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Published January 8, 2019

The Dragon Quest games is and has always been among the most memorable games to ever grace a gaming community and it goes without saying that there are more than a few gamers who have their fair share of the Dragon Quest games; myself included. Dragon Quest VIII really put the name dragon quest on the map and that didn’t stop when IX came out shortly after.

However, Dragon Quest 11, the dragon quest marvel that scored a 10/10 (in my opinion), brought with it spectacular gameplay elements such as weapon handling action along with combo attacks, challenging puzzle elements, the awesome level building system.

Also, the post game stuff was way above average that really made the gameplay pop. If we’re being honest, Dragon Quest 11 is the best Dragon Quest game to ever come out on a game system. There are not many Dragon Quest games that are worthy of the name, but you can definitely bet that Dragon Quest XI earned it which prompted me to do this Dragon Quest 11 PS4 Review.

In this review, I’ll cover everything from gameplay elements to the character building system along with other elements that made the game really shine. So having said that, here is my Dragon Quest 11 PS4 Review.

Story – 10/10

The story of Dragon Quest 11 centers around a young man who turns out to be the reincarnation of the Luminary, a character of virtue who been tasked with the destiny of destroying the ultimate evil, Calasmos as his ancestor did before him. Along the way, he meet several friends and like-minded companions who will aid him in his battles not to mention be there for him during his other hardships.

I fell in love with the story because it told a very riveting tale of how a man who was Dundrasilian royalty, raised by commoners in a village faraway where he met his future wife for one. Second, I loved how there was never a hole or a gap in the story line even after destroying Mordegon and before starting the second half of the game.

Dragon Quest 11’s incredible story will keep you on the edge of your seat; you’ll be dying to know what happens after the Luminary faces Mordegon for the first time at Yggdrasil to how he finds out about his ultimate destiny, and about the great power that sleeps within him. You’ll swear you just sat through an opera but it is worth it in every way, shape and form.

Puzzle Elements – 9/10

The puzzle elements in the game was where you would truly be tested, it’s one thing to be trying to find your way out of “an almost” labyrinth like during the Russian Connection back in ’69 on Timesplitters 3: Future Perfect but it is another to use certain “environmental bodies” to get around the environment.

For example, using “sparkling” monsters, after you destroy them in battle, will allow you to ride them so as to use them to get treasure chests in out-of-the-way places via high jump or using monsters to climb out of holes via monster imprints on the wall. Some of the puzzles in the game were far from hard but some were not as easy as they appeared.

Mt. Huji comes to mind, you’ll get to a point where you’ll need to don a Face Invader and use his strength to bust through the boulders in the volcano so you can get to the end and solve the mystery of Miko’s son, Ryu; more importantly, using your enemys’ strength to move freely about the environment.

I lived for puzzles like this because the enemy I needed was never that far away so I didn’t have to half kill myself trying to find a sparkling face invader. Overall, the puzzle elements in the game were great and brought certain other aspects of the game together.

Leveling system/Character builder – 10/10

The leveling system in the game wasn’t that unique to the game; beat your enemies and gain levels, destroy your enemies before they destroy you or any member of your team. Simple. However, upon gaining a level you were given skill points which were to be used toward your character builder, a chart consisting of moves and abilities for the Luminary & Co.

The character builder was one of the greatest inventions of the game, it cannot be argued that concentrating on just two skill sets was completely out of the question; for me it was. You are given a choice of what to do with your skill points when you get them so you’re not just expected to concentrate on one skill set to get the maximum amount of moves.

You really got to create the character you wanted when it came to the character builder and that’s freedom you could not put a price on; talk about real independence! My advice, create the character you want; if you want Veronica to be a whip master and a magician then go for it, it doesn’t say not to!

Post game stuff – 8/10

There are a lot of post game stuff to do which made the game inherently longer; the trek into the Lost Land for one. Second, finding your teammates after you time travel to the past. Let’s not forget Drustan’s Labyrinth which lead to 3 trials, Trial of the Sage, the Disciple’s trial and Trial of the Luminary; the last one being the toughest of all.

One thing about the post game I particularly loved was how in every town there was always a problem to solve; everyone from the nobility to the common people. There was never a dull moment and the post game did not disappoint or fall short of the word “elongated”.

A particular thing about the post game that I didn’t like was the fact that Angri-La’s hardest trial took a long time and Master Pang kept summoning monsters if you didn’t get rid of her first group quick enough, I left that alone entirely because it was too frustrating.

The Havens Above area become very important in the post game which is good for the Luminary, and every character in the game got their own “ultimate outfit” like Hendrik’s Drustan’s outfit which is like the best in the entire game.


In the Dragon Quest 11 PS4 Review I have emphasized and outlined aspects of the game that has made it a very great pickup and addition to the PS4 family, the awesome story, the puzzle elements in the game that were a little challenging at times, the leveling system as well as the character builder completely made the game as great as it is.

Finally, the post game aspect of Dragon Quest 11 is what I feel made the game shine because if you remember Dragon Quest VIII’s post game, it was a little flat and overwhelmingly difficult with the dragovian path leading to the dragovian village and ultimately the dragovian trials.

The path thru here was ridiculous!

If you have yet to get this game or just feeling hesitant because it is a Dragon Quest game, don’t hesitate; go out and buy this game today, you will not regret it; I didn’t! If you have any questions regarding my post then feel free to reach out to me and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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