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Published July 31, 2019

Darksiders 3 keeper of the void is a dlc that has been long awaited, it took its sweet time coming out but make no mistake that it is definitely a part of the game that you’ll be happy you have access to. The Keeper of the Void dlc is revolves around the merchant Vulgrim who complains to Fury that something is running around in the serpent holes that he inhabits and wants the nuisance done away with.

Now, I won’t ruin it for you but the nuisance that is inhabiting the serpent holes isn’t some little worm that is growing in size or some return of one of the deadly sins. What I will tell you is that the nuisance in question is a monster of an unknown origin. When I first saw this, I said “yeah, I expected these guys to be this strong”; when you meet the boss(es) of the serpent holes, you’re going to be in for the biggest surprise of your lives.

However, I can also tell you that getting this dlc is worth it for so many reasons, it’ll definitely push your Hollow powers to the brink and you’ll be able to test your powers against these formidable foes. Overall, I’ll discuss in greater detail about my 4 reasons for getting this dlc. So without further ado, I’m going to talk about…………

My reasons 4

Alright, so I discussed the awesomeness of the darksiders 3 keeper of the void dlc so now I’m going to tell you my top 4 reasons why you should get this dlc.

1. Exploring, who doesn’t like exploring different dimensions or aspects of another dimension; you’ll get a chance to finally see the world within the serpent holes and remember the golden rule, whatever you find within the serpent holes, is yours to keep; naturally lol.

2. New weapons, as everyone knows that some dlc in the past weren’t very good at delivering on certain promises. However, I can assure you that you’ll definitely get some new weapons; I won’t say when but you’ll be pleasantly surprised which you could use if you wanted to do the Keeper of the Void dlc first and the Crucible afterward. Think about it, take a second; matter of fact, if you go that way then you’ll be ahead of the game.

Case in point, you didn’t have that weapon before!

3. You’ll be helping Vulgrim for a price, you’ll be given a chance to help Vulgrim get his home back to normal and he just may shower you with a gift or two which is definitely worth it if you’re looking to armor up or add another cool piece of equipment to your inventory.

4. Your Hollow powers, your hollow powers will shine while doing this dlc because most of the enemies in the void are elemental in nature so it is ideal for you to try out your hollow powers on the enemies and really have fun with the game or that part of.

Finer reasons to buy this dlc there never was, remember always!

A test of powers

One of the biggest aspects of the darksiders 3 keeper of the void dlc is that your Hollow powers are there for you to exploit an enemy’s weakness and if we’re being completely honest, you’re going to need to do this many times in the game in order to survive or live long enough to beat the game. Remember how I said the many of the enemies in the serpent holes is elemental in nature, the bosses are too.

You’ll be testing your powers against theirs which, in the grand scheme of things, is usually how climatic battles like this are fought. So you’ll get a chance to use your elemental hollow powers on the enemies down there. Another awesome aspect of the keeper of the void dlc is that you’ll be test out everything from regular Fury to Force, Storm, Flame and Stasis Fury.

How cool is that!

You know the saying, some things are more afraid of you than you are of them; well, nothing is further from the truth because the enemies prowling around in the serpent holes are strong, real strong. But, it is worth noting that you won’t need to keep your elemental powers on all the time but I do caution you to mind your enemies and compliment them with a respective power.

For example, if you’re up against a fast enemy then Stasis power is the way to go and that way too you’ll be able to destroy that enemy before your life level plunges.


Experiment, it is one of the things that make playing video games great. You’ll definitely be able to experiment in darksiders 3 keeper of the void, but I want it to go on the record that you having fun is the goal of this part of the game; I’m not saying to not take it seriously but what I am saying is that sometimes you just have to know when to experiment with certain things and when not to.

Exhibit awesome!

For example, you may decide to change armor sets while you’re venturing around which is totally within your power and desire to do so. However, don’t do it if it’s going to put you in a position where you’re taking more damage than you normally would. So keep that in mind as well when you decide to experiment.

The game isn’t over

The greatest thing about the darksiders 3 keeper of the void is that the game isn’t over, it goes without saying that any dlc that lets you continue the game with all of your weapons and powers is definitely worth the buy. If we’re being completely honest, I swore long ago that I’d get this dlc because I knew it was going to be good, it is.

There isn’t much to be said about dlc that can keep you on the edge of your seat like the weapons in FFXV (I used the Royal Arms by the way, all throughout the game). But I want it to go on the record that you should definitely pick up this dlc, trust me, you’ll be happy you did, I am.


Darksiders 3 keeper of the void is a dlc that is worth its weight in gold and then some, but keep in mind too that you’ll be tested power for power while you’re exploring and while the biggest benefit is the exploration don’t forget to experiment with different weapons and armors to see what works and what doesn’t. With the dlc, the game is not over and that’s what makes it worth the buy.

So, what do you think of my post, is it good, is it bad or does it need to work; whatever the case, leave me a message and I’ll respond quickly. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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  1. RoDarrick RoDarrick

    Well, being a gamer myself, I have nothing else to say that to chip in that this dark side 3 keeper of the void really seems like a quality Dlc game and I am already feeling a urge within myself to get to play the game. I did little research on it because I was told, the game is such an exceptional one and would make up a very great game and that has been the major reason I am on your website. This review does not disappoint in any way. Great post!

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Thanks Roddarick, check out the dlc, you have to buy it but its worth it though because you’re turned onto a lot of surprises in the dlc. Get it, the payoff is huge.

  2. Henderson Henderson

    Wow,I have been really optimistic about dlc games and how I can play them with some of my friends who really just love playing video games. Well, I don’t really know much so I just searched for what I can get and this darksiders3 keepers looks like a real keeper. I think I’ll get this dlc and see how awesome it is. Thanks for posting

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      No problem Henderson, you’ll be happy you did; it’s great. I played a few minutes of it and I can’t wait until I complete the Crucible dlc before doing it. Play it brother, you won’t be disappointed.

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