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Published June 14, 2018

DMC – Devil May Cry PS3 was the second Devil May Cry game to come out for the PS3 with Devil May Cry 4 being the first. While DMC – Devil May Cry PS3 got some minor bad press, it is still a good game in its own right and the gamer learns a lot about Dante’s and Vergil’s origins.

I can say that I did not think too much about getting the game because I’ve played some good Devil May Cry games and Devil May Cry 4 was not a favorite of mine but maybe that’ll change after I beat it. Anyway, the game is good in a lot of aspects such as the challenge factor, the missions, the gameplay, the extra stuff etc.

This game will challenge everything a gamer is and from experience, it was a little brutal at times especially when you’re trying to get the Gold Key on level 9. After beating the game, I can say that I like it and would definitely play it again. In my review of this game, I’ll be covering everything that made the game great and I’ll even throw in a tip or two at the end. Having said that, let’s get started.

The Gameplay

DMC – Devil May Cry PS3 gameplay is very simplistic to the regard that it is your typical hack n’ slash which you have to implement in order to survive; you’re given plenty of weapons in the game to ensure your survival so it is never a problem for you to take an enemy down. Also, the gameplay has a way of kind of alternating between challenging and non challenging depending on how used to the controls you are.

Ultimately, the gameplay makes the game enjoyable. While there’s always going to be a bigger guy, there’s always going to be a way to destroy that bigger guy and the weapon at your disposal is all you’ll really need to accomplish that. There were times when I felt a little overwhelmed like when you fight the Blood and Ghost Rages, but using the respective weapon can make even them seem easy.

For example, use the Arbiter or the Eryx on the Blood Rages and use the Aquila or the Osiris on the Ghost Rages. Dealing with enemies like this with the weapons you have make the gameplay all the more worth it especially when you destroy them.

Secret Missions, the good, the bad and the ugly

The secret missions in this game have a key that you find to the corresponding doors in the game; copper – easy, gold – a little hard, argent – challenging and Ivory – extreme. While the doors to the secret missions are evident and present in the game, I liked how the secret missions are not hidden away behind objects or objects themselves like in past Devil May Cry games.


Thankfully, when you fail a secret mission, you’re immediately given full health before you start it again which past Devil May Cry games didn’t do. You’ll find yourself getting a little flustered with some of the secret missions but all 21 of them are doable and can be beat.

The only thing about the game’s secret missions is that you have to find the key to that specific door which can consume hours of your time if you’re not looking in the right places or not being thorough, but it is all the more rewarding when you do find it; I always enjoyed the element of surprise that awaited me when I opened the door to that secret mission to see what I was in for.

The Weapon Upgrades

The game makes it easy to buy weapon upgrades which basically is done by the amount of White Orbs that you acquire from killing enemies and filling the White Orb meter, I almost bought everything on my playthrough and I did not have to grind for White Orbs. I loved that you had got a great many White Orb from the enemies you killed because it made buying the Weapon Upgrades easier.

Incidentally, I liked how the game does not require the use of your Red Orbs to buy weapon upgrades; it was different and the White Orbs actually had another use outside of magic replenishment like they were in Devil May Cry 2. The Weapon Upgrades were great and most of them were very useful; you had to use almost all of them to complete a good percentage of the secret missions in the game.

That aside, the Weapon Upgrades were worth the White Orbs you spent on them and then some; so if you ever play this game and come across weapon upgrade that might look useless, you will be disappointed to a great degree. Every weapon upgrade serves a purpose and that’s what I liked.

Buying the Items/Life and Devil Trigger Crosses

I thought this, in my opinion, would be the thorn in my ass because buying items especially the Blue and Purple Orbs in the shops in past Devil May Cry games were a bit of an expensive headache but this game made it so easy to not just buy items but the Life and Devil Trigger Crosses as well. First, you’re given a life and devil trigger cross fragment when you complete a secret mission; 4 fragments make a whole cross so mind that. Also, you can buy whole Life and Devil Trigger Crosses from the shops.

The price rose on the items as you bought them but it was not an issue to where you could not afford them; enemies made sure that you could especially since you had to revisit the levels to open a door to a secret mission with a key that you had to acquire on another level.

What I loved about the Life and Devil Trigger Crosses was that they seemed easier to gain than their pear-shaped predecessors ever were in past DMC games, I liked this aspect of the game because not one time did I ever dread going to a divinity statue to buy something or one of those because of the price. I only had one left of each, the Life and Devil Trigger Cross, to buy before I beat the game but I was satisfied with all the health and devil trigger energy that I had.


