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Published November 16, 2017

Shining Force I and II have one thing in common, promotions or characters getting promoted to a higher class upon reaching a certain level. What is great about Shining Force 2 is that the game takes the concept of promotion to a whole another level. Case in point, Jaha can be promoted to Gladiator at level 20, but he can be promoted to the class of Baron with the Warrior’s Pride in his possession.

Shining Force 2

One of the most critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 is that every promotion item should be found and never ignored because they give certain characters advanced powers upon promotion which does wonders for their abilities in battle. Plus, those chosen characters will be more of an asset in battle in the aspect that the gamer will not want to take those characters out of the party.

However, finding some of the promotion items can be a little challenging; some are in plain sight while others are sitting off in a corner or hidden amongst debris or old firewood, hint, hint.

Silver Tank, don’t bother promoting your Archers using this

Shining Force 2  Shining Force 2

                           Janet, no!

Shining Force 2

Janet, yes! See the difference.

In fact, get rid of the Silver Tank all together. In the bowels of the Cavern of Darkness on your way to Mt. Volcano to see Peter’s boss; you’ll stumble across this item. Get it and sell it, do not promote your chosen Archer using this item. Yes, the Silver Tank will allow them to be promoted to Brass Gunner(s) which might be a big deal at first glance, but I assure you, after trying it, it’s a big deal and an even bigger mistake.

The second of critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 is that some do not always work to a characters advantage, promote your archers to snipers; you’ll be happy with your choice overall. Incidentally, selling promotion items is a big no-no. The Silver Tank is the only exception to the rule because your archers are among the most valuable members of your party; they’re going to be slowed to a crawl if you promote them to Brass Gunners.

Rohde, a significant character in the game that joins you already as a Brass Gunner and trust me, he doesn’t get much action in the game unless you split your force up into two teams; if you use him, you WILL do this because it’ll be the only way he’ll get experience points to level up.

Warrior Pride, easy if you know where to look

Shining Force 2  Shining Force 2 Shining Force 2

King Granseal is not happy about his new digs, but your force loves it. In fact, Inspecting the shield at the rear of the room where your force is will easily reveal this valuable item. Another of my critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 is that you shouldn’t dismiss any promotion item because it looks like a toy or something inferior. The Warrior Pride, when used to promote a Warrior, will promote the Warrior to the class of Baron.

You’ll have one of the most powerful fighters in the game on your team, it is no question that enemies will die almost instantly when enemies are fighting your Baron one on one. Generally, I always equip my Baron with swords because I feel that swords are more powerful than axes; ironically.

However, equip your Baron with swords and axes because the weapon is going to compliment them no matter what and they are going to tear up the battlefield. Promote Jaha to Baron instead of Randolf because if you promote Randolf to Baron, you won’t be able to take full advantage of his strength and Randolf’s rise in levels are practically in the toilet when he joins you.

Vigor Ball, Sarah and Karna’s transformation

Shining Force 2 Shining Force 2 Shining Force

This powerful item can be used to promote Sarah or Karna to Master Monk, go with Sarah and use it to promote her to Master Monk because Sarah is better at attacking. Plus, Sarah gets more turns to act, heal and attack; Karna is usually among the last of your characters to get a turn which can be a problem if you need to use her Aura spell to heal people which you will in your battle against Zalbard and Geshp.

While you’re not completely compelled to follow my critical points about promotion items in shining force 2, it’ll put you on the fast track to beating the game with minimal difficulty. I can tell you from experience that there is no going back once you make that choice to use a chosen promotion item to promote that chosen character so choose wisely.

Shining Force 2  Shining Force 2

The Elven Town is where you’ll find this item, check the corner in the far upper left portion of the screen; you’ll discover it hidden away by the trees. Coincidentally, you’ll find Kazin’s Secret Book here in one of the bookshelves in the biggest house in the village.

Pegasus Wing, so close yet so far

Pacalon Castle is in a village far from anywhere you’ll venture and by the time you get there, Chester should be around level 23-24 provided you used him up to that point; the last of my critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 is don’t feel pressured into using an item to promote a character that you get later in the game because you’ll be robbing yourself of that character’s potential.

Shining Force 2 Shining Force 2 Shining Force 2

The only reason Chester is the exception, which he should be, is if you plan to promote him to Pegasus Knight which you should because Jaro joins you as a Pegasus Knight but he’s not as powerful and hard hitting as Chester. In Pacalon Castle, make your way out of the throne room walking down the right side of the blue carpet. Walk straight until you hit the wall then search it to find the Pegasus Wing.


Many of my critical points about promotion items in shining force 2 may seem a little odd or rigid but trust me, I’ve played and beaten this game from every angle; there is no greater authority on this game than me. The promotion items that you find, make good use of them to promote your characters because they’re your greatest power and asset.

If you have any questions about my post or about the game then please feel free to leave me a comment or just tell me what you think and how you feel and I’ll get back to you ASAP.






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