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Published July 27, 2019

Darksiders iii has been out for a long while now and now the final of the dlc is also out now i.e. the Keeper of the Void. The darksiders iii crucible dlc is the most interesting not to mention the most painstaking of the two dlc but I can say that after spending 45 minutes playing it, it’s definitely money I’m happy I spent. However, make no mistake, it’s not your typical run of the mill arena. If you have played this part of the game/dlc then you see it for what it is, a tournament of survival.

This is only part 1 of the rewards

Now as you’re playing the darksiders iii crucible dlc, you’ll come to find that some of the enemies are a little on the easy side which is not at all bad and there are some benefits to playing in the darksiders iii crucible, benefits that may be overlooked or seen as not being worth it. However, I can say that any contest of skill and strength that rewards you, you should do it hence participating in the Crucible.

In this post, I’ll discuss the prominence of doing the crucible dlc, why it’s a show of skill, why the rewards are worth it and why it is a part of the game that you should definitely start and finish. Having said that, let’s start with why it’s…………

Not your typical fighting arena

Now, if you’ve been playing the darksiders iii crucible dlc, you’ll notice that it is not your typical fighting arena. Dating back to the days of the ancient Greeks, most gladiators survived on killing their opponent with no real way to replenish their health and/or bruises if they needed to. The crucible totally allows you to use your healing items but the only thing that you can use is your Nephilim’s Respite item, you can use your other items but there is a strict penalty for doing so which I totally understand.

So, when it comes to the Crucible and its rules, you should take it with a grain of salt because as it stands, it’s not really that hard to complete without the use of your consumables, you get refill on your Nephilim’s Respite when you kill an enemy that drops a green soul so keep on the lookout for that. One thing that you should definitely look into using is your Havoc form on the beasties within the arena.

That aside, the Crucible isn’t the most grueling challenge in the game but it can be if you make it so, I played the Crucible for a little while and stopped because it was a little on the easy side. Also, here’s a hint, if you use the Storm Hollow and you “perfect” dodge an archer’s shot then you can throw your spear at them; just an F.Y.I.


You might think that the rewards are well worth the trouble, and you’d be right. There are more than a few pieces of armor and other items that you can acquire via token system in which case you’ll be able to cash out at every 1000 points which will get you one Crucible token. This might not seem worth it in the long run but you have to think that if you manage to get 10k worth of points, you’ll be able to get at least 100 tokens; if I’m calculating that right.

A prize worthy of a fighter of your caliber!

Even if I’m not, you’ll still be able to buy what you want with ease. Seeing as how there’s a lot of enemies to kill and lots of points to gather, it’s okay if you have a hard time trying to choose a reward like there are enhancements for the 4 hollows and armor pieces that are definitely worth the trouble and the tokens. You can even wear the armor you get as well.

Part 2 of the rewards

As an added bonus, that armor piece carries over to the Keeper of the Void dlc which you can use and switch out if you desire. So you definitely have some control over your points. Think about this when you make the choice to do the Crucible which you definitely should.

A show of skill

The Crucible isn’t just a contest of strength, it’s also a show of skill particularly with the Hollows in your possession. When I was playing in the Crucible last, I was using the Storm Hollow and I was definitely kicking some ass and it came in handy when I was being shot at long range by the archers, I dodged and was able launch my spear at the archer without having to go up to him to take him out.

You’ll have access to all of your Hollow powers within the Crucible but it might seem like it’s a better idea of to just do the entire Crucible with regular Fury but its up to you. I got in there once with my Stasis Hollow on and it took the longest time to kill one enemy which got very annoying, very quickly. Using the Force Hollow, I was able to take down a few enemies as I was able to with the Flame Hollow.

However, doing the Crucible with regular Fury would show skill and it would show that you’re gamer enough to take it on without your Hollow powers but you may still use them as you see fit.

No part of the game unfinished

Perfectionism isn’t quite the name of the game here but leaving this part of the game unfinished feels like it’s a waste of money, I mean you blew the cash-eesh on the dlc so you may as well play it to its completion. However, I do have one piece of advice for you, don’t get cornered and watch your every angle which means that everywhere an enemy can surface, you can get attacked several times without time to counter.

This has happened to me when I ran a trial run on the Crucible; this is one of the biggest reasons why many might not survive the Crucible or might not be surviving at the moment. I learned this lesson the hard way.

Thankfully, enemies that are killed by you relinquish green souls that go toward refilling the Nephilim’s Respite item. Technically, this is all you really need to survive in the Crucible not to mention those badass pieces of armor that you get to rock once you use your tokens.

I’m unsure of the other prizes that await after you round up enough tokens but from I did get to see, these were good enough to make the president of Playstation play through the Crucible himself.


Darksiders iii crucible is a part of the game that is exchanges strength and power for fabulous prizes which can be gained with every 1000 points, though the Crucible is not your typical fighting arena, you still have advantages that even the ancient Greeks did not have. The Crucible is a show of skill that make the rewards worth it not to mention it is a part of the game that you do not want to leave unfinished.

So what do you think of my post, do you think the Crucible is worth it or worth skipping; what do you think about the rewards? Leave me a message and I’ll respond to you quickly. Thank you and Happy gaming.


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  1. Henry Henry

    Hi! Thank you for this review. I appreciate you mentioned quite a few things concerning Darksiders III that have been completely new for me. I didn’t know enemies were a little on the easy side. Nor did I know that this wasn’t our typical fighting arena.

    Also thanks for suggesting doing the entire Crucible with regular Fury.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      You can but I’d at least use some of my Hollow powers so as to spice things up and amp the challenge factor. But, the Crucible as a whole is only as easy or as hard as you make it.

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