DMC – Devil May Cry PS3 was the second DMC game to come out on the PS3 but it has proven to be in a lot better shape than its predecessors to the regard of its simplistic gameplay and secret mission difficulty. Also, the weapon upgrades and items made the game a slam dunk especially since you’re using White Orbs to buy the weapon upgrades and the red orbs to buy the items in the shop.

The Life and Devil Trigger Cross fragments and their completed forms are easier to get in this game which warrant a sigh of relief when it comes to finding them. What do you think of my review, if you’ve played the game, what do you think of it’ I’m interested to know. Leave me a comment or a message about the post and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy Gaming

R.J’s Last Minute Tips

So I’ve come across a few rough patches in the game that I know might trip some unlucky gamer up but I have a few tips here that could help out.

1. Buy the Item Finder

The Item Finder comes with a weapon bundle pack that is DLC – Downloadable Content that you can buy for the game in the Playstation Store, it is in your best interest to spend the 1.00 on the Golden Pack to get it as an add on. This valuable ‘power’ will help you find all the collectibles in the game including the secret mission doors

2. Level 9 Gold Key

Getting the Gold Key is one of the biggest headaches in the entire game, but it is very possible. The way to go about it is this, have a full Devil Trigger gauge and the Osiris’ Rake move. You’ll enter the room with two regular Rages, you can destroy one of them if you like or you can do this with both of them; it does not matter.

Go Devil Trigger, and use the Osiris’ Rake move to pull the Rage up in the air after jumping off of said Rage then jumping off the other Rage closest to the opening above you so you can Angel Glide right in; you must be near the opening so you can jump up and in. Restart from the checkpoint if you’re having trouble until you get it.

3. Hasty Acquisition Secret Mission

The secret mission, Hasty Acquisition might appear difficult but there’s one thing you can use to destroy objects far away, use the Arbiter’s Flush move to hit objects at a distance down the streets. By doing that, you’re not wasting time traveling down the street to destroy the objects for Red Orbs.




  1. Stew Stew

    I have a PS3, but it’s a bit out of commission right now after my daughter had a birthday party in the basement where it is and trashed the system it was connected to.  I have refused to fix it until I get over it.

    Hack and Slash games after a while get old to me because they are kind of the same thing over and over.  I haven’t seen this one yet, and with a gift card I have I may give it a try when I get over the basement destruction LOL

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      By all means Stew, definitely do it because the game is not bad at all and if we’re being honest here, this game was a redux version of Devil May Cry 1 on PS2; this game was, in a sense, the true beginning of Dante’s and Vergil’s adventure. I know Hack n’ Slash get old after a while but what I love about this game is that there is always something to hack and slack but I like it. Definitely give it a try, I swear by the game.

  2. Shelley Ann Shelley Ann

    Thank you for the game review. I know a couple of people that I think would like this game (I’m not a game player myself). Love the images you’ve taken from the game – amazing real life scenes. It’s great to see how the game looks, and how it changes from environments or places. Looks a lot of fun, you convinced me to go check it out. I’ll certainly book mark this page for my Christmas shopping! Thank you!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Shelley Ann, I appreciate the feedback. I was merely going for the entertainment aspect and making sure that if you were going to play the game that you knew exactly where to look or to provide a hint for you; there’s nothing more annoying than playing a game and not being able to tell which end is up. Get the game, play it, you’re going really enjoy it. 

  3. Chris Chris


    This is good insight to Devil May Cry and I am sure the gamers Niche can be a great one. I would think your audience is probably made up of mostly men under thirty, because I have 3 adult boys all under the age of 25 who probably spend a third of their waking hours gaming. In fact, the two younger ones who are still single and under 22, spend most of their time gaming when not at work or focused on their studies. So, after investing in the game, if I understand it, they spend more money on sell ups to improve their position? Pretty clever to stick in add on sells buy the manufacturer’s selling the games and services. This is a good article and I am sure you will get some good traffic since your target audience is so large. Keep up the good work!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Chris, thanks for the feedback. I’ve been playing video games forever and it goes without saying that I enjoy it. However, it is getting harder and harder to find time because I have 4 year old not to mention my job and business. If you don’t have this game, get it because you’ll love it. Way better than the first Devil May Cry PS2.

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