Dragon Quest XI Open World, where you at and where are you going?

The best thing about Dragon Quest XI Open World is being able to go anywhere and everywhere you want as long as you have the right transportation, it goes without saying that getting around in the world would become a little overwhelming if you didn’t have the Zoom ability at your disposal (Thanks Veronica).

Exploring the open world gives you the power to go whereever you want and that means you can go do every sidequest there is along with exploring other places in the post game. Although you can explore the open world during the first and second half of the game, you won’t really appreciate it until the post game.

One thing I always got into the habit of doing is starting with the places that seem like the hardest to get to like the places in the open waters and the good thing about that is that you’ll be able to get it out of the way if you don’t like exploring by boat like me.

So, now I ask you, where are you in the game; how far have you made it? Is there anything impeding your progress and are you looking for help of any kind? I’m going to discuss where I am in the game, why I am and my advice to you if you’re in the same place in the game and possibly a tip or two.

Where I am at Present

At this very moment, I just got to the Arborian Highlands and I’m scouting the area for any hidden treasure that I might have left behind previously. I want to go on record as saying that this is very arduous and time-consuming but I also can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some trophy awarded after finding all the treasure in the world (Don’t tell me!)

From there I’ve been going backwards on the world map and my journey led me to Phnom Nonh where I took care of the crazy malicious character that was in charge of cursing everyone in Phnom Nonh by going into the mural in the ruins. I want it to go on the record that I’ve taken the liberty of killing any enemies who cross my path.

I’ve gone up a few levels and I feel like I’m ready to take on anything in the game, but I have to ask you; where are you in the game right now?

Why I am here

Along with the exploring the Dragon Quest XI Open World, I’m at the point that I am at right now because I’m traveling the world to get stronger so I can go back to the Trial of the Luminary and destroy the boss(es) at the end; I was no match for them before but I also didn’t have the Blade of Ultimate Power!

I just not too long ago finished exploring all the Insula(s) in the open waters because, as I’ve said before, I hate exploring the open waters by boat but it does have its benefit such as destroying the high level sea monsters; the Squidzillas aren’t even anything to worry about at this point in the game.

Another reason why I am here is because I feel like it is my obligatory duty to 100% the game and I feel like the only way to do that is by exploring everywhere and that means leaving no stone unturned; that includes going to Yggdrasil to get the Yggdrasil Dew just to have it on hand for a battle which I suggest you do.

My advice, don’t ignore the enemies on land in the areas you visit; they’re super strong but give you mucho experience. Currently, my team is at Lv. 86+ So, where are you in the game right now?

If you’re at this point, my advice

Exploring the Dragon Quest XI Open World in the post game sort of feels like you have a huge chore list of things to do before you face off against Calasmos. If you’re at this point then here’s my advice. First, get out in open waters and explore all the Insula(s).

With them out of the way, you won’t have to worry so much about them when you’re putting the final preparations on the game before you head to the black star.

Second, talking to everyone in every town is advised but pay close attention to the pink bubble people and those with sidequests; they take precedence and you WILL be doing some traveling.

If you want to attempt the Wheel of Harma trials then you very well may but when you get to the final trial, you may want to back off until you’re stronger and have found a way to get a hold of some pep pop (Derk, hint, hint). The last trial is going to demand that you have 99% of your abilities and be pepped up; everyone. Where are you in the game?

Use Noah’s Archive and find treasure along with the Ultimate Key treasures

I mentioned in a previous post about Noah’s Archive; well, now it’s the best chance you have at finding all the treasures that are still hidden in the various towns and battle areas. As I also mentioned, if you’re looking for a valuable treasure as the archive mentions, you’re looking for a treasure chest.

So, go backwards starting from Drustan’s Labyrinth’s own Trial Isle trials and seek the items there then work towards finding the Ultimate Key treasures because they are many and they are vast not to mention valuable.

This goes without saying but if you’re not sure where the Ultimate Key locations are then look at the map anytime you enter a town or a battle area.

If you haven’t rebuilt Cobblestone yet then now is a good time to do that as well because now that you have both the Magic and the Ultimate Key, you’ll be able to get all kinds of treasures. Here’s a hint: When you get to Arboria, and you use Noah’s Archive, it’ll say there’s one valuable treasure left.

Want to know where its precise location is, go to Serena and Veronica’s house, go upstairs and look beside the leftmost bed. I found it there yesterday when I went looking for it; imagine my surprise. Are you here in the game or where are you precisely?


Where are you at in the game, where are you going; if you’re going to explore the Dragon Quest XI Open World then start exploring the Insula(s) then travel the world getting stronger so you can go back to where you battled that strong monster and got killed and beat it.

You can optionally do the Wheel of Harma trials right now as well but if you’re going to then stop before you get to the final trial and leave it until you learn the rest of your powers and abilities. Use Noah’s Archive and find the Ultimate Key along with other hidden treasures while fighting the enemies and getting stronger.

So, where are you in the game, how far have you come; do you feel you need a hand on where to go next; if you do then leave me a message regarding this post and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and Happy gaming.



Dragon Quest XI Weapons, upgrade often especially if you’re doing the Wheel of Harma trials

One of the best qualities about a Dragon Quest game is the weapons, but some weapons are better than others as you well know. Weapons are judged by their strength, the added power they give the character as well as the secondary effect that it comes with.

However, Dragon Quest XI Weapons have been known to be the kind that gives you a little of everything, a little protection from instant death to being able to cure every ailment there is. While weapons are truly the main power in the game, it has become a rather touchy issue as to when to upgrade.

A general rule is usually to upgrade weapons often, but when would your weapon upgrade come in handy; in general or if you know they’re going to carry you to a win. For example, if you’re going to complete the trials within Drustan’s Labyrinth, it is advised that you forge the highest level weapons.

There are things about weapons that get overlooked and attack power is all that’s taken into account which it should not be. In this post, I’ll talk about the importance of a weapon analysis, where it’ll do you the most good and what you have to do to make super strong weapons.

Pay attention to the star level

Now, I’ve made plenty of Dragon Quest XI Weapons and even tried them out on enemies; it was great knowing that my new weapon was causing lethal damage. However, one thing I always overlooked was the star level; it didn’t dawn on me the true power of the weapon came in the form of the star level.

Always pay attention to the star level of the weapon and another reason to do this is so you don’t make the mistake of forging a weapon that might have a higher attack power but the star level is low. I did that too many times and wasted so many materials to boot.

The star level will tell you exactly if the weapon is of the highest quality weapon-wise and in it so doing, you’ll be able to save not just time and forging materials but you won’t have to journey all the back to either the Trial of the Disciple to get Orichalcum or to the Battleground to track down even more Orichalcum.

It might not seem like much or seem important at the time but for the future, pay close attention to the star level so forging weak weapons doesn’t undo you.

Magical Might makes a difference

As with many Dragon Quest XI Weapons, you’ll come across many Heavy Wands that have a great deal of magical might to which Rab and Veronica can immensely benefit from when it comes to their magical attacks. You’ll want this to be as high as possible when you’re facing off against enemies especially within the Wheel of Harma.

Weapons with strong magical might will no doubt come in handy when you use Veronica’s Magic Burst or her and Serena’s double tech Mighty Magic Burst. I was using this on the Slime Party in the first round of the 4th trial of the Wheel of Harma and swept the field clean instantly.

Let’s not forget Rab and his Pearly Gates ability, his magical might especially when he’s pepped up will cause lethal damage of the highest caliber 450 – 505+; it doesn’t matter what level Rab are at after Lv.80. Magical might will always be the reason why magic attacks do the kind of damage that they do.

