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Published September 20, 2018

I’ve been playing Dragon Quest XI ever since it’s been out and I’ve arrived at a point in the game where you’re starting to get a little more skill points per level up, it’s a good thing and welcomed from the 2-3 that you’ve been getting. However, I’ve been saving up skill points since I left Gallopolis and recruited Sylvando; I’ve managed to get a good amount of skill points before touching down in Octagonia which is where I am in the game at present.

After spending all of my skill points at the Campsite in Dundrasil Region; I noticed that I was able to learn a lot of skills for all of my people. Doing this I’ve actually made a decent dent on each of my characters’ paths on their part of the skill grid. So, I raised the question in Dragon Quest XI can you get all skills; possibly.

The problem, most gamers who are playing this game believe that concentrating on one skill category is the way to go and for all intents and purposes, it is. Incidentally, I was experimenting and came up with a solution; while I think it is a great way to handle the skill point expenditure, it is still up to the gamer. Without further ado, my opinion and strategy for the character builder.

Saving up SP (Skill Points)

This is the route that many of us gamers are taking because it is believed that it’ll get us to the skills and abilities that we want and that’ll make us mighty – mighty. However, there is an up and downside to saving up your skill points. The upside to saving is that you’ll eventually accumulate enough skill points to, if you decide to go this route, get abilities over many skill categories which is your prerogative.

All of my accumulated skill points

The downside to saving up your skill points is that some of the abilities that you’re saving up for might not be as useful as they otherwise would be if you had bought them earlier on. For example, I just put some points in my Luminary skill category and learned Zap for a measly 8 SP. Do I think it was worth it; you bet I do. Also, I got other skill as well.

Plus, another downside to saving up your SP is that you could be saving yourself up out of some good abilities like the Greatswords’ Cutting Edge ability which is boss as hell. Definitely a nice change up from always abusing Flame Slash. My advice if you are going to save up then save up to buy at least two abilities over one category or two.

Take your time and make your choice!

For example, you can put so many points into Veronica’s Vim skill category and learn an ability then taking the other points and put them into her Wand skill category. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you go about this but if you want my strategic advice; save up your skill points for a couple of good skills that you can use.

Is it ideal to spend right away, yes and no.

I was thinking about this very question when I first got 4 skill points upon becoming a Lv.21 and thought “I’m ready to spend my points now” Personally, spending points as soon as you get them would only be ideal if you’ve unlocked every skill category before putting hands on the ultimate categories like Swordmastery, Showmanship, Guile etc.

I believe that, no, it isn’t ideal to spend your points right away because even if the ability you want is a little expensive (10-12 points) it’ll be worth getting if you can down groups of enemies quickly which is strategically smart. My advice here, exercise your own judgment; video games are meant to be entertaining by our own hand, experimentation and thought.

Getting more than a few skills over different categories is a game changer

Focusing on one skill category is a great strategy, I’d even go so far as to say that it is a necessary evil in order to accumulate some skill points to get better skills. However, my opinion on this is that getting different skills or a few skills over different categories, I feel, practically sets you up to get the really good ones later on.

For example, getting Dragon Slash will open the door to Metal Slash then take some of those points and invest in Critical Hit Chance when Wielding 2% with Greatswords which will go great towards trying to topple a tough enemy or a boss in just order.

What I did with the Hero is that I bought all of his cheap skills in the Greatsword and Luminary department and I did the same with every character.

Despite being told to concentrate on one section of the skill grid, I think getting skills over different skill categories can give a sizable advantage as opposed to saving up for the really good points when you’re going to start getting a skill point gain increase (5+) a little after you hit Lv.30; I’m just saying.

Get the skills you want

While I was experimenting with the skill grid, I found that I could skip some abilities in favor of others; an example of this is the Dragon and Metal Slash abilities being open on the skill grid at present.

I sort of almost went with Metal Slash because I’ve been encountering a lot of Metal Slimes in different areas and it is a great ability to have. Then again, I almost went with Dragon Slash so as to have an effective weapon against the roaming green dragons that are hanging around the Dundrasil City/Castle Ruins.

Ultimately, get the skills you want; just because you see a few abilities that are available in a “straight line” doesn’t mean that you have to “bore” yourself by getting them. The skill grid, in my opinion, was designed by gamers, for gamers to develop their characters however they see fit.

Personally, the one size fits all formula is BULLSHIT! I say that because whether you plan on doing the post game stuff or grinding to level 99 (which I won’t), you’re going to end up with skills you want and don’t want. So, instead of putting yourself through that then just get the skills you want.

