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Published August 7, 2018

Dragon Quest Heroes II introduced a feature in the game that has not been seen since the days of Shining Force; the ability to change classes. Although this might not seem like it’s a big deal, it sort of is. First, there are only two characters that can change classes which are the protagonists, Teresa and Lazarel. Second, changing classes gives you access to a wide range of new abilities. However, a lot of the classes or vocations that are available predate characters from Dragon Quest Heroes I.

The class changing cousins

For example, Priest – King Doric, Mage – Jessica, Martial Artist – Alena etc. From experience, changing classes grants Teresa and Lazarel extra abilities; abilities that they cannot get on their own. Some of these abilities can be applied to not just dungeon areas but towns as well. Take the thief class for example, you have to completely master that before you’re given the power to open locked chests.

Changing classes may grant your characters new abilities but it does take time to build that level up which could leave Teresa and Lazarel at a disadvantage which would also lead them back to their previous class. The silver lining is that the martial artist master will give you new abilities per level progression. Having said that, changing classes in Dragon Quest Heroes II, yay or nay; why, here are some things to consider.

Teresa and Lazarel are the only ones

For one, you don’t know what a relief this is to only have your two main characters being able to change classes; can you imagine if all of your characters could; Teresa and Lazarel are the only ones that can change classes which is good because it gives you a chance to try different other classes with them. Both characters start off as Warriors but you’ll be able to “transform” after you beat Cesar.

Beat Cesar and vocation change will be yours

The second reason why it is a good thing that only Teresa and Lazarel can change classes is because it is better to concentrate solely on leveling up the two key character with the “changed” classes vs. trying to level every character that changes class. Right now, I have my Teresa as the main character and she’s a Lv.11 Mage while my Lazarel is a Lv.11 Priest. You can have Lazarel and Teresa master one class before starting another but that’s totally up to you.

One thing about the thief class, you can only change your main character into a thief; there is no way to switch that out or ignore that option so remember that when and if you decide to go on the hunt for the Thief’s Key.

The pros of changing classes

Now, there are dozens of benefits to changing classes and I can tell you that the reward system make the decision to do so exponentially worth it. One of the many benefits is the abilities, right now my Teresa has abilities of every element which does wonders for me because I’ll always be ready to exploit an enemy’s weakness on a moment’s notice.

The benefits speak for themselves

Second, change of weaponry; I love this part of it because now I wield whips like Jessica from Dragon Quest Heroes I and perform some of the moves associated with the whip such as Twin Dragon Lash and Whipcrackle. In my opinion, the weapon change alone makes changing classes worth it. Also, you don’t get just one weapon, you get 3 different weapons. Mage; staff, whip and wand. Warrior; twin swords, one handed swords and axes.

My advice, buy the strongest weapon of your chosen class(es) and switch them out after 2-5 battles so you can see how each weapon functions and how it enhances your character; do this only if you can afford to, if not then just stick to buying one weapon for your chosen class.

Changing back

The biggest pain in the butt about changing classes is the fact that you have to change back at different points in the game unless you choose not to. Leveling up classes is all well and good but there will come a time when you will have to change back; a boss fight with a tough boss for example. Plus, you have to go back to the vocations’ priest and make it known that you want to change back to your previous class.

Sometimes you have to change back

Changing back to your previous class does not mean that you have to start over at again at Lv.1 which is one of the things I love about this feature; the same goes for when you change back into your secondary class but you will have had to work that specific class up to a specific level. For example, let’s say you’re changing back into your Warrior class which is at Lv.17 and a Martial¬†Artist Lv.12; these are your class specific traits before you take on whatever boss you’re facing. You challenge the boss as a Warrior and destroy then after the battle you’re back to being a Martial Artist Lv. 12; when you change back to your Martial Artist class then it’ll be at Lv.12 where you left it.

The cons of changing classes and the reluctance of why you might want to

There are cons to changing classes as well and you might find yourself reluctant to do so because of these significant disadvantages. For one, you have to start your new class at Lv.1 and level it up which can leave you at a disadvantage if you decide to “wear” your new job into battle against an all-powerful boss. Furthermore, putting yourself in harm’s way with an underdeveloped class can get you killed many times over or will require you to blow through all of your healstones.

The Mage is powerful but has flaws

Another of many cons of changing classes is the skill point arrangement; yeah, you’ll get your hands on new abilities that will complement your “new form”, but those new abilities often don’t hit as hard unless you invest A LOT of skill points into strengthening those powers and other traits which can be good and bad depending on how hard those powers hit and kill your enemies.

Finally, all of your stats for your new class is at their basic level which means you have to work substantially hard to get your new class up to par with your “starter class” – for lack of a better phrase. Of course, this might bring you to the conclusion that level-grinding is the answer which, let me tell you now, it’s not so don’t even think about it.

Even gladiators class has its limit

At first glance, the cons of changing classes outweigh the pros, but the choice is ultimately up to you so think about that before you decide to “sign on the dotted line”.

Consult the Martial Master

Whether you’re changing classes or choosing to stay with the one you started with, it’s immensely advised that you consult the martial master who you’ll find inside of the same building where you’ll find the vocation priest. My advice, talk to the Martial Master after every 3-5 levels you gain because he’ll have some additional powers and abilities to bestow upon your people which is a great help in battle.

Never ignore this guy!

You may not think that a +5 sword attack bonus is a big deal but I assure you that it makes a BIG difference when a character’s survival becomes a matter of life and death. Unmoot point: Don’t EVER neglect the Master.


Dragon Quest Heroes II have opened the door to class change which has not been seen since Shining Force II, changing classes is an avenue that you should definitely explore despite the fact that Teresa and Lazarel are the only ones that can change classes. However, changing classes comes with many benefits such as elemental power and healing.

Changing back is a whole other process altogether, it can be a pain but it can also save your life too when you’re going up against bosses that might require the use of your “starter class” so as to increase your chances of success. The cons of changing classes, be it starting your new class over at Lv.1 or using every single skill point to increase the strength of those new powers, it’s important that you weigh your options before you cross that bridge.

Consulting the Martial Master every 3-5 levels will keep you ahead of the game when you’re sizing up your enemies and as I previously warned, ignore the martial master at your own peril. I’d love to hear what your perspective on my post is, what do you think? Feel free to leave me a message and tell me your thoughts and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy Gaming.

R.J’s last minute tip

Regarding class changes, you can class change one person and leave the other as their starter class so you won’t be completely setting yourself up for failure. For example, if you’re going to change Lazarel into a Martial Artist then leave Teresa as a Warrior until Lazarel’s level in his secondary class grows substantially then change him back to a Warrior then class change Teresa.


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