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Published September 13, 2018

Devil May Cry 1 for the PS2 has been around forever (2001) and although it is a very old game, it is still one of the most challenging in the entire Devil May Cry series. I’ve had the game since it came out and there has been a lot of strategies centering around orb farming and the need to do so as a countermeasure against everything in the game.

However, I took the time to play my way through the game and have made some very, for lack a better term, “interesting” discoveries; you struggle not to mention you eventually die. Oddly, I welcomed this.

Incidentally, I manage to play my way through the entire game and beat it; I came up with some strategies of my own that I think would benefit gamers who still play this game. Orb farming was forbidden in my “strategy guide” and I didn’t cover none of it in my guide but I did make a few videos to this regard. In this strategy guide, I’m going to cover the strategies that I’ve made for this guide.

This isn’t your common run-of-the-mill walkthrough, it’s more like a note pass in game class telling you what to do after you break out of Nightmare’s alternate dimension; I’m going to cut right to the quick with these, so there’ll be no long explanations so consider yourselves warned! That said, here’s Devil May Cry 1 PS2, my Expert Level Strategies

Alternative strategy for red orb farming i.e. failing secret missions, respawning enemies

As any gamer well know, you fail a secret mission if you die before you complete it, but secret mission 3 – Phantom Baby II is the only one that you can fail without dire consequence. So, any time you fail that or any secret mission, go out into the immediate area and kill all the baddies out there.

You’ll rake in a lot of red orbs doing this; the only secret missions you can’t do this is 6 thru 12; just be mindful of the fact that you can’t do this with secret mission 4 either because it’s one shot only.

Infinite Red Orbs, none of this!

Abuse your magic form when using weapons i.e. puppets enemies along with bosses

Anytime you’re using Ifrit or Alastor; use your magic form on your enemies (L1) and the reason why is because enemies take 2 – 3.5x normal, and in some cases, elemental damage from your attacks; you want this because you get a lot of orbs as a result which goes toward your bottom line.

Another reason to do it is so you get into the game and you’re not using old boring regular Dante. I used to only use my magic and demon forms (after buying Air Raid) if I was in real trouble like on the brink of death, but abusing this power on bosses is a definite must especially when you fight the more challenging bosses.

Case in point

Don’t buy anything at the statue unless its a blue or purple orb and moves for Alastor and Ifrit

There is no need to buy Holy Water(s), Devil Stars or even Untouchables for that matter; none of it. Simply, you find said items while you’re romping and stomping about the missions; the only things you should be making it your life’s work to buy is the Purple and Blue Orbs.

Also, and it goes without saying, buying moves for Alastor and Ifrit as you can afford them is a definite must as well. Don’t ever hesitate to buy a move for Alastor or Ifrit; they’re your bread and butter in this game as you well know. (see part 1 video)

Use your pistols along with Ifrit when you fight Griffon; don’t use the Grenadegun

As the heading says, use your pistols when you go Ifrit on Griffon’s ass because the Grenadegun, while it is powerful, the recoil is horrible and it leaves you open to attack which you can’t afford to be when Griffon starts using his lightning lasers; the pistols will allow you to move around and dodge obviously since the pistols are lighter and using E & I, there is no recoil.

Also, I want to point out that using the Grenadegun siphons life from you when you’re trying to get a good shot in on Griffon while he’s attacking, you won’t get a good shot on Griffon unless he’s stationary even then the Grenadegun isn’t worth the risk.

Plasma vs. Shotgun; make it work then use Ifrit to take it out

You’ll face Plasma on Mission 16, and it’ll be in bat form when you first encounter it. I thought I would use the Shotgun and it would take human form but it didn’t and I ended up killing it with the Shotgun.

Okay I’m going to say this now, this isn’t always how its going to happen. I used the Shotgun on Plasma in human form and it split into three Plasma(s) so I used Ifrit to take out each one; I banked a lot of red orbs. Another thing I did was slash Plasma with my sword which also made it split then used Ifrit to take them out, so that’s another thing to think about.

Don’t revisit old rooms unless you’re playing on a harder difficulty

Revisiting old room is pointless unless you’re playing on a much harder difficulty which, if we’re being honest, is unnecessary because everything in the game is bringing its A-game, so you’ll need to bring yours.

However, if you’re playing on Normal difficulty then there’s no need to revisit old rooms. Now, it is pointless unless you’re doing it for a secret mission like Mission 13 intermission where you have to go back to the captain’s quarters and touch the skeleton to start Secret Mission 7, Water Cell or to retrieve something that’s part of the mission itself.

