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Published April 13, 2018

Gamers who have been playing video games, myself included, have grown accustomed to playing them a certain way or are expected to play them in accordance to how the game is more or less designed. For example, when playing any Star Wars game, gamers are expected to use the Force to own their enemies and wipe the field clean if that’s what it takes.

Get the big guy by himself and he’s cake!

No one, let alone the AI, expects the gamer to divide up the enemy forces by using the Force to kill the most dangerous of the droid army then using simple lightsaber skills and techniques to destroy the rest of the army while initiating evasive maneuvers. This is what I call “rocking the boat in video games”. This is the term I use to describe the use of strategies that is seen as unexpected or different.

An example of this is when you’re playing a Star Wars game and you see a Bacta Tank that’ll restore your health completely in the same area the boss is in. Destroying the boss before getting the Bacta Tank will keep you alive, it’s okay if you decide to get it when the boss is on its last legs of health (20-16%) However, there are other ways which you can and should rock the boat in video games, and they are these.

Buy moves only for the Spider-Man you’re using in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

I came up with this tip for two reasons. One, the enemies and the bosses in the game can get creative with their attacks; you owe it to yourself to do the same. To put a fine point on this, you’ll get to use 4 versions of Spiderman and in respective levels in which they are needed; it might seem like a good idea to buy moves for every single Spiderman because you want all of them to be as versatile as the standard Spiderman.

Case in point

But, if you buy moves for a specific Spiderman or whatever Spiderman you’re using, you’ll maximize your moveset and have more special moves to utilize in your battle with Electro’s cronies. Also, I found that you can maximize the damage you’re doing to your enemies. The second reason why I do this with my Spidermen in the game is to save spider essence on the more lethal moves; the special move that you buy can sometimes make all the difference even keep you alive.

Using your M/X-Buster to destroy the Robot/Reploid bosses instead of the weapon that weakens them

I developed this tip as more of a critical thinking exercise. Using the bosses’ weakness on them in the Mega Man games is easy and effective, but there were times when I would ask “what if I didn’t have the weakness of a particular boss, what do I do?” Practice, practice, and practice. For example, using the X-Buster on Storm Eagle in Mega Man X is a great way to end him if Flame Mammoth (whose weak to the former’s weapon), is giving you trouble.

Don’t be afraid to rock the boat in video games especially in the Mega Man games because the personal reward you gain is legendary, if you’re going to use the Mega Buster’s Charge Shot on Drill Man in Mega Man 4 then I suggest you slide around until Drill Man pops up then pop him; simple. This is if you don’t feel like fighting Dive Man for his weapon which would kill Drill Man easily.

It’s important as a gamer to be able to take different approaches or trying different things to train your mind and improve your gaming skill as a means to rise to the occasion if you don’t have a particular weapon or lack the means to wield said weapon.

Holding onto old weapons in Phantasy Star 4

This is something you should definitely do while you’re on Dezolis because many of the mechanical enemies in the Weapon Center and Climate Control Center do not respond to every weapon that Wren has. For example, the PulseVulcan that you find in the Climate Control Center is ideal to use on enemies in the Weapons Plant because they do not take damage or that much damage from Wren’s NapalmShot.

Hanging onto old weapons in this game can save your life especially if you make the mistake or the choice to buy the elemental weapons in Zosa, the special ability of said weapons can be used in battle when they’re used as items. An example of this is the Tornado Claw which, if you use it in battle, will cast Flaeli.

When you rock the boat in video games, you can sometimes come out more on top or ahead than you otherwise would if you were just playing the game to the wire i.e. following a guide or going with that stronger weapon whatever it might be.

Strengthen Force Talents instead of actual force abilities – Star Wars The Force Unleashed PS3

In Star Wars the Force Unleashed PS3, you’ll have Force Talents, Force Combos and Force Powers to strengthen as you go through the game. However, rocking the boat in video games mean doing something different; ever wonder why Blaster Fire is so easy to block or deflect by Jedi and Sith alike it is because of their Defense i.e. Defense Mastery.

Start putting points here!

Max out your Defense Mastery and blaster fire won’t even touch you; it might seem like a good idea to concentrate on strengthening Force Lightning or even Force Push, but your Force Talents require the most attention because they enable you to live longer and avoid death.

Using a powerful low ammo weapon to slay the masses in every Uncharted game

Grenade and Rocket Launchers are lethal weapons in the Uncharted games, but they are not meant to be used for an entire level; want to rock the boat in these games, use the aforementioned weapon to kill every enemy and hang onto it until you get more ammo for it. The point of doing this is that it’ll lessen enemy ranks quickly especially if you use said weapons to destroy snipers; just make sure you’re close enough using the Grenade Launcher otherwise the weapon round could backfire.

The Gatling gun has 500 rounds but its heavy as hell!


Rocking the boat in video games simply means doing things out of the ordinary or that might seem a little unnecessary or unorthodox but necessary if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Using powerful low ammo weapons in Uncharted games can turn the tide quickly as can saving old weapons in Phantasy Star 4.

The Mega/X-Buster comes through in a pinch and its more powerful than it is given credit for, using it to own bosses can be lifesaving; saving spider essence is essential if you want to just buy moves for a specific spider-man you’re using for that level instead of strengthening all of them immediately.

If you have any questions about my post or want to ask questions regarding said post then please feel free to leave me a message and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.



  1. AnxietyPanda AnxietyPanda

    Being a casual gamer myself, I too often also fall into the monotonous trap of just playing the game as it’s “supposed” to be played. Thanks for the reminder that you don’t always have to play by the rules 🙂 Although I do not play any of the games you have mentioned, I can see that your tips are very useful for those who do enjoy them.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Anxiety, I’m glad you could see the point of that; I learned early on that sometimes you have to play a game in a nontraditional manner to get the most out of it, I do that in every game I play. Games are more fun when you play them in a nontraditional manner anyway, you learn a lot more about the game as well.

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