for those who like taking their time to win, roulette is the go to game.

The only reason to play in ANY casino

Make no mistake, Puerto Valor’s casino does have some nice stuff to win, but so does Octagonia’s Casino before and after the monster invasion house cleaning. One particular strategy that I use when I play roulette, I pick at least 3 numbers. One on the left side, one in the middle, and one on the right. Now, there’s a 1650 to 1 odds that one of those numbers are going to get chosen.

I do this to challenge myself instead of spending all of my tokens on just betting on the middle numbers or numbers on a “between path” on the board. If you plan on doing the Dragon Quest XI Casino then wait until you can access the Roulette table in Octagonia.

Reason #2, Puerto Valor’s Slime slots suck!

When I first got the idea to at least try the Dragon Quest XI Casino along with the games, I was in Puerto Valor and I tried the slime slots and they suck; the payout isn’t worth it by no means and I find it hard to believe that gamers out there have made a fortune from playing the slime slots. The Slime Slot machines are the most annoyance and unpredictable inconveniences in the entire casino.

This is NOT worth it by no means

I thought to myself over and over, “I don’t want to win this badly or get the token prizes that badly; gamers who broke the slime slot machines were doing too much”. I just walked away, I tried it thrice and I got nothing but a bad mental headache, bankrupt and nothing to show for it. My advice to you who are debating the possibility of doing the Slime Slot machines, DON’T!!!

Reason #3, No other game in the casino is worth it

Another thing I discovered when I was playing in the Dragon Quest XI Casino, the one in Puerto Valor, I made the discovery that there are other games in there as well such as 1 and 100 token poker which is a rip-off in so many ways; I can’t even count on one hand how many hands I lost in that game. But I’ll say this, no other game in the casino is worth it or will get you the kind of tokens Roulette can.


Honestly, I wouldn’t even bother with any of the games in the casino until your 2nd visit to Octagonia; Roulette is worth the wait and if we’re being honest, most of the equipment that you get in Puerto Valor with your tokens will be far weaker by the time you strike gold in Octagonia’s casino.

What I love about Roulette is that it is just random; yeah that makes it unpredictable and a little frustrating but you appreciate that when you hit it big which you do if you have at least 3-5 chosen numbers at the maximum bet; I still love playing Roulette in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

Reason #4, the Fastest way to get anything

Now, every gamer that has ever played an RPG game with a casino knows that winning Roulette is the fastest way to get anything even in the Dragon Quest XI Casino; this is hardly surprising because if you take every token that you have and put it on all the numbers; you’re still going to end up lucky and above all, winning.

An even bigger reason to play Roulette

I get that some gamers strive to get some of the powerful gear in the early game when you first arrived at Puerto Valor, but I can’t help but think that the time you’re spending doing that could be better spent playing through the rest of the game and using the fun-size forge to get powerful stuff.

Overall, Roulette is the key to your every token reward desire because of Roulette’s limitless ways to win and if we’re being honest, playing Roulette is just the smartest way to go about getting anything within the casino; sure, it’s not a competition but my recommendation for Roulette is absolute and so is my suggestion to wait for it.

Reason #5, Carryover

Who doesn’t love this; being able to carryover the tokens that you win in Octagonia over to the casino in Puerto Valor and get the token rewards/items if for nothing else to rework and improve inside of the F.S.F. (Fun Size Forge). I remember when you could do this in Dragon Quest VIII, and I love how they brought it back when you play in a Dragon Quest XI Casino.

Don’t let this sway you!

Another thing I love that’s pretty nice about the carryover is that you don’t have to work as hard to get the tokens you need for a particular item. For example, say you wanted to win 100,000 tokens for a weapon.

Win those tokens at Octagonia Roulette then go back to Puerto Valor and buy said weapon. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to work harder than you have to in order to get whatever you need. Think about it!


Dragon Quest XI Casino is like a two-way street; there’s a casino down both sides of the street but only one of them will truly send you home a winner. Incidentally, waiting to play Roulette when you return to Octagonia is a better course of action rather than to waste time with the Slime Slot machines which suck and pile that on top of the fact that no other game in the casino is worth it by a longshot.

Roulette is the fastest way to get anything and thanks to the token carryover; you can do that again and again. The days of spamming and grinding for money to break the slime slots are at an end (not that I did it in the first place). If you have any questions regarding my post then please leave me message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute

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  1. Jag Jag

    My son is a gamer and would definitely understand this lot more than me. Although mind I’ve played a few games in the past. I remember when my son used to go and get cheats for his game, to me it was like what is the use if you are going to find an easier way to that.

    The whole purpose of the game is to see how well you can play, or will you just quit and leave. I guess I can see what you are saying, it would much easier for a player to get it all at one go.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Yes Jag, you’re absolutely right. I’ve had to use cheats in games in the past but after I got into Super Nintendo and its games, I noticed that there was no reason to use cheats even if they were out there for the usage at the time. I’ll tell you something else, Dragon Quest XI has its own share of cheats but I don’t use them because I believe in playing the game as it is. 

      • Profchaos Profchaos

        Unless I am just not getting roulette (what a drag…),you are utterly wrong as I see it. 100-token poker is by far the best way to get rich, thx to double or nothing! Went from 100 Tokens to 500,000 in about four hours…

        • Perhaps, but I made my fortune with Roulette. Slots took too long and poker was flat out exhausting so if you found a way then congrats but otherwise I just stuck to Roulette; I didn’t even know there was a poker table but I wasn’t concerned about that just the roulette wheel.

  2. jp jp

    i did the first casino but i just had a turbo controller and left the slots running overnight. woke up to 1.5m tokens and got the stuff then. i wouldn’t interrupt your game but if you have a turbo controler or a auto clicker on steam it isn’t a bad thing to when you finish for the night set up the slot machine before going to bed

    • Awesome tip bro, I’ll remember that the next time I play the game; I’ve beaten already but I’ll replay the game in the future. Thanks for the tip.

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