Managing without Air Hike isn’t a hardship; process of
elimination i.e. get Air Raid

Don’t make buying Air Hike a priority at the beginning of the game especially around Mission 4 because incidentally, there aren’t a lot of times in the game where you’ll really need it or use it; buy Air Raid because you’ll get more use out of that then you would if you were to just waste time orb farming so you can buy Air Hike.

Plus, the further in the game you get, you’ll often find yourself not really in need of it so buying other moves for Alastor is a little more beneficial. You’ll eventually be able to afford Air Hike and it’ll be up to you if you want to buy it. I didn’t get the chance or the option to buy Air Hike until the start of Mission 17, Parted Memento.

Shadow(s) take extreme damage from the Shotgun; don’t bother
with your pistols

I hate the Shadow enemy, but I discovered that they take significant damage from the Shotgun which you should definitely use; it doesn’t take nearly as long for them to expose their core as it would if you weren’t using the Shotgun.

Don’t waste time using the pistols; E & I only do a pin prick’s worth of damage to the Shadow(s). For 3-5 bullets you’re pumping into the Shadow enemy per 1 second time frame; they’re still taking minimal damage. That means its taking twice as long to expose the Shadow’s core and you’re getting attacked. Use the Shotgun and end the Shadow enemy quickly.

It is no big deal if you don’t buy everything before the endgame; what you have is enough

Buying things as you go along will have you well-prepared before the endgame, but what if you don’t buy everything before the endgame. Well let me tell you, I didn’t. I wasn’t able to buy Alastor’s Vortex Lv.2 and Ifrit’s Inferno and Rolling Blaze. I was okay with this because the only thing I used to beat Mundus’s first form was the Devil Stars and the Ultimate attack. (See part 2 video)

So, don’t fret that you don’t have everything before the endgame because most of the stuff that you’re trying to grind-buy, you probably won’t use unless you really have to. From experience, I took out Griffon using Meteor Lv. 2 when I fought him on Mission 15, Wheel of Destiny.

Grenadegun can refill your Devil Trigger gauge

Abuse the Grenadegun’s awesome power on tougher enemies like the Frost, Plasma and Fetish enemies. Do this on bosses as well because the common denominator is that it’ll refill your Devil Trigger gauge fast, quick and in a hurry; that split-second shot fire connect is enough to get your Devil Trigger gauge at 2 1/2 to 3 runes.

Firing another shot that connects will fill another set of runes; keep this in mind when you need to use Ifrit or Alastor on enemies. I used the Grenadegun on the Frost enemies on Mission 20 and got Devil Trigger energy to use Meteor Lv. 2 so I could end them which I did.

If it helps, use specific weapons on enemies weak to them i.e. using Alastor on the Marionettes; using the Grenadegun on the Blade enemies

As I mentioned in the heading, using specific weapons on enemies that are allergic to them will ensure that you don’t end up having a harder time killing the enemies than you’re supposed to.

Go magic form on them!

For example, using Alastor and your magic form on the Marionettes; all of them including the Fetish enemy. Using Ifrit on the Frost enemies or even using your Grenadegun on the Blade enemies which deal them quite a bit of damage. Go magic form on the Sin Scissors when you use the Shotgun to end them.

Don’t forget to go back to the Airplane room after you kill Nightmare on Mission 16 Nightmare of Darkness to do Secret Mission 10; Shadow of Darkness

Upon sending Nightmare running with its tail between its legs on Mission 16, Nightmare of Darkness, return to the Airplane room and start Secret Mission 10, Shadow of Darkness.

I mentioned this because every time I play this game, I always nearly end up forgetting about it like I’m just on my way to the exit so I can leave the mission then it hits me “I got to go back to the Airplane room”. I’m putting this out there for every gamer who, like me, are focused on getting off the level and almost forgetting about the secret mission.

Get up close and personal with Nightmare to destroy his core; don’t run from him

When you fight Nightmare in earnest i.e. after breaking out of his pocket dimension, don’t be afraid to deal damage to his core up close and personal because I found that your Devil Trigger gauge refills when you do and I think that if you can get up close and personal with a 12-foot talking deathstroke i.e. Griffon then you should be able to with Nightmare as well.

I went to town on Nightmare’s core and was slashing it with Alastor, I was amazed at the damage I was doing; for once I didn’t feel like using my demon form to splash Nightmare with lightning all throughout the fight.

Nightmare Beta’s Blue Orb fragment

On Mission 15, you’ll come to possess the Nightmare Beta which you retrieve from the Red Shield area and you can also get a hidden Blue Orb fragment as well.