I just forged Veronica and Rab a Staff of Eternity, a weapon with high magical might and power to boot; don’t go into the Wheel of Harma trials without it.

Wheel of Harma – 4th trial, 3rd monster team

This part of the trial is by far the most complicated in the entire 4th trial, you’ll face off against 3 metallic hands and one metallic scorpion. Strategically, it helps to have the most powerful weapons and for this battle you’ll need Hendrik and Jade. Before I go on, its worth mentioning that Jade should have her Lightning Thrust ability.

Hendrik should have his Hatchet Man ability because the only way these metal monsters are dying is by those two attacks in particular. I want it to go on the record as well that one of the hands will occasionally cast Whack so be prepared for that; I was lucky enough to make it through the round without seeing it.

Above all else, destroy the hands first because they’re the biggest threat; this is where having the strongest Dragon Quest XI Weapons really comes into play because, and I believe this, it helps with the critical attack likelihood. The character builder makes this a slam dunk if you’ve been keeping up with that which I hope you have.

Revisiting areas for materials

One of my favorite things to do when creating Dragon Quest XI Weapons is revisiting areas for materials like the Orichalcum that lies in the Overlooked Cavern in the Battleground area or the Disciple’s Trial to get more Orichalcum. Personally, I hated the latter because I was there on the hunt for something else.

But, if you’re searching for Orichalcum in particular then I suggest you go to the Disciple’s Trial for it; I’d even mine a bunch of it so you don’t have to make frequent trips like I’ve had to. Revisiting areas for materials is something I would encourage you to do because it is going to make the Wheel of Harma trials easier and less time-consuming.

Personally, I was looking for a Chronocrystal or two and I didn’t remember that Derk sells it in the Cobblestone shop for a huge stack of bank so if you’re looking for Chronocrystals then that’s where you’ll find it. Many areas are home to materials that have what you need to make the strongest weapons on Erdrea.

Another plus to revisiting old areas for materials is the dozen of strong enemies that lie their and beating them up for extra experience points never gets old. Also, I want to point out as well that the experience points gain per monster kill is immense. So my advice, sit back and enjoy it.


Dragon Quest XI Weapons are judged based on their attack power, magical might and most important, their star level which tells you how powerful they are. Magical Might benefits Rab, Veronica and Serena; don’t ignore making them weapons that’ll skyrocket their magical might.

Revisiting areas for materials is beneficial for you for two reasons. To get stronger as you’re searching for whatever the material it is you’re looking for and two, so you’ll be ready to conquer the 3rd monster team of the 4th trial of the Wheel of Harma with the two aforementioned characters.

If you have any questions about my post then please feel free to send me a message and I’ll respond immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If and when you complete the Wheel of Harma’s 4th Trial, you’ll be given a chance to complete the fifth. My advice, don’t rush to get it done; travel the world and complete other sidequests in other towns. Don’t go anywhere near the final Wheel of Harma trial until you’re at Lv. 92+


Fighting the Valkyrie, Eir; the mountainous soldier of agility

In God of War PS4, you’ll be “advised to visit other realms” post endgame which you definitely should because God of War PS4, I’m happy to say, doesn’t stop after you kill Baldur. In fact, the post endgame is a great time to explore other sidequests in the game whether it is getting a 100% in every area or exploring aspects of other realms like hidden areas.

You would think this would be how the post endgame starts

One particular sidequest definitely worth doing is going after the Valkyries; the Valkyries are among the strongest enemies in the entire game. Before I go on, I think it is worth mentioning that paying attention to a Valkyries attacks are the key to destroying them. I can tell you that Eir, the Valkyrie of the Mountain area, her agility and ferocity rivals that of Sigrun herself.

However, I’ve fought and destroyed Eir and I took the time to make a note of everything I came across when I fought her in battle. Eir is one of the toughest Valkyries you’ll ever do battle with, but that doesn’t mean that she has to be. A lot of Eir’s attacks can be interrupted which will help you gain the advantage in battle. Having said that, here’s my strategy for destroying Eir, the mountainous soldier of agility.

Use your Talisman of the Realms when you see her red ring flash while she’s airborne

Eir’s Aerial Spin is one of her basic and general attacks that she abuses in battle; ten times out ten, you’ll fall victim to it. Eir’s speed is her greatest asset in battle which means slowing her down is going to be a definite must. For this, you’ll need the Talisman of the Realms. Use the Talisman of the Realms when you see her red ring flash because she’s about to do an aerial spin followed by using her lance light area attack which is damaging.

You have been warned!

The Talisman of the Realms is your safeguard for getting away from Eir when she does that because it’ll help you gather your bearings and give you time to recover health which you definitely will have to in this battle. So, don’t come into this battle without this priceless artifact because it will be your literal lifeline.

Use your Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos to also knock Eir out of the air

Eir is notorious for getting airtime and being able to rain death from above in your direction especially if you’re near her which, sometimes, you can’t avoid. However, Eir loves getting air but that doesn’t mean you have to let her and there are ways to prevent this with your weapons to emphasize said point. For one, you can throw your Leviathan Axe to knock her out of the air. In so doing, you’ll interrupt her attack and keep yourself safe.

Keep her grounded, keep your distance

Your Blades of Chaos are also good about this, you can launch your blades at Eir and knock her out of the air thereby stunning her and knocking her off her game so to speak. Ultimately, the biggest thing you can do is to keep Eir grounded because it is going to go a long way in this battle.

Eir’s secondary red ring warning

Eir goes red ring when she’s in the air as you know and her attack is lethal especially if you’re within range; Eir has a secondary red ring warning and follows it up with a swing of her staff. Eir, when she’s on the ground, has a red ring attack in which she’ll slam her staff into the ground causing you moderate to lethal damage; this is something you definitely want to avoid.

When you see Eir’s red ring warning while she’s grounded, she’ll swing her staff; get away from her by dodging side to side or using the Talisman of the Realms to slow down time if you cannot get away fast enough. The important thing is to not be by her when you see that red ring.

Two attacks I used to destroy Eir

Incidentally, Eir maybe be fast on her feet but she can be beat and there are two attacks I used to destroy her which made the battle so much easier even after I died a few times learning her attack pattern. One attack I used was Leviathan’s Wake which was hitting her for lethal damage every single time I used it and using the attack to hit her at a distance was also good because I didn’t want to fight her up close while trying to replenish health.

I then switched to my Blades of Chaos in which I used Nemean Crush because again, I was about trying to be smart about fighting Eir which meant that I didn’t want to take any unnecessary damage if I didn’t have to. Plus, the Nemean Crush was good about breaking Eir’s guard which helped me stay alive.

You’ll need the Blades of Chaos for this fight!

Don’t be hasty while fighting her, patience go a long way; it’ll come in handy when she’s attacking.

While fighting Eir, I noticed something; rushing into battle to fight her isn’t going to get the job done. There were plenty of times when I wanted to run up to her and cut her to ribbons using my blades and axe but I saw firsthand that didn’t work out so well. So, my advice to you when fighting Eir is this: Be patient!

The reason, Eir is speed demon personified and speed vs, speed isn’t going to accomplish anything as we well know. This is how I beat Eir with ease, don’t give into haste; be patient and counteract her every move with these strategies because you’re not going to match her speed in battle, it’s not possible but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stop her every move.

Exercise patience and you can have this

If you’re looking to get in some extra hits then feel free to use the Guard Block (L1) when she shields herself because 8 times out of 10, it’ll knock her for a loop hence giving you a momentary opening to attack/get in more hits.


