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Published July 16, 2019

What can be said about Devil May Cry 5, it’s a great game, it’s challenging and fun overall especially using V, Dante and Nero. I couldn’t wait until after I beat the game so I can give the game my Devil May Cry 5 rating of an A+++, it is one that is well-deserved. Having the game for the time that I have, I learned and reviewed a lot of things about the game like the secret missions and the power-ups and collectibles.

One of my favorite aspects about the game was the weapons especially the Cerberus; it was a weapon of pure magnificence, a weapon that can transform into 3 different weapons. A fire staff, nunchaku and an electric staff. There’s so much about the game to love which is why I wanted to give it my personal devil may cry 5 rating via review or grade as it were.

You know, it’s not often you get a game with such incredible replay value that you just want to play it again and again not to mention a couple more times after that. Personally, I feel like I want to replay the game again but more on that later. In this post, I’m going to be reviewing the gameplay, secret mission difficulty, weapons and power-ups among other things. So without further ado, let’s jump into…….

The gameplay 10/10

My personal devil may cry 5 rating of the gameplay is one that I can say earned the 10/10 and the A+ that I gave it, it practically made the game. Plus, nothing about the gameplay was complicated especially when it came to using Nero and, Dante when he finally got on board. The gameplay was so awesome that I was so sad after I beat the game because it was like I never wanted it to end.

Coincidentally, everything about the gameplay was spot on; I never felt like I was wasting my time and the gameplay really got you into the game; I didn’t too much care for using V but he was still a joy to play with especially using his Shadow beast. I thought the gameplay would be a little bland playing with Nero but it was just as much fun as playing with Dante.

Ultimately, I have to say that the gameplay in this game made me hungry for Devil May Cry 6, and I really hope that it does come out; Devil May Cry games never need to stop or take a break from the action. So the gameplay overall got a 10/10, and its so well-earned!

Secret Mission 7/10

The difficulty of the secret missions ranged anywhere from moderately easy to stupid difficult, it got my devil may cry 5 rating of C- only because the secret missions did not make it easy for you even though some of them have very simple solutions like Secret Mission 12; some of the secret missions seem like they were harder than what they were like Secret Mission 7.

Incidentally, I found myself getting a little frustrated with some of the secret missions because some of them required that you be airborne in order to complete them like Secret Mission 5. I definitely gave the secret missions aspect a 7/10 because some of the secret missions were a little on the overkill side causing you to run into a brick wall numerous times before figuring out the solution.

But, not all of the secret missions were bad and some of them were just plain easy like Secret Mission 1 and stupid difficult like Secret Mission 9. Overall, the secret missions were challenging and fun; don’t underestimate any of the secret missions in the game, they’re a lot more complex than they appear. Grade C- and the secret missions definitely earned that rating.

Power-ups i.e. Collectibles 9/10

Accordingly, the collectibles in the game got my devil may cry 5 rating of A- only because there were so many but conversely, those same power ups and collectibles were not in places that you couldn’t get to; all of the collectibles were easy to get to unlike how they were in Devil May Cry 4. The thing that got me was that there were purple orb fragments that you had to collect in the levels which was a little unorthodox to me.

Incidentally, Devil May Cry 5 was the first Devil May Cry game ever to have Purple Orb Fragments outside of the shop or divinity statue. There was no place where Nero didn’t have access to a Devil Breaker if he needed it especially if he needed for a specific area in a level like Mission 15. The collectibles in the game were always a great find and the benefit of having them was through the roof.

Collecting all of the Blue and Purple Orb Fragments maxed out both your life and magic meter; this I felt was great especially when Dante transformed into his Sin Devil form. The collectibles in the game were just awesome to have and collect.

Weapons 10/10

The aspect in which I give my final Devil May Cry rating of A+ is the weapons; there was never a weapon that I didn’t like using. Even though V had just his walking cane; that was still a lethal weapon which was good for ending the enemies when they were on their last legs.

My favorite was the King Cerberus, a triple functional weapon that gave you access to two staves, and a nunchaku. The Balrog was a great weapon as well, but I didn’t care for it very much but it came through when it was needed.

All of the weapons including Nero’s sword were great, V had his demon familiars with him and they can definitely be considered as weapons. Nero’s gun was a lethal weapon in this game and it was a great weapon to use in conjunction with Dante’s E & I. Also, the weapons had combos that were easy to pull off as long as you were willing to practice using the combo.

Finally, the weapons made the game especially the Dr. Faust hat, an odd weapon but it had its purpose which you wouldn’t think a weapon of that caliber had but it was still good anyway.


Devil May Cry 5 was a great game that offered a lot of gameplay awesomeness to gamers the world over, the secret missions were decent in the aspect that some were not too hard and not too difficult, the power ups and collectibles were awesome and made finding them easy and fun. Finally, the weapons were awesome and weren’t disappointing by no means.

So what do you think of my review, am I spot on or way off; leave me a message and I’ll respond to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

This magnificent beast is playable in the game, Dante’s Sin Devil Form


  1. Emmanuel Buysse Emmanuel Buysse

    I saw another review, which stated the same. This is an awesome game, honestly I didn’t play it yet, and it seems to be bad, I love these kind of games. I know it is not the same, neither are the graphics, but it let’s me think about the saints row games. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      No prob. I loved playing this game, the clones can get annoying to kill after a few levels close the endgame but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

  2. Alam Alam

    Hello there!
    Awesome topic you have written about. It is so interesting too. Playing game is like a passion to us. We keep searching about new games everytime. Even the name “Devil may cry” is so interesting that I can’t wait to play the game. You have shown the pictures that are awesome and obviously the weapon Cerberus. What device is suitable for this game?? I mean what configurations needed for playing the game?

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      If you’re going to enjoy this awesome game then you’re better off getting it on PS4, the configuration is already preset for the game so you can enjoy the gameplay.

  3. Hossen Hossen

    Hello Admin,

    I think it is very important specially for young people. Now a days game is a part and parcel in our daily routine. I have many friends who play more  than me and we become when we find games Devil May Cry 5. I really did not know about DMC 5 before reading your review. I will definitely tell them about this game, i think they will be very happy to hear about this game. It will be popular in a very short time.

     Thanks for this nice review 🙂 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Admin, I appreciate you spreading the word about my review. I can use all the exposure I can get. 

  4. Polash Polash


    Amazing article this is you have shared. Devil my cry is a love😍 This is so amazing and lovely game I have ever played. Thoug I played the seasion 3, the weapon like cerberus was not there I think which changes into three different weapons!! but the weapon V, Dante and Neuro were so amazing. This game is so.much chalanging and so fun to spend the whole day on computer screen. And for sure, like you I also give this game a A+++.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Polash, thanks for the feedback on the game, it was awesome.

  5. Monalisha Monalisha


    it’s the first time I play the Devil May Cry game. Devil May Cry game is a wonderful game. its a very challenging, Interesting and so amazing game. The weapons are so Destructible. the game I like so much for the secret mission.So I want to give 5 rating for the awesome game.
    Thanks for this amazing game.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      You’re more than welcome.

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