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Published March 5, 2019

Well, it’s 2019 and the time has come at last to finally see all the games coming out for all gaming platforms including the Playstation 4. Among many of the games that are coming out on PS4 is the long awaited Devil May Cry 5 whose arrival is expected this coming Friday, the 8th of March.

Upon doing my research and viewing all the trailers, I can tell this game is going to pop; it’s going to be bigger than Devil May Cry 4, way more awesome than Devil May Cry 3, a little more detailed than Devil May Cry 2 and a lot more “fluid” than Devil May Cry.

I’m happy that Dante and Nero are back because it looks like they’ve gotten way stronger than they ever were in Devil May Cry 4; Nero’s got a sidekick that builds him different Devil Breakers, the lovely southern belle, Nico; she’s hot!

Ultimately, I can tell that this game is going to be awesome especially since I know that there are going to be some secret missions just like in every Devil May Cry before it and probably just as challenging. I’ll discuss the weapons like the Cerberus, Nero’s arsenal, Trish and Lady’s contribution along with my thoughts on that and the Sparda’s power. So without further ado, let’s start with…..

Looking forward to the weapons especially the Cerberus

From what I can see, the various weapons that are going to be in the game are going to be awesome; a favorite of mine is coming back as well and with new powers to boot, I’m talking about the Cerberus. The Cerberus, as any gamer can remember, was an icy 3 pronged weapon of immense combo power; it was how I managed to max out all of my styles back in Devil May Cry 3.

Knowing that the Cerberus has a fiery and an electric form is just plain awesome. dmc Devil May Cry 5 really outdid themselves with this little marvel. The Balrog looks excruciatingly powerful and the combo potential on it is extreme, I can’t wait to try it out; it sort of reminds me of the Ifrit from Devil May Cry 1 and the Beowulf from Devil May Cry 3.

The Sparda makes a return as well and it is a great weapon with high damage potential as well as a long reach that won’t quit. Dante is going to be suited up to the T and I can’t wait to see how the game manage all of his weapons whether they’ll be switched on the fly or we’ll have to access them on the menu screen; I guess we’ll see.

Nero’s arsenal

Nero’s arsenal also makes a comeback but I wasn’t quite as impressed with it as I was Dante’s, but from what I understand Nero’s Red Queen is a lot more fire-based now making easier to inflict fire damage on your enemies which is good. The reason, along with using the Red Queen’s power, it can be combined with the various devil breakers to pull off some insane combos.

I’m really looking forward to using all the devil breakers because I think that with the right kind of strategy, gamers can eliminate whole masses of enemies in minutes instead of hours or even couples of hours. I mean, yeah it sucks that Nero got his original devil breaker arm ripped off but I also had to believe that there was someone looking out for Nero; his pal Nico.

Nero’s arsenal isn’t as plentiful as Dante’s but his weapons are great and powerful in their own right so I’m looking forward to really trying out Nero’s weapons and devil breaker arms.

Trish and Lady

I’ve never played with either Trish or Lady, but they are powerful in their own respects and I hope in this game I get to do just that because I’ve been itching to use Trish’s devil powers of electricity; I fell in love when I saw her powers in the first Devil May Cry.

I’ve been hearing whispers, rumors that Trish and Lady are going to be playable on dlc and I’ve heard that they’ll be playable during the game so I’m not going to worry about the rumors, just facts; I hope they do make it into the game as playable characters because again, I’d love a shot at Trish’s powers and Lady’s weapons o’ plenty.

I do find it interesting that Trish and Lady are in the game but again they are devil hunters like Dante so it only stands to reason that they would be. Personally, Trish and Lady sitting on the sidelines while Dante and Nero have their day hardly does them and their abilities justice so I’m hoping that they’ll be in the game kicking ass because they would be at home on the battlefield like their boss.

The Sparda’s power

I have my inhibitions about this one but from what I can tell, the Sparda’s power has grown over the years and apparently awakens power within Dante as it did in the first Devil May Cry game. I find it interesting that the Sparda has the same effect on awakening power within Dante as the Rebellion did, but I can’t wait to see the Sparda in Dante’s hands; I’m tired of always turning around and seeing Trish carrying it around.

After seeing V stab Dante with the Sparda, it became clear to me that the big bad in this game requires a smackdown from the Sparda in order to die or for Dante to kill the ultimate evil in this game whoever or whatever it is. It is my hope that Dante has more enemies to use it on in this game versus Devil May Cry 1; I just felt the weapon’s full powers were not being used to their fullest potential.

I get that the Sparda speaks when spoken to i.e. acknowledging which devil deserves to die by its blade but it’ll suck if it stays on Dante’s back for like 3 quarters of the adventure and the only time he uses it is in the final battle; I guess we’ll see what happens.


dmc Devil May Cry 5 has a lot in store for gamers of all ages but make no mistake it is going to be a great game to play especially since Dante and Nero have their own respective equipment especially Lady and Trish. Nero’s arsenal isn’t much but it is still powerful as are the devil breaker arms.

The Sparda is powerful and will no doubt have its say dealing with the demon hordes but make no mistake, it’s going to be very instrumental in destroying a boss or two or even the final boss. The Cerberus is a great weapon that has become as versatile and deadly as its progenitor.

If you have any questions about my post then please send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. Polycarp MomohPolycarp Momoh

    Oh my!! Nice article.. I think personally this the game of 2019 because I have always loved and loved everything Dante. I remember downloading the gameplay as a movie to watch in DMC 3 and 4 after playing them. Yea.. Dante and Nero were already at a peak in terms of powers and skills in DMC 4. I can’t wait to see how much destruction they can cause in this new one.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Then saddle up because you’re in for a heaping, helping of destruction and Nero is blood to two characters in the game, I won’t say who but you’ll eventually get the idea. Get the game, it’s kick ass.

  2. akshaysaxenaakshaysaxena

    Awesome post. I’m thrilled by reading it. OMG, how I’ve never tried this game, though I’m popularly known gamer in my friend circle! I’m so glad that I found this amazing game from your website. 

    Now, please let me know where can I get them all, online? Not only for myself, looking forward to gift it to my younger brother as well. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post, I’m glad that by now Devil May Cry 5 has already been released. 

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey Ak, you can buy the game online on Amazon and Ebay. The game is awesome.

  3. BuckBuck

    I must be living under a rock because I had no idea this was coming out now! And I’ve already spent a ton of money on games this month. I guess it’s time to spend a little more because this looks fantastic. It’s that ages-old problem, you know? So many games, limited money, I need to pay the bills, but I’m buying more games first. 

    Thanks for the review. You have me super excited now!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      No problem Buck, the game is out now and its ready for pick up so by all means, go get it; you’re going to fall in love with it as you play it. There are things you can do in the game that you couldn’t do in past Devil May Cry games like switching weapons on the fly etc.

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