God of War PS4 has A LOT of interesting challenges including the Valkyries themselves; Eir is a challenging fighter and she makes use of everything in her arsenal but that doesn’t mean that you can’t especially if you use your Talisman of the Realms to slow her down to a crawl so you can get away and plan your next move or keep on the lookout for hers. Using your weapons to knock Eir out of the air is largely advised.

However, be mindful of her aerial and ground red ring warnings because both attacks are damaging and lethal. The Nemean Crush and Leviathan’s Wake are two ideal attacks I used to bring Eir down; use them. The one thing to always remember when fighting Eir is to be patient and don’t exercise haste when you fight her otherwise you will die countlessly. Follow this guide and you’ll be just fine when you fight her.

If you have any questions about my post or any comments then please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

If you want to, and I probably advise doing this, wait and take Eir on after you have gotten your Blades and Axe’s runic attacks or after you’ve maxed out both weapons as much as you can because you’ll need the extra attack power.

Do some games deserve a second chance, yes and no; here’s why.

Many of us gamers play games that we feel don’t meet our expectations and for some of those games, we’re right; it’s not unusual that we gamers have high standards when it comes to our games. However, not every game we have or get is going to play the same as the one before it and that is the leading cause of what turns us off about certain games. For example, when I played Sparkster, I didn’t think much of it because it is not what Rocket Knight Adventures is, and the excitement in the game lacked.

I felt, at the time I first played Sparkster, that it was a game that I would avoid from then on. Some of us gamers have a tendency to judge a game too harshly and end up missing out on what could be a great game. I tried Sparkster, I mean I really sat down and played it for a few hours and it was not a bad game at all; it is so easy to say a game is terrible because it plays differently.

It is even easier to say a game sucks because of some aspects of it that we don’t like; an example of this is the stealth missions in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 which ultimately brings me to my question, do some games deserve a second chance, yes and no; here’s my pick of those games and why.

Aladdin – SNES

A big, fat no; this game does not deserve a second chance because there is so much to hate about the game and it definitely is the worst Aladdin game to ever exist. First, Aladdin has nothing in the game to defend himself outside of running and jumping to avoid his enemies. Second, if you’re going to be running up on a lot of enemies in the game then it only makes sense to give him a weapon not some apples as his only line of defense; throwing apples at enemies isn’t going to do much of anything.

This game deserves to be left on the shelf of time and left alone; it plays differently; yes but it leaves gamers trying to figure out what to do if they run out of apples if they’re not unlimited which I’m sort of under the impression that they are not. All in all, a game as horrible as this one should never have seen the light of day; gamers, if you’ve played this, I feel your pain.

Super Mario Bros Lost Levels

Oh hell yes; this game definitely deserves a second chance and every gamer should play and beat this game once because of all that it offers gamers. One, you get to choose who you want to play with either Mario or Luigi. Second, getting to World 9 is so easy; no warp zones. Third, the challenge factor rivals that of Super Mario Bros 3’s last few levels in the game i.e. level 6, 7 and 8.

I only made it to World 9 once, possibly twice and in all of that time I can say that the game challenged me to the fullest and I still wasn’t done after World 9; I still had to do Levels A, B, C and D. I always play as Luigi because his jumping height is way better than Mario’s and you’ll need that when you get to level 3 onward because you’re going to be making some crazy jumps.

My whole thing is this, if you’re going to play a Super Mario Bros game with oomph then it may as well be Super Mario Bros Lost Levels; the game alone is worth playing knowing that you don’t have to use Mario for this adventure.

Ghost Rider

This game got a bad review when it came out and it made me try to figure out why because after I saw some of the gameplay, I was hooked. This game deserves a second chance because there was no justified reasoning to back up the fact that it was a bad game. For one, Ghost Rider’s attacks and special moves are awesome; I mean, how can one not be impressed with Ghost Rider being able to make a fiery whirlwind out of midair.

Ghost Rider’s attacks and special moves are catered to taking down enemies of every sort, I want it to go on the record that the motorcycle stages are designed to help get a lot of souls in order to buy moves quickly; I was thoroughly impressed with how the stages and how there were enemies around every corner.

I never felt like I was at a loss for gaming action when I played it; the Plasma Shotgun move is one of my favorites. When I played the game, I abused that move and you wouldn’t believe how many boss monsters went down without much of a fight; I love this game, it’s definitely worth playing again and again.

Yugioh Millennium Duels

This game should be avoided at all costs; this game does NOT deserve a second chance because it is horrible on so many levels. First, there is no card store, period; this completely destroys any chance you think you might’ve had to get your hands on decent cards to destroy your competition. Second, the story mode or lack thereof leaves a lot to be desired. You can unlock a new character after you triumph over the previous but the mediocre cards in your possession does little to swing the duel your way.

You’ll get some “okay” cards after you lose but those are decent at best and barely good enough to get you through your next duel; pray it is not Solomon Moto or Bandit Keith. Overall, the game’s adequate gameplay and the lack of cards are a real turn off. There is no saving this game at all, and if you’re wanting the real Yugioh experience then don’t play this game because you will not only not get it, but you’re going to end up ultimately robbed of your time.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

When I first played this game, I was trying to 100% everything early on, I was trying to open all the pain boxes and get all the collectibles early on in the adventure and when I couldn’t, I got upset and gave the game a shitty review. I learned that there is a time and place for everything; no one gamer is meant to get everything early on in one go; it’s not meant to be that way.

This game should be given a second chance on account of the fact that it is a good game in its own right, you just have to be careful about fighting the same enemies over and over again; it can get monotonous and ultimately, a turn off but it is not a bad game.

The following is my advice on playing this game:

1. Enjoy it, don’t try to get everything until after you get the Demonic Wings; only then will you be able to make Drac a superpower.

2. Even though your Chaos and Void powers are used to heal you along with destroying your enemies; use them as you would your Shadow Whip. Simply, don’t just use the Shadow Whip on enemies; use your Void Sword and Chaos Gauntlets as well. The game only gets boring if you let it; read all the scrolls you come across, it is not a crime to get to know the Brotherhood knights that foolishly gave their lives for a pointless cause.

3. Make it your life’s work to stock up on dungeon keys; it’ll make your journey a lot easier.

4. Enemies can pop up infinitely if you enter their domain but don’t feel ashamed to leave the area and re-enter; there is such a thing as making Drac too power which will ultimately take away from the challenge factor. But, this is a double edge sword too because if Drac doesn’t have any way to heal himself or level the playing field he’ll die anyway so be mindful of that.


Video games are a great way to kill time and entertain us, but is it possible to make a rash judgment about a game along with jumping to conclusions about it; yes. I’m guilty of it as I’m sure other gamers are but the aforementioned games are the main ones that should and should not be given a second chance because some of them are worth playing and others are not.

Ultimately, don’t make any rash decisions about which games suck or not because there is always a chance that you’ll be wrong; a game may play differently but that doesn’t always mean that it will be terrible; in fact, sometimes it’s just the opposite.

What do you think about my post, do you think I’m right, a hypocrite who gave in or a gamer who made a big mistake; you decide. Either way leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

Sly 5, the end of it all; Sly’s legacy forever remembered

Sly Cooper and his gang has been keeping us entertained for as long as we can remember; the first Sly Cooper game I ever played was Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, it was a great game that made me feel like I was part of the action. The game did so well that it made several other games to compliment the franchise which did wonders for gamers the world over.

Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves and Sly Cooper 3: Honor among Thieves were great games in their own right which gave birth to the 4th Sly Cooper game, Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time. All in all, Sly Cooper games sold pretty well and kept many gamers entertained. However, there were rumors circulating about a possible 5th Sly Cooper game which would’ve done wonders for the franchise.

