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Published September 2, 2019

There are a lot of games that take place in well-known eras such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey taking place during the Greek Mythology era and Castlevania taking place back during a time when the church were calling the shots, but it is without a doubt that these games did very well. However, in the upcoming game Greedfall, a riveting story taking place during Colonial Age America.

One of the biggest aspects I’ve seen with Greedfall predating back during the 17th century where a lot of things that were not seen or allowed existed back in those days like magic for example. While the game will have much to offer players in the ways of customizable gameplay, you’ll be able to explore different realms of existence.

While I’m not much for co-op or companionship, I have often wondered after doing an insurmountable amount of research on the companion aspect if traveling with a companion or two is really necessary but would be good if I can go it alone but more on this later. Greedfall is a game seemingly like it’s a mixture of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Cutthroat Island. Overall, the game is going to be awesome in more than one aspect which I’ll discuss in this post.


Greedfall is the game that’s on its way to us and it’ll be here in 8 days, it might seem like a long time but if you saw this game at E3 and is really pumped about the game mechanics then 8 days can seem like a long time to wait lol. I kid but seriously, Greedfall is a game that combines the best of colonial age America with modern video game mechanics, I know I can’t wait until this game comes out because it plays like Witcher and gives you options to kill your enemies like Assassin’s Creed. Truly awesome.

While I’ve never been much on colonial history, I think it would be interesting to see what kind of lessons are taught via gameplay; compromising might be one of the lessons to learn on the voyage considering all of the faction heat you’ll be absorbing so to speak.

Greedfall is definitely not without its ability to wow a crowd of gamers especially with weapon upgrades which can come in handy in the event that current weapons are not getting the job done. With Greedfall, there’s a little something for every one of all ages especially gamers who like taking on titanic sized enemies.

The Focus

The focus of Greedfall is showing gamers how to move, traverse and defend themselves along with getting help from natives given their trek across the wilderness. Part of the focus is trying to smooth over relations with the factions you’ll no doubt come face to face with. I feel like playing a game taking place during Colonial Age America, the time period has much to teach about the ways of diplomacy and setting up a proper defense. Make no mistake, making it through the game in one piece is the ultimate goal.

That and finding the cure to the disease that ravages you and whole cities and tribes. When I first heard that you’re going to be infected with a disease, I thought, “there’s no way to make it thru this game in one piece if you’re constantly worried about how your health condition is”. However, I can’t think of anything that would interfere with the gameplay because I know the game is all about finding the cure the main focus of the game.

I’m definitely looking forward to playing the game because I feel like it has a lot to offer gamers and I feel like the decision-making that’ll transpire will put gamers in the drivers seat that’ll determine their future in the game.


One of the biggest aspects of the game is the features such as being able to custom create your character and stay with them throughout the whole game, I think its so awesome that you’ll be able to make your character look like anything you want. Another feature that I think is so awesome is being able to use weapons from swords to hammers etc. This aspect of the game reminds me of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey where you get access to different weapons which comes in handy when you’re dealing with every enemy from Spartans to Athenians to buff bandits.

Not to mention that you’ll be given the choice of using magic in the game which is really awesome because magic in any game can turn the tide of a battle, it’s a great add-on to have in the game because it’ll make dealing with enemies easier as well. I love the thought of being able to fire all kinds of elemental energy shots at enemies at a distance.

In my professional opinion, I think that the magic aspect of the game can be built upon so the magical powers of your character can decimate whole armies of enemies so definitely looking to try that on and see what fits.

The expectation of companionship

The expectation of companionship is one that can be largely acknowledged in the game especially since you’re advised to bring or recruit a companion so as to keep the emotions of the factions low depending on who you decide to bring. Now, I’m a gamer that like to play a game by himself because I hate co-op even in game co-op because whatever you need a second person to do, you can do alone. When I first learned that you have to take companions with you, I was sort of turned off.

However, if you look at Final Fantasy XV and how Noctis and his friends work together; you can still play and battle enemies with them on the battlefield because you’re doing the most damage and they were a good distraction while you were doing your thing like the Armiger moves etc. I hope that if I do have to take companions with me against my will so to speak, I want them to be like Noctis’ friends on Final Fantasy XV and play like they played.

However, I can say that from what I’ve seen with the companions, it doesn’t look like you’ll have to compete for enemies to kill while you’re running around with your companions but we’ll see in 8 days.


Greedfall has a lot of surprises in store for us, dating back to Colonial Age America; there’s definitely going to be a lot of history and gun, sword and magic play which will turn the game into a worthwhile source of entertainment. Companionship may or may not be optional but taking advantage of it might be in your best interest or it might not. That’s up to you.

So what do you think about Greedfall’s upcoming arrival, do you think the game will disappoint or do you think it’ll be the Action RPG of the year? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.



  1. MattMatt

    Hi Rodney,

    Thanks for this post, it shows up when I search for the latest update games! Greedfall is like a mirror you could see and predict for some disease or attack from other predators, so you need to learn how to look through the mess and go for the right track to the end.

    I am a bit worried about the game scenario since I am thinking to buy a birthday for my friends’ kid, wondering is it ok for kids among 7-10 year old? Thanks.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      The game is going to be kickass for sure, but to answer your question about your friend’s kid, no, I would say not because this game comes off to me as age appropriate not because of the potential same-sex aspect but more of the monsters and bloodshed of the game but mostly the monsters.

  2. JohnJohn

    Oh, this is very massive. I have started falling in love with adventure games though I play only on my PC. Sending us back in time to the conical age in America sounds really cool and honestly just like you said, I’m also looking forward to see what lessons we’ll be learning from this one. I like that in greedfall, one gets to choose whether or not to make use of magic. I love magic in games so I’ll keep mine up. Do you know if the game will be available on PC?

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Hey John, thanks for your feedback. Yes, I believe that the game is coming out on PC as well. Just wait until you play it, I feel like its going to be awesome as is. I’m looking forward to it; I’m planning on getting mine on the 13th of this month; the game comes out on the 10th. 

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