But here’s the catch, you have to jump down to the floor under the Nightmare Beta’s stand and kick jump up the wall while hitting your head under the stand to make the fragment appear. Don’t get the Nightmare Beta before you do this otherwise the fragment is gone for good and you’ll have to restart the level.

Case in point, this is what you don’t do.

Also, experiment using the Nightmare Beta because it is too awesome a weapon to just leave sitting idle; I’m under the impression that if you’re going to use the Nightmare Beta, you’re better off using it on enemies that are slow to counterattack like the Fetish, Marionettes etc.

While you’re at it, get the Blue Orb Fragment in the Coliseum by making your way to the very top of the Skyway before you fight Griffon; doing so will net you a Blue Orb fragment.

After you use the Staff of Hermes on Stage 16, two mirrors will appear; jump into the one on the right first

Using the Staff of Hermes, you’ll be treated to an appearance of two mirrors; I always forget which mirror to go in for the Blue Orb fragment; it’s the right. So, just keep in mind that when you’re trying to remember which mirror to go in to get the Blue Orb fragment, just remember to go into the right mirror first. I mentioned this to help you gamers out there who also play the game without a guide and trying to remember everything like me. (See part 2 video)


You first encounter the Nobodies on Mission 19, and they’re a welcome presence given the red orbs they give you upon death but they’re an overall annoyance. Pull out your Shotgun and pump shots into their mask until you break it then go Alastor magic form and end them.

Don’t use Ifrit!

At the Start of Mission 22, Legendary Battle

If you have more than enough red orbs to do so then I suggest you buy as many Devil Stars as you can carry. The rationale behind this is because you’re going to be using them to refill your DT meter so you can destroy Mundus’ first form using the Ultimate attack which is way less time-consuming. “Shooting the blackish orbs while dodging meteors and laser lances; whose got time for that, hm not me”.


Mundus’ Second Form

When you’re faced with Mundus’ second form, go Devil Trigger, jump into the lava (either with or without an Untouchable) and continuously attack Mundus with the Sparda; it does more damage to Mundus than the Nightmare Beta and your fireball attack combined.

Plus, it is a great way to really stick it to Mundus when you’re damaging him because by doing this you’re ensuring that the battle doesn’t drag on longer than it needs to.


To wrap up, always remember to keep an eye on your enemies and use your weapons or the specific weapon they’re allergic to i.e. take lethal damage from and destroy them so as to ensure that you’re not taking unnecessary damage.

Ultimately, don’t fret about not being able to buy everything before the endgame because you’re not going to really have much of a use for the things that you do eventually buy.

Overall, just enjoy the game, buy what you can, don’t stress about failing secret missions because you can always beat up the enemies for orbs each time you do.

I’m open to any questions and comments you have regarding my post and I’ll get back to you after long. Thank you and Happy gaming.


















  1. Jennifer David Jennifer David


    This is great a strategy guide for the Devil May Cry Ps2 game.

    As usual I can feel your passion with this detailed guide.

    You have been very kind to share these strategies which I feel will be very helpful to many.  I do not play myself but work with young people that I know would appreciate what you have offered on your website.  I will be sure to let them all know about this website.

    I will also be sharing this to the gaming community on social media because I know that this is really valuable information for them.

    The young people that I work with I know will want to thank you themselves when they visit but before that I will thank you for them.

    Keep up the good work


    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thank you Jennifer, I never tire of your feedback and I’m happy you’re getting other young people involved. You’re welcome and it means a lot that you’re so appreciative.

  2. Nick Nick

    Hi Rodney,

    I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without thanking you for this amazing article concerning this level on Devil May Cry 1. I must say that I struggled quite a lot with the expert level.. until now! I learned a lot and will definitely take my skills to another level (thanks to you)!


    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thank you Nick, I’m glad that you appreciate my hardwork but the post was based on the expert level only my strategies are; I played and beat the game on Normal.

  3. Daniel Daniel

    What an awesome game! Although it is that old I have never come across this game. I like this type of video games where we can use magic. I will for sure try it but not sure that I can on expert level. Have you heard of Battle Mages video game? It was launched in 2004 I think.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      I have heard of Battle Mages Daniel, I haven’t played it but I heard good things and that it can be addictive like Fortnite or Call of Duty IV; my walkthrough on the game is not on expert level. I said it my strategies were expert level, but either way they came out with a DMC HD Collection. Go check that out, I think I have it on my website. 

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