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Published May 1, 2019

Any duelist brandishing a Dragon Deck are quite aware of how powerful the deck is and how to use them to complement the special abilities of other dragon monsters, it cannot be argued that Dragon Decks are among one of the first decks to ever be built because they are the most powerful.

In fact, if we’re being honest here, with a Dragon deck, you can summon Dragons, again and again until the end of the duel or until your opponent becomes completely defenseless against your Dragon monsters which most of them do; there are few monsters that can stand up to a Blue Eyes Shining Dragon.

I used to be the type of duelist that wanted to wait until I got a dragon number card before putting a dragon deck together, but really there’s no reason to wait so incidentally, waiting is not the best course of action.

Frightenedly, there are dragon fusion monsters that are just as easy to summon fast, quick and in a hurry as any regular dragon monster. Any duelist knows that a Dragon Deck means ultimate power which I’ll talk about in my post along with the necessity of a dragon deck, easily accessible dragons and my 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait until you get a dragon number. Having said that let’s get to the…….


So I’d like to talk about the necessity of having a Dragon Deck. Now, as many gamers and duelists may or may not know, Dragons monsters are naturally the go to monsters when they’re looking to deal damage or deal enough of it in a hurry so as to knock your opponent out of the duel.

Dragons are the ultimate in damage dealing punishment. One card I want to talk about in particular is the Red Eyes Black Dragon card and all of its variants.

The necessity to having this handy little card in your deck is it can be summoned using Red Eyes monster cards that its associated with including Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon which is easily one of the most powerful monsters in a dragon deck. Another reason to have a Dragon Deck is so you’ll always have that power when your opponent’s monsters get to be too much to handle.

Take Cyber Dragon, a Lv. 5 monster whose special ability allows it to be summoned without a sacrifice as long as your opponent has a monster on the field first (preferably a monster with attack points lower than that of Cyber Dragon’s 2100). You can quickly summon Cyber Twin Dragon using polymerization or the Light Hex Sealed Fusion monster card, Cyber Twin Dragon can attack twice in the same turn. So definitely worth having on any dragon team.

Reasons you shouldn’t wait

After building my own Dragon Deck in Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist, it made me realize 5 things, reasons that putting off building a Dragon Deck was completely unnecessary. One of my five reasons is that no matter how much time you spend in the card shop in the game buying cards from Kaiba, you’re going to come up with more than enough Dragon cards to make a decent deck.

I wanted to wait until after I got a Dragon Number Card like Number 46: Dragulon or even Number 62: Galaxy Eyes Prime Photon Dragon. But Reason #2, which is, there’s plenty of Dragons that’ll complement your dragon deck with their attack power and special abilities. Waiting is not an option, in fact, don’t make it one.

Reason 3, having the right cards to summon said dragon monsters. Everyone, I assume, is familiar with the cards of white or the sometimes annoying “White Stone of Legend” which get a Blue Eyes White Dragon card to your hands almost instantly.

Reason 4, Dragon monster cards can easily be used to destroy your opponents to net you more powerful cards and duel points to buy them.

My final reason why you shouldn’t wait to build a dragon deck until you get a dragon number card is because there are dragon monsters that you can summon in all kinds of way at the present time without waiting especially if you try to summon Cyber End Dragon.

Easily accessible Dragon monsters

One of the handiest things that I admire about building a Dragon Deck is that there’s always a way to summon a monster out of the starting gate. As I mentioned before, Cyber Twin Dragon; perfect example as long as you have the “ingredients”. Let’s not forget about Cyber Dragon by itself, if your opponent has a monster on the field already, you’re golden. The Blue Eyes White Dragon is a monster than can be taken from your deck and sent to your hand by way of the White Stone of Legend monster card.

There are even Level 4 Dragon Monsters that you can summon when right away if you have them in your deck which you should, the monsters in particular to which I’m referring is Darkflare Dragon and Eclipse Wyvern even White Dragon Wyverburster. The Dragon Deck is full of monsters that you don’t really need a lot to get them on the field especially if you’re looking to get a dragon on the field to defend your life points.

If you’re going to summon Blue Eyes White Dragon; great but I’d just use him as fodder to summon Blue Eyes Shining Dragon via Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. I say that because Blue Eyes Shining Dragon is far stronger than Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Dragon Deck = Ultimate Power

A Dragon Deck can consist of many dragons, some beginner level and some intermediate. Now, let’s talk about the real power behind the Dragon Deck; the dragons with power to deal damage so massive that your opponent bows out. One particular Dragon is Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon, one of my favorites. If it destroys a monster that’s lv. 5 and above then your opponent get dealt double damage. Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon is another one that you’ll need to have on you.

Though it is a Rank 4 monster, it is still powerful especially since it can use both of its overlay units to take half of your opponent’s monster’s life point and add it to its own. As you well know, the math adds up pretty quickly especially if the monster has 3000 atk points+.

Another dragon that I would probably put in my deck is Levia Dragon Daedalus, having an Umi card or my personal favorite, “A Legendary Ocean” spell card then you’re ready to unleash hell. Personally, I’d probably stick to dragon monsters with destructive special abilities; it’ll make unleashing them a lot more worthwhile.

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is a bit of a pain to summon but it is worth it once you get it on the field. Number 46: Dragulon and Number 62: Galaxy Eyes Prime Photon Dragon are worthwhile numbers to have in your deck because the former can summon dragon monsters whether its from your hands or your opponent’s graveyard.


A Dragon Deck is a power that no duelist should ever wait on or wait to create because it can lead to you getting your hands on other monsters, dragon monsters are easily the most on-the-ready monsters that you can ever outright summon like Darkflare Dragon, Cyber Dragon even Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon.

Dragon Decks are often seen as ultimate power because of cards like the above mentioned and others like Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon and even Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

So, what do you think of having a dragon deck, do you think its good, great, or a crutch for an easy win? Leave me a message with your response and I’ll respond to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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