Personally, I think Sly Cooper should get a 5th and final game because I feel that the creators owe it to the gamers who have been playing the games for so long. Incidentally, Sly Cooper 5 would be the end of it all and the Sly Cooper franchise would have the eternal rest that it deserves; it’s more than a great way for Sly Cooper and the gang to end their time together. Having said that, here’s my list of how the game should be and end.

Why there should be a Sly Cooper 5

I believe there should be a Sly Cooper 5 because Sly and the gang deserve to go out with a bang; they have been in the game since 2002 and the time has finally come for the gang to bow out for good and the gamers to get that closure as only they can from the game’s deliverance. Furthermore, there were a lot of unanswered questions that surfaced during and after the fourth game was beat.

For one, whatever happened to Penelope; she was arrested and sent to a prison but she escaped. I believe that question should get answered and she make another appearance in the game. Penelope and Bentley should have another standoff where there is a test of genius rather than physical skill like the last game.

Also, Sly ended up in Egypt after the 4th game and the game should open to him being found and brought before his ancestor Slytunkhamen 2nd in which they come up with a plan to get Sly back to his original time period. Ultimately, Sly would come back during the middle of the first or second mission of the first home level.

Cooper ancestors make a comeback

Now, this would really make the game shine; Sly’s ancestors make a comeback and help him on different levels in the present day. For example, there would be a whole level dedicated to putting Tennessee Kid Cooper’s shooting ability to work for him and some missions to compliment it. Also, it would be cool if Galleth and all the Cooper ancestors taught Sly some alternate ways of using his present moves as well as bring back some from the first game.

Another unique aspect of Sly’s ancestors making a comeback is that they can be tagged in on specific stages or all the stages. For example, there’s a flying level that Otto Van Cooper could do and Sly could be on the gun while Otto concentrated on flying. I believe that each ancestor would have their role to play in the game and can be tagged in and out on a moment’s notice.

Sly’s ancestors making a final comeback in the game would really bring the game together because since some of his ancestors didn’t make it in the last game then it would be good to have them in this one.

Acquaintances of the Cooper Gang

Sly, Murray and Bentley all grew up in the Happy Camper Orphanage where they first became lifelong friends. But, what if the threesome were not alone; what if they grew up with other people around them, people who knew them. What if there was someone who could match Murray’s strength like a friendly rival if you will. Carmelita and Sly could have two or three missions together and Penelope and Bentley, Bentley, unable to fully trust Penelope, could work together as well.

Ultimately, each acquaintance helping the Cooper gang in some way by contributing their own talents and abilities. What about Dimitri; he was such a good character in the 4th game that I think he deserves some face time in Sly 5. There could also be missions where Dimitri uses his disco dancing/attacks from the 2nd game to destroy enemies and guards alike.

The big picture here is that everyone in the Sly Cooper-verse getting some time in on the game to help out the gang; Sly 5 would be friends helping friends and friends getting help from unexpected places i.e. the acquaintances, it would be a great way to get to know the people who know and grew up with the Cooper gang.

A helping hand

The final piece that would make the Sly 5 puzzle complete is getting a helping hand from Slytunkhamen II who would help Sly beat the endgame boss which would consist of a villain from Sly’s past like Mz. Ruby or El Jefe or even Clockwerk. Personally, Clockwerk would definitely be a great endgame villain because then all the Cooper ancestors can contribute to the battle and lend their powers to destroying Clockwerk for good.

Clockwerk was the endgame boss at the end of the first one and bringing him back as the endgame villain would be a slam dunk because all the ancestors can look upon the eyes and life of the enemy that took theirs; an example of this is using Slytunkhamen II’s invisibility technique to get past guards and having Bruce O’ Coop’s hacking ability to disable the hate chip and all of Clockwork’s mechanics so he wouldn’t be as strong as he would be.

Also, Bentley and another of Sly’s ancestors helping Bentley upgrade his time machine so he’ll be able to get all the ancestors back to their time or to bring Slytunkhamen II to the present.


Sly Cooper 5 would be a great way to close out the Sly Cooper franchise for good because it would give gamers so much closure given that many have been playing Sly Cooper games since the beginning. Sly 5 would be all about Sly’s ancestors making a comeback to the present day bringing Sly with them, acquaintances helping the Cooper gang out and many of the ancestors lending a helping hand like Sly’s ancestor Slytunkhamen II.

What do you think about my post, do you think there should be a Sly Cooper 5: The End of the Beginning or should there just be 4 games alone and that’s it? I’m interested in knowing what you think; leave me a message regarding my post and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


This is my ideal gaming setup if money was a non-issue; a gamer’s paradise!

Gamers, how many times have you sat and wondered, “man, I wish I had the ultimate gaming setup”; “I’d love to have that gaming setup in my home because it is so awesome”. I’ve done this a time or two myself and I still kind of do it today. Gamers having their own gaming setup is as important as gaming itself. Anyone can prop a gaming console up on a storage bin or even inside of an entertainment center.

I’d start right here

However, any gamer knows that they will never have true gaming peace until they create their own gaming setup. But, the problem is that money is an issue with most of us gamers; I can relate because I too have an idea about my ideal gaming setup but lack the funds in which to build it.

What about your ideal gaming snack or gaming food, what do you consider to be the perfect gaming snack; a food item that you cannot play any game without or play a long time without? I know one thing, we gamers can all agree that having the ideal gaming setup would make our gaming domain a gamer’s paradise. Well, this is my ideal gaming setup and recommendations if money was not an issue.

The Recommended Choice of Gaming Chair(s)

The first time I ever heard of a gaming chair was around my early teens i.e. ’93/’94, and it made me thirsty for one. I had one around that time but it didn’t last because of the quality or lack thereof when it came to supporting the weight of people. I’ve wanted to get another ever since then, but I’ve been doing my research and I wanted to not just relax while playing my video games but I want to feel as if I’m immersed in the game as well.

My gaming chair would be this….

My ideal choice for gaming chairs is obviously the X-Rocker gaming chairs because of their ability to be able to connect any console to it and the sound quality of the game being heard even through the chair which is awesome as a whole.

until I got enough money to buy THIS!

Then I thought, “why stop at a game chair when I can just find a “station” of sorts and that’s when I came upon the gaming workstation”. These, in my opinion, are the ultimate in gaming tech. I’ve wanted one the moment I laid eyes on it; the cheapest one is about $3300.00 on Amazon, it is worth it on every single gaming level. I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I could because no gaming setup is complete without one!

Gaming Desks, Preferably One That Will Hold All Game Systems

Now, I know there are times when money is tough but we gamers aspire to have that perfect gaming setup so we usually try to start from the bottom up which starts with the gaming desk or the ideal gaming desk. For me, the ideal gaming desk is one that is a 2 in 1 desk where you can put so much on one like a small flat screen television and one of your game systems and another game system on another part of the desk.

This is what I’m talking about!

Incidentally, a gaming desk is an intricate part of any gaming setup because it does two things. The first, it alleviates any chance of you putting your gaming system back in its box or whatever it is you have it in. Two, easy access; which, if we’re being honest, is what we gamers want.

Currently, I have 4 gaming consoles PS2, PS3 and PS4 including my retro gaming console; I’d love nothing more than to connect a couple of plugs into the television or power strip and get gaming while all of them on the gaming desk.

In the basement or secondary room, away from any animals or not have any

The horrible, horrible truth is that many of us gamers have pets be it dogs or cats or a combo of the two. Incidentally, pets are not allowed anywhere near our gaming setup because of their destructive nature and their ability to pee on just about anything; its an unwritten rule.

Awesome setup!

However, my idea for the perfect place for my gaming setup is in the basement; the perfect room away from the rest of the world. But, if basements aren’t your thing then a secondary room is okay as well. Either way, make sure your setup is away from any animal contact; basements probably aren’t ideal places if you have more than 10 of any pet.