You can always use Rectification, but why would you want to?

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of (hoo-ha) about using Rectification to “undo” your travels around the skill grid; my advice for this or on this, don’t!

And plus, why would you even want to go that route especially if you’re going to level grind to Lv. 99; where is the sense in using Rectification to get your skill points “refunded” – for lack of a better term -, so you can put them toward other skills that’ll lead you to the ultimate skills quickly.

I will not be using the Rectification, period!

Personally, I don’t EVER plan on doing this because despite the fact that I broke taboo and divvied up my skill points across various categories on the grid, I’m staying the course.

The rationale, I believe that I’ll get to those ultimate powers whether I level grind (which I won’t), kill every enemy that crosses my path (What I do already) or use the various Skill Seeds that came with the game along with the ones I find in-game to get to those powers (What I plan on doing after Jade and Rab joins).

There is no reason to rush anything to get anything in the game because at the end of the day, your game playing strategies and how you approach getting the various skills on the skill grid will determine what you end up with by the endgame and beyond; I plan to take my time getting there.

You didn’t see jack; success is a journey not a destination, tape two damn it! ~ Early Cuyler to Rusty on the episode Condition Demolition: Episode 3-9.

I remind myself of that very same adage every single time I get on the skill grid so again, don’t rush because you’ll end up with the ultimate powers before or after the endgame thereby making the rectification option unnecessary.


To wrap up, the character builder and the skill grid can be a little overwhelming especially since you’re trying to spend your skill points wisely so it’ll lead to a massive amount of great skills later on.

However, keep in mind too that saving up skill points is ideal if you’re looking to spend some of those points on getting a few good skills now. While it may be ideal to spend your skill points right away, it is better to hold off until you’re able to get more skills over different categories.

Gamers can completely change up the game by getting a few skills over different categories which might seem like its not a good idea but it is based on the gamers’ play style.

Obviously, doing this will get you the skills that you want so going in a specific order doesn’t really seem necessary. Rectification is always available at the goddess statue and the church but there’ll be no need to exercise that option if you’re wanting to play your game your way.

I’m open to questions and comments so if you have either then please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

When it comes to the skill points and learning skills from the skill grid, do it however you want to; there’s no one size fits all formula for acquiring the skills on the board so don’t worry about making a mistake.

I was too once upon a time but I assure you that I’m better for it because following everyone’s example isn’t going to get you on that path any faster so experiment and draw your own conclusions.

Make your own decisions; game your way!


  1. QuinnQuinn

    this was a great review on Dragon Quest.

    I have been a long fan of Dragon Quest and this is by far one of the most dramatic reviews I have seen in a long time I really appreciate how you put this game in perspective with its audience. I can’t say enough for how you gave information that was vital to knowing how this game works. 

    What is great article I appreciate it

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Thanks Quinn, I live to help people with the info I have at my disposal and if we’re being honest, I think a lot of what I have on the game is going to really help you and anyone whether you’re starting out or on the brink of finishing the game.


    I’ve not started playing Dragon Quest, but I’m curious,have you been able to complete the game? And how long will it take? It seems you’ve been playing the game for a long time, and it seems you are not done yet. Is Octagonia the last phase of the game?

    I’m getting acquainted with these games, so that by the time I integrate it as my favorite past time, I wouldn’t have so much to learn.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey NSOH, I’m at the post game right now; I’ve been taking a little break from the game. Octagonia is not the phase of the game; destroying Calasmos is and that takes place at his home star in the sky. The game is over 100 hours long and the post game is at least another 50 hours; if you’re lucky. Enjoy the ride though because it is worth it.

  3. Jennifer DavidJennifer David


    Wow I can feel you passion through the screen, I can see that you really love what you do.

    This is a very informative, useful and helpful tips that you are giving to gamers for Dragon Quest IX.  I like that you have given the pros and cons the ups and down side to playing a certain way and how to progress through the game.

    I will be sharing this article with a few gaming communities that I know will appreciate this information, so thank you for sharing you experiences.


    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Jennifer, thanks for sharing my post, the more people that see it, the better; I love being able to share my knowledge of the game with people that I know might or is playing the game at present; there’s no part of the game that I don’t know. I’m currently in the post game and the challenges are real, I mean the challenge just to get to Trial Isle alone is no less real. I love games that keep me entertained because I know I can share that knowledge people.

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