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Published December 22, 2018

When a gamer or any gamer hear Dragon Quest Monsters, it goes without saying that the games are going to pop into that gamers’ mind. Dragon Quest Monsters consists of monsters that are many and mighty, but today there are more than one way to deal with them versus when they were first encountered in the games.

Among which are the mighty giants, the Cyclopses and the Brickman along with the Trolls which are the toughest to destroy. The mechanical monsters are mighty in their own right and can easily complicate a battle if you let them live long enough. Some enemies are just not that big of a threat no matter how long they live like the Hammerhood enemies in their variants.

However, when a gamer is face to face with Dragon Quest Monsters, it is important to know what to do and how to go about destroying those monsters that might give you more trouble than they’re actually worth especially in Dragon Quest games VIII & XI.

In this post, I’ll provide strategies on destroying certain kinds of enemies such as Organic, Mechanical and the like. I’ll also discuss when it is ideal to take these monsters on and why you should take certain precautions when you battle them. I’ll concentrate on the Dragon Quest Monsters over Dragon Quest VIII and XI.

Organic Monsters

Monsters of the organic nature are monsters that are made of flesh and not so much blood; these monsters can come in the form of small and big monsters. In Dragon Quest VIII, you’ll cross swords with enemies that are roaming the plains such as the Infamous Monsters.

For example, if you take the western exit out of Farebury and wander around in the Farebury region, you’ll see a green dragon running around; Hackzilla is what the monster is called. Most organic monsters can be taken down with simple attacks whether they’re physical or magical.

In Dragon Quest XI, you’ll see many organic monsters on the map like Slimes and the like running around the overworld to take out as you please. Don’t expect too much resistance from many of the organic monster family.

The reason, they’re not that tough and will remain weak as long as you have the right moves and don’t wander too far into the game especially in areas you have no business.

There are no Infamous Monster in Dragon Quest XI but there are in VIII and taking them out as soon as you’re able but some should wait until after you’ve gotten Angelo. Although you can take on Hackzilla in the Farebury region right now, its best to wait until after you get Angelo.

Mechanical/Metal Monsters

Mechanical Monsters are among some of the toughest in the game because it takes a little more effort to destroy them, but once they’re down then you only have to worry about the rest of their party. In Dragon Quest VIII, there are some mechanical monsters like the Clockwork Cuckoo that have to be taken down hard and early.

These are the types of monsters that will more than likely explode after they’ve been on the field for a while and after you’ve done more than enough damage to them. Yangus’ Helm Splitter is key to shutting these guys down.

When you go up against the Metal Slime Family including the Liquid Metal Slimes; they have to be dealt with right away before they scurry off. Dragon Quest XI will pit you against metal and mechanical monsters, you’ll have your Metal Slash which should be used for all mechanical enemies along with Jade’s Lightning Thrust.

Don’t forget too that metal and lightning magic don’t mix so if you feel like you’re having trouble landing a hit then you can always use magic against metal monsters but lightning magic won’t work on metal slimes and their variants.


Ah, the Giants; the Cyclopes, the Trolls, the Statues of Stone along with the Brickmen enemies. These are enemies you have to take down with extreme prejudice, and I mean that in every literal sense of the phrase.

The Infamous Monster, Brickman can be found running around the Maella Region in Dragon Quest VIII and he’s available for you to take him on when you encounter him but you’d best wait until you have Angelo. The Cyclopes and Trolls, you’ll encounter them later in the game.

Dragon Quest XI has you going toe to toe with the same said monsters except there are a few more added to the mix such as serpents and dragons which you don’t encounter until the middle of the game. The common denominator with both sets of enemies is that your hardest hitting attack are going to be needed to destroy them.

If they’re the only one in a group of enemies then take them out first so as to weaken their collective not to mention the heavy hitter in the group.

Attacks like Parallax, Gigaslash, Gigagash, Twin Dragon Lash, Lightning Storm should be used to end these guys only because the more HP they have, the harder it’ll be to take them down if the battle drags on.

Undead and Demon enemies

As you well know, undead and demon enemies are everywhere across the Dragon Quest universe. Many of these enemies you’ll encounter about the middle or towards the final part of the game. Dragon Quest VIII turns you onto demon enemies in the Farebury Region.

Most undead and demon enemies can be dealt with using regular attacks or attacks that hit a little harder than your average like using a skill or an ability to destroy them. Elemental enemies are usually better off being fought with magic; material monsters like the Marionettes can be taken out with a combo of magic and physical attacks.

Keep an eye on the demon riders in the Argonia region; they have a double attack that hurts like hell if it connects. The aforementioned enemies types are not exactly deadly as they are pesky and annoying. Dragon Quest XI gives you a chance to mix and match your attacks along with combining them to take down these overly annoying threats.


Dragon Quest Monsters are of a tough variety but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be completely powerless against them; Dragon Quest VIII and XI turn you onto many of these enemies. However, regular attacks are good to use against organic monsters.

Mechanical monsters will make you come out of your bag and use attacks that hit hard but don’t cost a lot of MP to use like using Hatchet Man on the Liquid Metal Slimes along with their Metal King Slime variants. When you take on the Giant class, remember to use your more serious attacks

Undead, elemental, demon, material monsters can be dealt with using a combo of magic and physical attacks. Keep this in mind always and you’ll never have an issue with any monsters you come across. If you have any questions about my post, don’t hesitate to send me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


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