Another reason why the basement is an ideal place is because of peace, gaming in peace is a like a paradise for us gamers; nothing but empty space and loud noise that’s coming from our games. Ultimately, if you’re going to have your game setup in the basement might I suggest you don’t have any pets/animals.

Multi-Socket Power Strip, video gaming without one is not an option!

This is a no-brainer, getting a multi-socket power strip to compliment your gaming desk is an absolute must. I recommend this because if you’re a gamer that do not particularly care for plugging up a game system every single time you want to play then you’re definitely advised to get one. Personally, I had two back when I was in college and I have one right now that I use but it hardly needs to be said but trying to plug two or more gaming consoles into the wall is not an option you should exercise.

I wouldn’t be caught dead gaming without one of these

The great thing about these power strips is that you can plug up your television and gaming consoles, it cannot be argued that keeping them plugged in gives gamers the option of just sitting down and going right to the gaming action. Despite how cheap these are to come by, it is definitely recommended that you get your hands on one because it makes accessing your gaming tech so much easier.

On a related tip, I always put my PS3 and PS4 up when I’m done playing them. But, I would like to keep them plugged into the power strip and just put a cover on them when I’m not playing them; ideally.

Ideal Gaming Snack

Alright gamers, time for the coup de grace; the gaming snacks. I’ve been playing video games for 28 1/2 years and I could tell you that I didn’t once think about a gaming snack. Coincidentally, it wasn’t until I started working on God of War PS4 that I got interested in having a gaming snack. My ideal gaming snack is the Chewy Sour Sweet Tarts; I love the taste and how the sour is so tangy that it practically explodes in your mouth.

You can’t go wrong with either of these

Many ideal gaming snacks consist of Pizza Rolls, Mountain Dew along with Doritos which are great gaming snacks because they add to the gaming experience; you truly know you’re in gaming paradise when you’re playing your favorite games and having your ideal gaming snack.

If you’re a lover of everything sour then you have to try the aforementioned gaming snack, the Chewy Sour Sweet Tarts because they don’t leave behind a candy residue which can do some serious damage to your controllers like Doritos or Sour Skittles; pizza rolls are good too because they are miniature and go right in your mouth which goes good with Mountain Dew. Any gaming snack is ideal as long as it satisfies you; these are my recommendations and that alone.


For many of us gamers, gaming is our life, our everything but there are many of us who seek to have the ideal gaming setup that would turn our environment into a gaming paradise. Gaming setup that includes, the right gaming chair which could be a gaming workstation or the illustrious X-Rocker gaming chair. The ideal gaming desk is one that preferably holds all of our gaming systems along with the flat screen television.

A gaming setup in the basement is ideal if you don’t have any pets or a secondary room in the house is another ideal place; video game tech is too expensive to replace if you have pets that use the bathroom everywhere. No gaming setup is complete without a multi-socket power strip along with that ideal gaming snack.

All in all, if you’re a gamer whose still aspiring to have the perfect gaming setup and this post really connects with you then feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and happy gaming


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Modern gaming workstations are the perfect gaming tech that allows any PC gamer to utilize its full powers, but did you also know that some of the gaming workstations are gaming console compliant which means that you can plug up your ideal gaming console into it, so pay attention to that if and when you buy one.

Paying attention pays off


Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is awesome, and here is how you can make your gameplay more awesome!

Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is the current Star Ocean game that is out on the PS3 and PS4. I currently have this game for my PS4 and I have to say that after playing it for almost 13 hours straight yesterday, I can say that it definitely surpass any of its predecessors. The last, the only Star Ocean game I’ve played prior to this is Star Ocean 3 on PS2; I didn’t get it to say the least.

Star Ocean 5 not only introduced the story and gave background info on what is currently going on, but it eased gamers into battle so they can take their time getting to know certain battle techniques that you had to learn on your own in Star Ocean 3. Personally, I love Star Ocean 5; the game creators did the game right. The characters are awesome, the battle skills are cool and the Reserve Rush is boss as hell!

While I was playing the game in earnest yesterday, I came up with a few ways that you can make your gameplay awesome. These tips will go a long way in this game and you may find yourself playing for hours not wanting to stop so consider yourself warned! Having said that, here are some things to keep in mind while you traipse around the Star Ocean five-verse.

Keep the MAX amount of Blackberries on your person at all times

You’ll want to do this religiously because as you adventure you’ll find yourself using your battle skills like crazy which you’re going to have to if you’re to gain full mastery over them; doing this also allows you to use your battle skills infinitely i.e. the double whammy effect.

Blackberry potions are more powerful!

Incidentally, blackberries can come through in a pinch when you’re in a battle with a tough monster especially if you’re fighting the Eyebalone boss at the end of your first trip through the Cathedral of Oblivion. You might think that you’ll go through all of them while you’re battling which is not true if you use them sparingly, but you’re still good if you don’t because they’re a dime a dozen.

Also, blackberries will come in handy after you learn alchemy/item creation which will allow you to create blackberry potions which restores a SIGNIFICANT amount of your magic points per use so capitalizing on this is absolute. All in all, keep the max amount of blackberries on you at all times; it is a lifesaver in battle, trust me!

Obey the bulletin board, do the quests, get treasure search

The first bulletin board that you’ll encounter is in Central Resulia and I want it to go on record that you need to pay VERY CLOSE attention to every request made on that bulletin board especially the part that said BRING X, Y, Z TO THE BULLETIN BOARD. Basically saying that you are to report back to the bulletin board upon completing a request; there is no one to report to or the person whose request is up on the bulletin board.

Neglect these are your own peril!

Coincidentally, make it your life’s work and time to do the quests because you’ll get A LOT of cool stuff, equipment even the treasure search specialty. The latter allows you to find those all invisible treasure chests on the mini map which they would not be anymore; the best thing about the treasure search specialty is that all treasure chests in the area become visible for you to find on the mini map which means if there’s a treasure chest 5 feet off to the right of you, it’ll show up on the mini map.

Here’s a tip, do the bulletin board requests that you can do right then; don’t try to 100% it because you won’t be able to until much later in the game; just enjoy the game. I found that if you do the quests that you can do, you’re less likely to feel bored doing even the most menial quests, the Subjugation Directive quests.

Abuse your Battle Skills, for they grow powerful with each use

This is a must in every battle, abuse your battle skills because they will grow more powerful and stronger with each use. The various books and manuals you find throughout your adventure will go toward strengthening your battle skills as well. The thing about abusing your battle skills is that you start seeing the difference as you’re using them. Your battle skills are your bread and butter in battle; the secret to mastering them and getting the most out of them is knowing which skills are effective on which enemies.

For example, did you know that using Fidel’s Death Palm on the Stone Golems deal them significant damage; I found that out yesterday when I was playing especially when I was doing the Subjugation Directive quest such as finding Dek, Tinat etc. I use Fidel’s Air Slash to deal damage to enemies that I don’t want nor care to get near especially monsters that have a special skill that can poison or kill.

From what I’ve seen, it may not be possible to completely master every battle skill but don’t sweat if you don’t because the fun part about this game is using your battle skills in earnest and in every battle situation.

Look to your glossary and often

The game has a glossary that you can look at to get to know your people because you’ll be able to assess their strengths and weaknesses, an example of this is when you read that Miki is a signeturgical fighter which means that she’s not a physical attacker which also means that you won’t find her on the front slapping an enemy around; she’ll be firing off signeturgy to heal you and damage the enemy.

