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Published July 26, 2018

Many of us gamers play games that we feel don’t meet our expectations and for some of those games, we’re right; it’s not unusual that we gamers have high standards when it comes to our games. However, not every game we have or get is going to play the same as the one before it and that is the leading cause of what turns us off about certain games. For example, when I played Sparkster, I didn’t think much of it because it is not what Rocket Knight Adventures is, and the excitement in the game lacked.

I felt, at the time I first played Sparkster, that it was a game that I would avoid from then on. Some of us gamers have a tendency to judge a game too harshly and end up missing out on what could be a great game. I tried Sparkster, I mean I really sat down and played it for a few hours and it was not a bad game at all; it is so easy to say a game is terrible because it plays differently.

It is even easier to say a game sucks because of some aspects of it that we don’t like; an example of this is the stealth missions in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 which ultimately brings me to my question, do some games deserve a second chance, yes and no; here’s my pick of those games and why.

Aladdin – SNES

A big, fat no; this game does not deserve a second chance because there is so much to hate about the game and it definitely is the worst Aladdin game to ever exist. First, Aladdin has nothing in the game to defend himself outside of running and jumping to avoid his enemies. Second, if you’re going to be running up on a lot of enemies in the game then it only makes sense to give him a weapon not some apples as his only line of defense; throwing apples at enemies isn’t going to do much of anything.

This game deserves to be left on the shelf of time and left alone; it plays differently; yes but it leaves gamers trying to figure out what to do if they run out of apples if they’re not unlimited which I’m sort of under the impression that they are not. All in all, a game as horrible as this one should never have seen the light of day; gamers, if you’ve played this, I feel your pain.

Super Mario Bros Lost Levels

Oh hell yes; this game definitely deserves a second chance and every gamer should play and beat this game once because of all that it offers gamers. One, you get to choose who you want to play with either Mario or Luigi. Second, getting to World 9 is so easy; no warp zones. Third, the challenge factor rivals that of Super Mario Bros 3’s last few levels in the game i.e. level 6, 7 and 8.

I only made it to World 9 once, possibly twice and in all of that time I can say that the game challenged me to the fullest and I still wasn’t done after World 9; I still had to do Levels A, B, C and D. I always play as Luigi because his jumping height is way better than Mario’s and you’ll need that when you get to level 3 onward because you’re going to be making some crazy jumps.

My whole thing is this, if you’re going to play a Super Mario Bros game with oomph then it may as well be Super Mario Bros Lost Levels; the game alone is worth playing knowing that you don’t have to use Mario for this adventure.

Ghost Rider

This game got a bad review when it came out and it made me try to figure out why because after I saw some of the gameplay, I was hooked. This game deserves a second chance because there was no justified reasoning to back up the fact that it was a bad game. For one, Ghost Rider’s attacks and special moves are awesome; I mean, how can one not be impressed with Ghost Rider being able to make a fiery whirlwind out of midair.

Ghost Rider’s attacks and special moves are catered to taking down enemies of every sort, I want it to go on the record that the motorcycle stages are designed to help get a lot of souls in order to buy moves quickly; I was thoroughly impressed with how the stages and how there were enemies around every corner.

I never felt like I was at a loss for gaming action when I played it; the Plasma Shotgun move is one of my favorites. When I played the game, I abused that move and you wouldn’t believe how many boss monsters went down without much of a fight; I love this game, it’s definitely worth playing again and again.

Yugioh Millennium Duels

This game should be avoided at all costs; this game does NOT deserve a second chance because it is horrible on so many levels. First, there is no card store, period; this completely destroys any chance you think you might’ve had to get your hands on decent cards to destroy your competition. Second, the story mode or lack thereof leaves a lot to be desired. You can unlock a new character after you triumph over the previous but the mediocre cards in your possession does little to swing the duel your way.

You’ll get some “okay” cards after you lose but those are decent at best and barely good enough to get you through your next duel; pray it is not Solomon Moto or Bandit Keith. Overall, the game’s adequate gameplay and the lack of cards are a real turn off. There is no saving this game at all, and if you’re wanting the real Yugioh experience then don’t play this game because you will not only not get it, but you’re going to end up ultimately robbed of your time.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

When I first played this game, I was trying to 100% everything early on, I was trying to open all the pain boxes and get all the collectibles early on in the adventure and when I couldn’t, I got upset and gave the game a shitty review. I learned that there is a time and place for everything; no one gamer is meant to get everything early on in one go; it’s not meant to be that way.

This game should be given a second chance on account of the fact that it is a good game in its own right, you just have to be careful about fighting the same enemies over and over again; it can get monotonous and ultimately, a turn off but it is not a bad game.

The following is my advice on playing this game:

1. Enjoy it, don’t try to get everything until after you get the Demonic Wings; only then will you be able to make Drac a superpower.

2. Even though your Chaos and Void powers are used to heal you along with destroying your enemies; use them as you would your Shadow Whip. Simply, don’t just use the Shadow Whip on enemies; use your Void Sword and Chaos Gauntlets as well. The game only gets boring if you let it; read all the scrolls you come across, it is not a crime to get to know the Brotherhood knights that foolishly gave their lives for a pointless cause.

3. Make it your life’s work to stock up on dungeon keys; it’ll make your journey a lot easier.

4. Enemies can pop up infinitely if you enter their domain but don’t feel ashamed to leave the area and re-enter; there is such a thing as making Drac too power which will ultimately take away from the challenge factor. But, this is a double edge sword too because if Drac doesn’t have any way to heal himself or level the playing field he’ll die anyway so be mindful of that.


Video games are a great way to kill time and entertain us, but is it possible to make a rash judgment about a game along with jumping to conclusions about it; yes. I’m guilty of it as I’m sure other gamers are but the aforementioned games are the main ones that should and should not be given a second chance because some of them are worth playing and others are not.

Ultimately, don’t make any rash decisions about which games suck or not because there is always a chance that you’ll be wrong; a game may play differently but that doesn’t always mean that it will be terrible; in fact, sometimes it’s just the opposite.

What do you think about my post, do you think I’m right, a hypocrite who gave in or a gamer who made a big mistake; you decide. Either way leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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