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Published June 26, 2019

There has been a “trend” that has become a normality of late and that is bringing old retro game classics to the PS4. While this is a very welcome course of action, I can’t help but feel like it was all done for naught. The Castlevania Collection PS4 is that classic that was brought to PS4, it cannot be argued that this is a great way to get new generation gamers into games that were obviously past their prime when many of those gamers were born.

Now, for many gamers, buying the Castlevania Collection PS4 is a great move because it’s worth the money but there are several other questions that should be addressed before making the move to buy this collection. For many, it’s about the graphics, for others, it’s about having all of these great games on PS4.

What some gamers don’t realize is that getting this great collection on PS4 can cause more problems for them. It’s one thing if you never had the games before or had your earlier copies stolen but what if you’re just packing games on top of games. I’ll discuss that along with addressing several questions like do I really need this, is spending the money necessary, Am I just doing it for the upgraded graphics and if I can play these on earlier consoles like the emulator, why get it for the PS4 too?

Having said that, let’s explore the first question which is……………

Do I really need this?

There’s no question that the Castlevania Collection PS4 is a great addition to the current generation console such as the PS4 but what I feel many gamers should be asking is, do I really need this? The reason being is that because the collection is out on PS4, there are many of you gamers spending money that you necessarily don’t have to. I can see not having the collection because of dire circumstances such as never having the games or never playing the games before.

You don’t need to spend money if you have this!

However, downloading the Castlevania Collection PS4 is a little unnecessary especially if you can’t afford to do so at the current time. The question can be applied not just when it comes to having the game or not having it, it can also be applied regarding the space you have on your PS4 storage. I mean, I would think real long and hard before making a plan to buy this game or even download it.

I’m not saying that the game collection isn’t good, it is the best collection that money can buy hands down but if you’re just buying the game just to buy it and have it then you’re doing too much to be a part of the current trend.

Is spending the money necessary?

If I were to ask a lot of you gamers out there if spending the money on the Castlevania Collection PS4 is worth it, I’m sure many a hand would go up but I also know that there would be just as many or fewer hands in the air. Ask yourself, is spending the money necessary? In my opinion, when the game came out, I didn’t even touch nor make it my life’s work to notice. The reason, I didn’t see a reason, as I still don’t now, spending money unnecessarily.

Don’t spend this foolishly!

Personally, I’m not going to tell someone how to spend their money let alone another gamer but my advice is that if you don’t think that spending that money is worth it then don’t spend it. One of the hardest things to do as a gamer is to make a valid decision about which games are worth and not worth the buy.

I can relate to this because I’ve been in that situation before where I had to make a hard choice regarding a game, I asked myself “is spending the money necessary, it is worth it?” After that, I made the choice to not buy the game. So before you spend money on the Castlevania Collection PS4, ask yourself, is this necessary?

Am I just doing this for upgraded graphics?

I know many a gamer who will buy a game for the upgraded graphics but never take the time to fully explain the logic behind doing it, and I get the feeling many of you have done the same thing when it came to the Castlevania Collection. I’m want it to go on the record getting a game just based on graphics is pointless because a game can have horrible graphics but still be enjoyable. For example, Battletoads i.e. Volkmire’s Inferno, the Snow Level. The first Castlevania on NES, great game.

Awesome graphics for its time!

Ask yourself gamers, is it worth spending this money on this game for the upgraded graphics; I hate to disappoint a lot of you but you can download a game from the past and the graphics will still be the same as it was on that game when it came out those many eons ago. The problem with getting swept up in the ‘graphics’ phenomenon is that there are too many gamers worried about what the graphics on a past game will look like on the PS4.

In all honesty, the Castlevania Collection isn’t worth the buy on the graphics alone; there are other things to consider when making the decision to buy this game.

If I can play these games on an emulator, why should I buy them on my PS4 too?

One of the questions that you should be asking is, “if I play these on emulator, why should I buy them on my PS4 too?” The answer, you probably shouldn’t buy the Castlevania Collection for the PS4 because you’re spending money on top of money; remember how I said piling money on top of money, that’s what you’re ultimately doing when you make the choice to buy the Castlevania Collection. I’m not saying to not buy it because it’s there but I am saying to think before you buy.

If you have the games on this….

I have an emulator that I play all of the Castlevania Collection on, call it the prototype but I do have an emulator that I play all of my Castlevania games on. There’s no real reason for me to spend extra money on bringing these games over to my PS4. Ultimately, you’ll want to play these on emulator instead of the PS4 because you’ll have access to other retro games but more importantly, the Castlevania games on emulator are there for free.

Playstation 4
You don’t need it on this

If you make the choice to buy the Castlevania Collection because you don’t have an emulator then that’s fine, I’d do it too if I didn’t have one but I do and if you have an emulator then don’t blow money on the Castlevania Collection. Save your money.


The Castlevania Collection on PS4 is a great buy to be sure but before spending money, you should ask the aforementioned question in the previous headers; if you have the slightest doubt about spending money on this than don’t, save money when and if you can.

So what do you think, do you think the Castlevania Collection PS4 is worth the buy despite all that I’ve mentioned or do you think that I’m right about what I said above and beyond? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. Antoni Antoni

    The trophies tho

    • I love PS4, don’t get me wrong but the long term, the trophies hardly matter; I don’t see a reason to spend the money.

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