The in game glossary is a little different than this

Another useful thing about the glossary is that you can read up your characters’ background and measurements such as how tall they are etc. I personally like it because it gives me a chance to draw my own conclusions about my party members such as how I want to use them in battle. For example, Emmerson uses a crossbow; he’s good to use at short to medium range.

If you’re an avid reader like me, you’ll probably just want to read the glossary just to have an understanding of something or someone. More importantly, the glossary is a valuable resource that you should never ignore because it can help you get to places and also help you find out certain facts such as the who’s who and what, what.

Learn to Guard

This maybe the most redundant thing that any gamer can be told in any game of this caliber, but learn to guard and above all, practice, practice, practice! You can guard by press and holding down the Square button during battle, you’ll reduce around 15% of your damage intake which might not seem like a lot but it can make a huge difference when you’re trying to stay alive long enough for Miki to heal you and for Relia to shield you.

Guard its physical hits, not its eye energy attacks!

Guarding in this game doesn’t get the recognition it deserves but I assure you, it helps to guard and keep that knowledge handy because you can actually deflect and absorb the attack of the enemy PROVIDED that the enemy doesn’t use an attack to break your guard otherwise you’re taking damage.

From experience, I’ve used guard a couple of times to avoid getting my attacks interrupted and it is a great way to open a battle especially since the enemies are practically new to you as you are them. Also, I found that guarding helps when you run out of magic points. Ultimately, learn to guard because you never know which attacks you can avoid or deflect using guard. If I were you, I’d experiment with guarding; I have.

Change characters, try everyone

What really makes this game so awesome is that you can change characters in the heat of battle which is great because you get to try everyone and anyone, you don’t have to just stick with using Fidel. I remember I was using Victor to battle a few monsters and I found that he plays similar to Fidel; he’s a little hard hitting than Fidel but he was great to use. I got to use Miki as well; she was pretty great to use too.

Miki is large and in charge!

Personally, I like this feature of the game because you can actually use a lot of your characters’ battle skills to crush your enemies and experiment with exploiting their weaknesses. This is the second feature of the game that you should definitely abuse because of the awesome power that it gives the gamer, I mean, let’s face it, there are not a lot of action RPGs that allows you to switch to another character mid battle unless that character was the only one standing while everyone else was not.

Incidentally, I’ve used every character in battle and they are all awesome in their own right; take advantage of this always and don’t allow yourself to be limited with just using Fidel.

Don’t be afraid to fight i.e. enter battle

Immerse yourself in battle(s); the stronger you are, the stronger your enemy isn’t. The longer you play this game, you might find yourself getting a little bored with battles which can get to be a little monotonous. But, there is a way you can turn that around and it is this, target the most dangerous enemy first using either R1 and/or L1. Doing this can turn the tide of any battle you enter and in so doing, you’ll alleviate what boredom you might start feeling.

Get some of that action!

If you start feeling like you don’t want to be bothered with enemies, you can run right around them or ignore them entirely if you feel like getting your hands dirty isn’t necessary especially if you’re more over leveled than your enemy is which will end up happening in this game; a lot.

Ultimately, fight and win every battle you’re in because I found that it better prepares you for the enemies at the Cathedral of Oblivion especially if you’re using your party members to exploit certain weaknesses such as elemental or otherwise. There’s no doubt about it, fighting every battle in this game will consistently keep you at a level much higher than that of your enemy.

Use those skill points on strengthening roles

Skill points are used to strengthen specialties, but that is not the only thing that the skill points are used for; they’re also useful in strengthening roles which is useful for the gamer. The reason, strengthening roles allow your party members to deal certain enemies 2x normal damage making it so certain enemies take more damage and die quicker. For example, mastering Insect Slayer will give birth to Raven Slayer which will allow the bearer to deal 2x normal damage to birds.

Roles especially battle roles were created to make battles easier; I’ll tell you this, I wish I had Raven Slayer equipped on Fidel when I fought Eyebalone in the Cathedral of Oblivion because my using the Reserve Rush on him when it was near death would’ve finished it. I mean, it’s so obvious that’s when I should’ve used that because Eyebalone is considering an avian monster in which he would’ve taken more damage had I equipped Raven Slayer from jump street.

Pay attention to your enemies and what category they fall under as far as what type of monster they are because ten times out of ten, you’ll have the right “slayer tool” to end them; you can always work up to getting it, if not.

Reserve Rushes are a great way to bring a quick end to a tough battle even boss battle(s)

Reserve Rush is the best way to destroy a tough enemy, its power, given your party members, is wasted on regular enemies. However, it is not wasted on monsters who are highlighted in the Subjugation Directive such as Dek, Tinat etc. Use the Reserve Rush to crush these powerful monsters; they’re worth the power expenditure.

One of the general reasons why you should do this is because the Subjugation Directive monsters are decently powerful and giving them a chance to show you that is not an option. Use your Reserve Rush to bring an end to battles against tough monsters and boss monsters if they’re giving you trouble.


Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is the best Star Ocean game to date and a game that I think every gamer should play because the gameplay is awesome and gamers can make their gameplay more awesome by keeping the maximum amount of blackberries on them; first and foremost. Gamers also need to keep in mind to obey the bulletin board which will net them some cool stuff and the invaluable treasure search specialty.

Abusing battle skills is a necessary evil that gamers need to do to survive and checking the glossary often will add a little flare to the game and gamers are given the chance to get to know more about their party members. Gamers who take the time to learn to guard and change characters can get more out of their gameplay.

Never be afraid to enter and fight every battle, don’t neglect to use your skill points to strengthen roles and specialties; abuse your Reserve Rush ability because it can mean the difference between life and death when dealing with Subjugation Directive monsters.

Above all, buy the game, enjoy playing it and don’t worry about what you can’t 100% right now because you’ll get a chance to later on in the game. I’m interested in knowing what you think of this post if anything; leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and happy gaming


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Anytime you get a Signet Card, let someone who doesn’t have access to signeturgical skills use it; I feel it’s a good way to get used to using the Signet cards so you don’t forget that they are there which is easy to do if you’re more used to having your Signeturgy casters in charge of signeturgy.

Ideal place to have a Revive Signet Card(s)




Are you working on one game and have been for weeks, feeling burned out on it; here’s what you can do in the game and outside the game.

Being a gamer, despite the glamour and somewhat celebrity status that it can bring us gamers, can be very hard sometimes because we’re often forced to make some decisions that we would not ordinarily see ourselves making. For example, rage quitting a game because we can’t quite get it to do what we want or the controls for the game are clunky or whatever the case is. Incidentally, we gamers also make bad choices when it comes to games because of the over extensive hype that some games get.

Now, there are times when we gamers dedicate ourselves to working on one game at a time until we conquer it. However, sometimes elements in the game can get so overwhelmingly aggravating that we start getting burned out trying to get past whatever obstacle that is stopping us from progressing. I can remember plenty of times when this has happened to me and it almost drove me to rage quit; something I always said I’d never do.

This can happen enough to gamers to the point where giving up on that game is the only thing we can do and to keep our pride as expert gamers, but there are things you can do in game and outside of the game that can really help in matters such as these.

Play something else

This is the first thing that we gamers never want to do, play something else. We gamers become so enamored with trying to get to the end of that all important game that this becomes an option we NEVER want to exercise. How many times have you been on the brink of beating that boss and all of a sudden they switch up their attacks and you end up dying; I can’t count on one hand how many times that’s happened while I was fighting the Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun.

I was happy to chill out with this for a while

Play something else, preferably a game that you started on another game. For example, whenever I got tired of playing God of War PS4 or when I was getting my butt handed to me too bad then I went on and played something else like Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness. Ten times out of ten, playing something else will preserve whatever patience you have left and it can be a saving grace when you need a break. Besides, no gamer anywhere want to spend another $40-60 dollars on another game or controller; I know I don’t.

