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Published September 1, 2018

I’ve had Death’s Gambit for a little while and was playing it the other day and while the game might’ve seemed like it was a slam dunk on the day of release; there are some issues in the game that really stuck out to me. Every game is not without its flaws; every gamer that is a gamer knows that, but how many flaws within that game that causes a problem cannot go ignored.

Personal preference is unique per gamer even me, but I feel that Death’s Gambit fell short in many areas; areas that, I feel, should’ve been corrected or at the very least dealt with in a timely manner. One of the first things I noticed about the game was the controls, it didn’t seem like they were all that fluid and there were times when I was trying to make the guy move out of the way of projectiles and still died anyway.

In this review, I will talk about the controls, the classes, the much hated level grind, abilities and the overall weapon system which I felt was the most flawed aspect of the game of all. Without further ado, here’s my review on Death’s Gambit!

The First –

No right class for every job

As many gamers well know, they are given the choice of every class when they first start the game which meant that you have to choose what class you wanted to be from the start to finish. While this was good and getting my pick of whatever class I chose; I felt this was a problem because each of the classes have strengths and weaknesses, but there were times when I felt like one class was better than the other; picking the Soldier over the Sentinel on the basis of weapons

The game always made you feel like the character you’re using isn’t that good at first or isn’t good at all and you start feeling like you regret getting the class you started with which can and does waste valuable gaming time. My first time out, I went with the Sentinel and it felt like I had so much work to do to really get anything out of it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how bothered I was when I was trying to get my Sentinel to kill Origa, the Sniper; it just seemed like I was just wasting my time because the Sentinel was barely even getting the job done. I tried using the Soldier and it still seemed like there was a total lack with whatever class I went with; I kind felt like this did the game in for me.

Second base –

The controls are a little stiff

The controls, I felt, was very stiff; it seemed like it was more of a hardship trying to get the Sentinel or any class character to do what you wanted especially if you were trying to evade the Soul of the Phoenixs’ Scythe Vacuum attack; no matter how many times I kept pressing the Circle to make the guy roll, it just seemed like it got harder and harder to get him to evade which sucked for me because I died way more than any gamer should have.

Dodging was murder; luckily you didn’t have to sometimes!

Obviously, the controls made the gameplay among one of the biggest epic fails in the history of game creation; I can’t imagine how many other gamers were having this issue because of the stiff controls. I can usually take the controls of a game with a grain of salt and move on i.e. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (the controls aren’t hard by the way) but there were times when I felt like just trying to get the little guy to do a secondary slash was difficult.

Third Drop in the Bucket –

Level grinding at the idol does not do the game any favors

One of the biggest killers for the game for me was the fact that anytime you fought and died, you could level up your character so they’ll be insanely powerful which, in a big way, is very much encouraged especially if you’re looking to go up against the Bulwark of Aldwynn or Ione. However, you’ll often find that you’re practically level grinding because with each stat that you raise, your level and hit points go up a huge amount.

Of course, this made you a huge superpower when you returned to places like the Central Sanctuary and Obsidian Vale. I don’t like level grinding in any game and after Dragon Quest VIII, I swore I’d never do it again. Most times, that’s exactly what I felt like I was doing especially when I was fighting or trying to prevail against Origa; I did eventually kill Origa but not before going up more than 12 levels and finally unlocking the Storm Caliber ability for the Longsword which helped me score the win.

Too much hard work went into getting that

Level grinding in the game sucks because there’s no bound to which you can raise your character and with the right class and armaments, you can practically run through the game; not good at all in my opinion. Also, every class has a special ability but the “special ability” did little to actually help the gamer in-game like the Acolyte of Death’s special ability is to repair broken death idols/save points which is ultimately pointless because fixing them doesn’t make a difference.

Four at the door –

Abilities, don’t make me laugh

I clearly had a different expectation of the game’s abilities which, from what I could see, took EONS to unlock and you were given only one talent point per immortal you killed. This made it more of a turn off for me because I felt like to really get into the good abilities like the Soul Trigger, you had to really grind which was a big problem for me. No game is perfect, I get that, but this was over the top. The Heroic Lunge did get me out of a few “death calls” and I did like how you could practically avoid getting killed just by getting air time but ultimately, it was for naught.

Most of the abilities in the game were lacking and to some instance, very weak; the only abilities that I felt I really got something out of was the Storm Caliber and the Heroic Lunge; I felt like I didn’t want to use any other class outside of the Sentinel because it was the only class that had abilities that were reasonably worth it. The abilities could’ve been better and easier to unlock; it was one more aspect that did not do the game any favors at all.

This was the longest climb I’ve ever done

Fifth and Final –

There’s no such thing as the perfect weapon

Each class has a specific weapon that they start with which is great, but I also noticed that all classes can switch up weapons such as a Soldier using a Longsword or a Sentinel using a Greatsword. While this was a great way to really give your character extra power; I felt like this was a very piss poor way to go about using weapons because it just made other classes useless. For example, you could start out as a Sentinel then get your hands on some weapons and learn the abilities of each one.

Before long, you’d have access to every single ability for every weapon in the game which is practically cheating and it is time-consuming work. There’s no such thing as the perfect weapon because I see that the game allows gamers to get a hold of any weapon they want along with their starting weapon, I have a big problem with this too because the game made it too easy for gamers to ride to the finish.


So to recap, Death’s Gambit was a decent game that is more or less worth the buy, but keeping in mind that there is no right class for every job so starting out with the Sentinel or the Blood Knight meant that you had to work hard to build your character. The stiff controls did not do the game any favors and level grinding in the game was also a killer because it meant that you had to spend more time in the game trying to get your character up to a decent level in order to really own.

The abilities in the game come as both a joke and the hardest things in the game to obtain even when it comes down to the weapon you’re using. The perfect weapon in the game doesn’t exist as many gamers have come to realize; many of the weapons make it so you don’t have to use your starter weapon which is bad because the concept doesn’t seem ideal especially if your starter weapon is the most powerful thing in the entire game.

If you have questions about my post or if you disagree with anything on my post then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.



  1. Rose Dean Rose Dean

    I didn’t know there were so many errors in this game. It’s really nice to hear a review with no cons. I always feel that this is a little dishonest. Thus, your review is much more honest.

    I’m very glad to hear about the controls. That is what bugs me the most while playing a game. Thank you for your review.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      You’re welcome Rose. That’s exactly what bugged me about the game and why I stopped playing, I felt the controls were not keeping up with me and that lag is what costed me most of the battles that I was in; it would’ve been a cakewalk to beat that game but the more I tried to deal with the controls the more frustrated I got, it was more than I could deal with.

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