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Published June 17, 2019

Deadpool the video game and the deadpool weapons have one thing in common, both are deadly to the touch. While the game is not hard by no means, it can get very challenging making it so common passable areas are cut off such as when you fight the various enemies in the areas past the opening area. Make no mistake, Deadpool will challenge you and push you to the depths of your video gaming ability as it did me.

Being a skilled gamer, I’ve waded through all types of enemies including the “titanic” enemies which, in my opinion, need the most attention in every battle. Thankfully, there are weapons that you can unlock in the game to make the going easier. Now, at first glance the deadpool weapons that you get may not have much of a use but don’t underestimate them; they come through in a pinch especially if you’re looking to slow and stun big enemies while you kill the little ones.

Unimaginable is the combos that you can pull off with your weapons or with various weapons and the biggest thing any gamer playing this game should do is experiment but more on that in a little bit along with the weapon trap discussion, I’ll discuss strategies and targets along with trap and gun combo. So without further ado, here’s…………..

Weapons, more specifically the ‘traps’

Like many deadpool weapons, the ‘traps’ are in themselves weapons that can be used to do everything from stun, stop and ultimately make enemies bleed to death and in many cases, destroy them. You may get to a point you’re completely surrounded and outnumbered. In that case, here’s a little tidbit to help even the odds. Landmines, a carefully placed landmine can be placed to deal damage and ultimately destroy your enemies.

I would even go so far as to make a barrier out of them like putting 3 in front of a door or a few inches away from the door, the goal is to not give your enemies a choice hence leaving them no said choice but to cross the ‘minefield’ in order to get to you hence killing them. You can even throw in a grenade to do additional damage. The important thing to do is to not let your weapon traps or projectiles just decorate your weapon collection.

These ‘powers’ were meant to be used and they should. Personally, I didn’t start out using these at first but when I got to using them then I was automatically impressed with them; there wasn’t one level in the game when I didn’t use these traps. Think about it, take a second!


One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give regarding the deadpool weapons is this, experiment! Experimenting with these weapons and traps is something you’ll want to do because it is not wise to just assume that everything works on every enemy because you’ll be disappointed when you get killed. When I first started out experimenting, I didn’t quite understand why a bear trap would slow down a big enemy let alone two of them.

But that’s when I also learned that you get your answers when you stop thinking so much and implement. However, I’m still encouraging you to experiment but you may also find that it is not always easy to try to get a bear trap down while dodging the ground pound of the big marshmallow-looking guys. Let it be known that there isn’t a single enemy in the game that doesn’t or won’t die by any combo that you experiment or come up with.

For example, if you’re paying attention to where a big enemy is running then you can launch a bear trap then they’ll get trapped and stunned. Next, you can do one of 2 things, you can bombard them with grenades or you can flashbang them then chop them up; the possibilities are endless.

Strategies & Targets

When it comes to using the deadpool weapons to destroy your enemies or lessen their ranks and numbers, no enemy is immune or should be left behind. Particularly, the big lava mook enemies that you’ll come across. These guys were the bane of my existence in the game and I’ll tell you right now, dealing with them first is a must.

Now, I would use a bear trap on him; wouldn’t you?

There’s also a frost version of the mook enemy and the same rule applies; take care of him before dealing with anyone else if they’re the only big threat in a party.

You’ll cross swords with some fast enemies in the game; enemies that will not sit still long enough for you to land a blow which is fine because those types of enemies usually make it a note to run after you or run away so you can easily bait them with either a landmine or a bear trap. If you can get them to stand still long enough, you can flashbang them then launch some landmines to destroy them.

The choice is yours but don’t get caught up in just wanting to stick with one strategy, I mean you can but it’s better if you pick and choose strategies for specific and different enemies.

Trap and gun combo

Have you ever thought combining the power of two deadpool weapons; confused, let me explain. You well know that you can use the shotgun or the pulse rifle to destroy your enemies no matter what and you also know that the sais are good combo builders. But, did you also know that you can use a bear trap then shotgun your enemies to death or even using the sais to build the combo meter which will build momentum if I’m not mistaken.

I used the aforementioned combo on the big enemies and the elemental mooks because they were my biggest problem, I also used it on Blockbuster if I’m remember correctly. The trap and gun combo can be used to incapacitate any enemy that is taking more of your health than you can heal; this’ll slow them down and rapidly speed up your healing abilities.

You can even use the trap and gun combo to buy yourself time while you’re collecting all of the collectibles in the area but how you use it is up to you, but as long as you use it to destroy your enemies. A bit of advice, buy the trap weapons first like the landmine, bear trap and the grenades at the very least.


Deadpool weapons are among the deadliest in the marvel-verse and they can be used to deal great damage in the game to enemies including big enemies to slow them down. The traps/projectiles, like the landmines, bear traps even the frag grenades can be used to destroy your enemies creatively. Just remember to experiment and remember that bear traps and landmines are ideal to use on big enemies.

The trap and gun combo is ideal to use on mostly fast enemies but can be used on lethal enemies as well like those enemies who take a chunk of your health with one swipe. If you have any problems or want to voice any concerns then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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  1. Gomer Gomer

    Okay, hands up. Deadpool has evolved into something very irresistible, making me want to buy via the link provided not tomorrow but right now! Just got some imaginations in my mind and thinking of the actual game. No question about the power of combos, you can have a double kill, triple kill or have a rampage with the combos. What lingers in my mind about an uncommon alternative is that, I’m thinking of the possibility of using sheer trickery, just plain skill and cleverness, I can beat the opponents who knows combos and handles the most powerful weaponry. If I can do that feat, then I will have something to impress my game addict friends. So, is it possible? 

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Yes absolutely, use everything you can to get through your enemies and crush them; that’s what the game is; the enemies do the same. By all means, do that.

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