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Published December 11, 2018

Devil May Cry games have come a long way and the greatness that is Devil May Cry is still continuing on their path of greatness with the latest entry in the series, Devil May Cry 4. The first time I played the Devil May Cry 4 Game, I felt a little overwhelmed because I was using a new character, Nero, who is not Dante.

However, I’ve been playing it recently and it is fraught with everything you’d expect from a Devil May Cry game; the game is great in all aspects. There are puzzles in it that really make the game pop and while the puzzles aren’t hard; they will challenge you.

Nero, the new guy, comes with his own set of moves; some that are more damaging than Dante’s. The Blue Rose, Nero’s Gun, its power rivals that of Dante’s Ebony & Ivory. The Red Queen, Nero’s sword, is powerful all on its own but can be made more powerful through the expenditure of Proud Souls.

In this post, I’ll discuss the gameplay, Nero’s Devil Bringer along with a couple of its powers and a few tips for buying stuff through the Divinity statue; also, I’ll discuss some tips you can use to stay ahead of the game.


The gameplay is very simplistic, your basic hack and slash; the gameplay is great to the regard that you don’t have to go through a lot of geometry or trigonometry to figure out how to use the controls or even use the combos at Nero’s disposal. The gameplay gives you enough where you’re able to play the game and enjoy it which is what many of us want.

As you adventure, you’ll find that the gameplay will get to be a little challenging but not so much to the point where you get frustrated. Nero has his gun, sword and his Devil Bringer which can be used in unison to lay the smack down on enemies especially the Frost enemies.

You’ll get acquainted with all kinds of enemies as you make your way from level to level, but at some point Nero will gain the power to Devil Trigger which is good because it complements his character and the demon in him quite well.

The gameplay associated with the Devil Trigger form is not complicated, but the overall thing to keep in mind with the gameplay is to just enjoy the game and don’t let yourself get lost in it which is kind of easy to do.

Devil Bringer and its Powers

The Devil Bringer is great, powerful and tons of enemies can be made to kneel to its power especially the Frost demons. A couple of things to keep in mind when you’re using your Devil Bringer. For one, don’t become too overly dependent on it because it can blow up right in your face.

Second, you’ll be given an Auto-Search ability after you destroy Bael on Mission 4; return to Mission 1 and work your way back while discovering secrets aplenty. Pay attention to how bright the glow is because that’ll tell you exactly how close you are to said secret.

See that glow on Nero’s arm, that’ll lead you to treasures aplenty

Also, you’ll be able to find the entrance to Secret Missions, take advantage of this; your livelihood in the game depends on it. You’ll be able to buy enhancements for the Devil Bringer, a lot of these enhancements can help you dominate the Secret Missions like Secret Mission 2, Alleyoop; Snatch 2 is all you need.

It’s in your best interest to keep an eye out for Grim Grips after you get the Evil Legacy item on Mission 2; the discoveries can very well help you a great deal.


The Devil May Cry 4 Game maybe a great game, but if you want to make your gameplay experience great then take heed to the tips I have here; use and remember them as I have. One, explore everything in every place. The things that you ignore usually end up being the key to leaving a room or destroying an enemy.

Second, don’t rush. The Devil May Cry 4 Game is massive and so is the levels within the game; take your time and fully look around; you maybe on a time limit but that time limit don’t matter none when you’re picking a level clean of items.

Third, learn your combos. This is very important because you’ll reduce your enemys’ life bar or lifeline almost in one or two fell swoops. Combos are the lifeblood of any Devil May Cry game including this one.

Fourth, when you take on Berial at the end of Mission 2; pay attention to his attacks and dodge accordingly; don’t be afraid to get in there and lay the smack down; he’s not as hard or menacing as he appears but still don’t underestimate him.

Buying Stuff

Throughout your adventure, you’ll come to realize that you’re going to need to purchase certain items from the Divinity Statue which is totally okay; we all need a little help sometimes. However, you may get to a point too where you’ll want to spend all of your money at the statue but don’t do it.

The only things that you need to buy at the Divinity Statue is one, the Blue Orbs; these extend your life meter. You’ll want to go after these and buy them all up as soon as possible. Another thing is the combos and enhancements for Nero’s arsenal. Purple Orbs, these are going to come in handy after Nero learns to Devil Trigger.

You’ll also see other items in there such as Large and Small Vital Stars along with Holy Water, don’t buy these because you’ll more than likely find them on levels that you go to. You’ll be practically blowing money on items you don’t need.

You can buy them if you want to but don’t make it a priority especially since you can become overwhelmed with items that are cluttering up your inventory.


The Devil May Cry 4 Game is both entertaining and fun for gamers of all ages, but you’ll find that the gameplay is simplistic which makes it easy for even beginner gamers to slide right in and get into the action. The Devil Bringer and its Auto-Search ability will make it possible to find everything you need in the game.

The Grim Grips will lead Nero to other areas within the levels he’s traversing, don’t ignore the Grim Grips if you see them hanging. Remember, take your time and don’t rush, the best stuff is found through patience and careful exploration.

Combos are the key to destroying your enemies, learn how to do them and practice because every enemy has a weakness that you can exploit using your combos. Stick to buying just the Blue and Purple Orbs, all the moves, enhancements along with upgrades to Nero’s arsenal; don’t bother buying Vital Stars or Holy Water unless you ABSOLUTELY have to.

If you have any questions or comments about my post then I’d love to know what they are and feel free to leave me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Dante’s made a return in this game and so have the combo adjudicator statues, you’ll be able to use him to destroy his combo adjudicator statues as you adventure so keep that in mind if you happen to run into one of his before you find him which you will.



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