If an area is the reason for your aggravation then avoid the area altogether especially if it’s optional

Now, this is something that I ran across when I was playing God of War PS4. Niflheim was the place that caused me so much aggravation that I did not want to be nowhere near the place or even go there if I didn’t have to. Ultimately, the Valkyrie, Hildr was there and I wanted her head but it also meant going to Niflheim and battling the cursed mist so as to stay alive until I destroyed her.

I stayed away from this area altogether, it so long and aggravating!

I love battle, I loved doing battle with the enemies in the game but doing it in Niflheim was not an option; so I sought to stay away from the area altogether because since it was optional as were the Valkyries then I didn’t have to make the energy to go after her if I didn’t want to. If you find that you’re getting aggravated then leave the area alone and don’t bother going back. There’s nothing wrong with accepting the fact that an area is more than we gamers can handle at times.

Some of us think this makes us weak as gamers when it is just the opposite; we’re strong, stronger for admitting that we can’t handle an area at that moment, it doesn’t mean we’re weak, it just means that we’re ill-equipped at that present time.

Review what you already know then make a plan for the next time you play

Most of the time, it is easy to come up with strategies for certain enemies and bosses because we’re fighting them but taking the time to review what you already know about the boss can help you devise more ways to get creative with your attacks and defense. For example, when I fought the Forgotten One in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, I felt I needed to take a break from fighting him because I was going at him for almost 2 hours and getting killed by him.

So, I reviewed what I knew about him and paid attention to him closely which gave me another idea on when to strike him or when would it be easier to strike him; I found it’s easier to do it when he does the Helm Breaker connect attack in which he’s knelt down for a few seconds thereby allowing me to get in some free hits.

Make a plan for the next time you play a game or are fighting a particular enemy; sometimes we don’t need to be stronger or have better hard hitting equipment, we just have to be smarter than our enemy which isn’t hard if you review what you know about your enemy and make a plan. This is how I effortlessly beat over 900+ games over the 30 years that I’ve been gaming.

Take your time coming back to the game

This hardly needs to be said but take your time coming back to the game, it can be an instrumental tool to help you get back into the game or to help you strategize effectively; 7 times out of 10, you’re likely to remember a move or a skill that you have or bought recently in your arsenal that would be useful against whatever enemy you’re facing. Also, it is a good way to cool down and try other games that you have.

I chilled out with this before coming back to…


For example, I used to get burned out on Dragonball FighterZ so I played my other games and got to a point where I felt ready to go back to the game I was working on at my own pace and not because I felt that I had something to prove.


Video games to us gamers is considered lifeblood needed to sustain us, but one thing is for sure that we can get burned out on a game that we’ve been working on for long periods of time. However, if you play something else, avoid the area altogether, review what you learned about enemy and make a plan for the next time you play and above all, take your time coming back to the game, you’re going to be less likely to get burned out and aggravated.

Keep these strategies in mind always and remember, accepting and admitting that an area is too much to handle at the present time doesn’t make us gamers weak; it makes us strong.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip

When you play a game that is open world and have hidden items within that area, don’t make it your life’s work to get everything when you first start and finish an area; come back to it after you get the “ultimate power” i.e. Seraph Shoulders in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow or the X-Buster upgrade in Mega Man X. The ability to revisit areas you’ve been to previously is there for a reason, exercise at the appropriate time and not before.

Yeah, you need these


Sony brand PS3 controllers are scarce, here are 5 reasons to keep or buy more than one!

“PS4 is the way of the future or PS4 is the future of the gaming world”, if you have heard either of those statements then logic suggests that there are people playing more PS4 games and collecting more PS4 accessories than ever before. Incidentally, PS4 consoles and sales are up while other consoles are down; particularly the PS3 and its accessories. However, it cannot be argued that the PS4 generation has the spotlight, one particular PS3 item still maintains that spotlight, the Sony brand PS3 controller.

The PS3 generation maybe dead and buried in accordance to many gamers, but the few that still game hard on the PS3, myself included, it stands to reason that getting our hands on a Sony brand PS3 controller is our top priority. But, what happens when the very object we need for gaming cannot be found or found anywhere.

Piece of crap, leave it alone gaming people!

Gamers have been known to go to their local gaming stores that sell used Sony brand PS3 controllers like Disk Replay or Gamestop; these places are a good source but a bad idea. Gamers feel cornered when they have to rely on a third party PS3 controller that doesn’t have the motion control function which makes playing games like Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time difficult.

Having said that, here are 5 reasons why you should not only keep but buy more than one PS3 controller and trust me, hoarding them is NOT a gaming sin! See what I did there. Anyway, here are the reasons 5.

1. Gaming stores have them in used quantities but they don’t work as well as they should

As I previously mentioned above, gamers can go to their local gaming stores like Gamestop or Disk Replay to find or to “luck” onto a Sony brand PS3 controller. However, as I also said that it is a bad idea because 8 times out of 10 the controller doesn’t work as well as it should especially since it has exchanged hands and houses many times.

The worst part about local gaming stores having these controllers in their possession is that the controllers’ lifespan is even shorter, a gamer may find and buy a Sony brand PS3 controller but the gamer will have, at the most, a couple of weeks before the controller and the charge cord with it, burn out; from experience.

If it works, hoard it and others like it!

Coincidentally, it’s not all bad though because some gamers do luck out and get a Sony brand PS3 controller from their local game store and it works for a long period of time sometimes works for years without needing to be replaced, but the occurrence is rare; maybe 1 in every 25 controllers. Above all, local gaming stores are not great places to buy Sony brand PS3 controllers.

2. Amazon is the best place to buy them brand new

This is sort of obvious, but if I was going to replace my Sony brand PS3 controller then the first place I would go is Amazon.com. Simply, there are no used controllers, no chance that they could die or any chance that a gamer will have to switch over to a third party controller in order to enjoy their PS3 gaming action. The hardest thing for a gamer to do is to replace gaming tech or a video game, it’s a monumental pain in the ass!

When my controller stops working, I’m getting this!

However, Amazon’s reputation more than precedes itself and is the place I go for all of my gaming needs; if I want a game to download to my PS3, I go to the Playstation Store, if I want a working and fully functional Sony brand PS3 controller, I go to Amazon. EBay is good in their own right, but it is not a place I would go for any of my gaming needs.

Despite the fact that some of Amazon’s gaming items are a tad pricey, I think as a gamer, I can agree, heck I think we all can agree on the fact that buying a Sony brand PS3 controller from Amazon is worth the price.

3. Local stores don’t have them

Everyone that is a gamer knows that Best Buy is one of the only other places to find gaming gear be it last month’s game of the month to game systems. What gamers also know is that places like Best Buy and Walmart do not have Sony brand PS3 controllers at all. Incidentally, I always believed that if you can’t get it at a local game store then try another place that sells video games and video game hardware; places like Walmart and Best Buy.

The sad, yet ironic thing about that is that the local stores don’t have Sony brand PS3 controllers because they’re concentrating on current generation consoles which means that a gamer might find themselves running around town or leaving their town in order to go to a store that might or might not have a working, slightly used Sony brand PS3 controller.

I can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve been told by employees of said stores to “go to this Chicago location to get this controller, they have a dozen of them”. Who wants to drive all the way to no man’s land just to buy one controller; local stores amount to a dime bag of nothing when it comes to video game accessories from past gaming generations.

4. If you still game hard on PS3, you’ll want to

Now, PS4 is in the house, no doubt about that and there are still many gamers who are playing PS4 games. However, the fact that there are just as many PS3 gamers cannot be ignored. My take, if you still game hard on the PS3 while you’re still waiting on the PS4 price to come down then you’ll want to get your hands on a Sony brand PS3 controller and keep as many of them as possible.

Collect these and keep them, I would; I have!

Over the time that I’ve had my Sony brand PS3 controller, I’ve come to realize two things about it. One, practically getting it brand new will ensure that it lasts you forever also stating that if you take good care of it then it will definitely last you forever. Two, when you buy it from a local gaming store, you’re buying someone’s gaming leftovers. While, not necessarily a bad thing, it can be in the long run if you should just happen to wake up to a non-working PS3 controller.

So, while you have the money or can get your hands on it to buy more than one Sony brand PS3 controller brand new, do it; it doesn’t say not to. Also, I want to go on record as saying that doing this now will save you tons of headache and pain later especially if you live in a town of under 850 people. Chances are, there isn’t a gaming store for miles.

5. They’re necessary for certain games

Back in my PS2 gaming days, I used to always be told by different people to try different third party game controllers. So, being an open-minded guy, I did and the controllers died/malfunctioned within a few days. I’ve been using a Sony brand PS2 controller ever since. Fast forward 2 years, I knew better than to get a third party PS3 controller because I knew the functions were lacking.

The biggest reason to buy and/or keep more than one Sony brand PS3 controller is because of this, they’re necessary for certain games. As I previously mentioned above, Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time is a game that CANNOT function without a Sony brand PS3 controller. I can hardly say that it doesn’t matter which controller you use when you game, but it does matter.

Yeah, you need a Sony PS3 controller for this!

While Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time is one of many games that require the use of a Sony brand PS3 controller, it is never a bad idea to have two or several of them because ten times out ten, you’ll be wishing you did when you need to get past Bentley’s “motion controller hacking”. All in all, don’t be caught with your gaming pants down which you will if you play a game that requires the use of a Sony brand PS3 controller and you don’t have one; I can’t think of a worst gaming scenario.


PS4 generation is currently holding a lot of gamers’ attention but for those who still play PS3 should make it their life’s work to get, buy and keep more than one Sony brand PS3 controller. Along with them being scarce, they’re not normally found in local stores; local gaming stores have maybe one or two of them but they don’t work as well as they should which can leave many gamers frustrated.

While Sony brand PS3 controllers are necessary to play certain games, it is without question that Amazon is the go to place when you’re looking to buy a PS3 controller, brand new; which you should.

Have you had any problems finding a Sony brand PS3 controller where you live, how often have you felt defeated because you lack the money to buy another Sony brand PS3 controller in order to finally beat that game that require it? I’d love to hear from you, leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and happy gaming.


R.J’s Last Minute Tip 

This hardly needs to be said, but if you’re looking for a replacement controller for either your PS2 or PS3; don’t go to local stores, go to Amazon.com only


Observation of the Story Mode in Dragon Ball Fighter Z, don’t be afraid to have fun with it

Dragonball Fighter Z has been out for a little while and although the game itself is excellent in every way, shape and form, I came across a little something that stood out to me and that was how easy the Story Mode is. Okay, so playing the Story Mode for the time that I have been, I noticed how easy the Story Mode is along with a few other things that stood out to me.

Besides the story mode being easy, the clones don’t really look like they’re fighting back all that much and they start getting aggressive toward the end of the fight; when they’re on the brink of death. The story mode is a great way to know what’s going on with the characters and the link that was developed, but if you’re coming into this thing looking for a challenge then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Okay, here’s where I am; I just rescued Piccolo and he’s now a playable character. While I was going after him, I faced Clone Kid Buu; he was cake, I didn’t even have to use my energy attacks. I did Goku’s 4 hit kick combo and performed a destructive finish by pressing Circle button and he was down for the count, period. There are other things to look out for when you play the Story Mode.

The Opposition Is So Easy

While there are many great and powerful fighters in the Story Mode that you face clones of, you’ll find that any worry you had about the story mode and having trouble is completely unfounded. Incidentally, the clones barely even strike back; it seems like they were just there so you can practice your moves and skills.

The fact that the clones just stand there throughout most of the fight is an obvious sign that you’re not going to have any problems pushing through the Story Mode or at least the clone part of it. I felt like I had to stop for a while because it was getting to the point where I was bullying the opposition.

Interestingly, you can go all out on the clones and not feel like you’re not getting into the game because the clones are practically punching bags which is amazing considering that they were wreaking havoc on whatever level they’re at. My advice, don’t use your full powers; you don’t need to.

More Training

So another thing I observed when I was playing the Clone Arc of the Story Mode was that Goku was still giving out lessons on certain actions to perform during the fight with the clones, it did not become apparent to me at first because I thought the game was giving you more tips on how to destroy your opponent creatively. But, all the game is doing is reminding you of certain moves to use against your opponent to drain their health quickly.

With Goku there telling you what moves to use, it felt like I was getting more training while I was playing through the clone story arc; I didn’t mind because a little reminder is good now and then. Generally, it just felt like the clone part of the Story Mode still has the gamer on training wheels and giving them tips on how to not fall off the bike.

I sort of had mixed feelings about this part of the Story Mode because while I am a very capable and competent gamer, I like being able to do my own thing when I play games such as abusing certain attacks or using mostly hand-to-hand combos before finishing them off with an energy attack.

No Threat of Getting Killed

Fighting sometimes means that someone is going to die; either you or the clone. However, after playing for the length of time that I had, I managed to come out of every fight on top. Ultimately, the clones are so easy and their practically pushovers. I didn’t even have to use my secondary and tertiary characters on reserve because one character was more than enough to get the job done. I didn’t once have the worry that I was going to die during battle with the clones.

For all of you gamers playing this for the first time and starting with the clone Story Arc, don’t stress about the opposition because you’re not going to die nor will you get to a point where you’ll feel like you’re back is up against the wall. The clones, ironically, don’t go all when you fight them even though they are supposed to be exact duplicates of the actual Z Fighters.

The clones got a few good hits in on my characters but it was nowhere strong enough to destroy them or cause me to get a game over; you’ll be fine even if you take the time to practice your skills on the clones.

Enjoy it and Have Fun

The biggest point I want to make here is to enjoy it and have fun, don’t worry about how many hits the clones get or how many times you interrupt their attacks because obviously they’re meant to provide a means of enjoyment that can only come from destroying weak clones. Above all, I didn’t place too much emphasis on pulling off every single move because the clones will make sure that you have the most enjoyable experience in the game.

However, the clones aside, have fun with it; it is easy to want to pull off every single move known to man but it is even easier to memorize those same moves and pull them off perfectly without getting interrupted. Understand this though, having fun doesn’t mean not taking the clones seriously at times because they can become a threat if you let them but as long as you get the upper hand and keep it then you’ll be fine.

You can abuse Krillin’s Expanding Energy Blast to inflict mass damage with no retaliation from the clones so don’t be afraid to have fun with it.


Dragonball Fighter Z is a great game that can provide hours of entertainment and having fun is easy as long as you remember that the clones, the opposition, is so easy so don’t complicate it. Goku’s appearance in the background may make certain battles during the clone arc of the Story Mode feel like another training exercise but you don’t have to worry about the threat of getting killed.

The biggest thing about this is to enjoy it and have fun because playing this game is all about having fun not to mention learning so don’t put so much emphasis on the moves you pull off or don’t pull off; that’s why Goku is there.

R.J’s Last Minute Tip

Do yourself a favor and practice doing the Destructive Finish(es) because it’ll look good on your level up score in Story Mode.

Yeah, that stuff; make that happen!