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Published June 30, 2018

Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist is one of the most innovative games of its time and it is a great addition to the PS4 generation because it takes dueling to a whole other level especially the Yugioh Arc V feature in the game that introduces Pendulum Summoning. I can say with 100% certainty that it is a very interesting method of dueling not to mention an excellent way to get monsters out on the field in a hurry if you need to defend yourself.

After playing this game, I fell in love and it changed my entire perspective on dueling. The game has so much to offer those willing to give it chance which I think gamers should because they’ll enjoy it. As any gamer/duelist knows, the power lies in the cards and having the right cards can make a huge difference in a duel.

Having said that, I have a list of cards that you should have in any deck you create; you can choose to have all of them or some of them in your deck either way they’ll help immensely in any duel you’re in. Without further ado, here are the cards I dub as crucial for any deck.

Effect Monsters

Now, these are my favorite type of cards given their special ability but the following cards are among the most recommended because of the hitting power of their special ability.

A. Breaker the Magical Warrior, activating his special ability will raise his attack points to 1900 which will make a huge difference along as you don’t activate his secondary special ability will drop his attack points by those same 300 points, but you’ll be able to destroy any spell or trap card of your choice on your opponent’s field. Not too shabby, just be careful that you don’t make that work against you.

B. Dark Tinker, not only does this monster allow you to Synchro Summon but when it goes to the graveyard, you’ll be given the choice to place the next card in your deck to be on the top or bottom of the deck. You can make this work to your advantage if you use the Quick play spell card, Pigeonholing Books of Spell. Keep this in mind.

C. Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands, this card is my favorite one to use when I want to get a ritual monster or ritual card to my hands quickly which it allows you to do. You can double the effect of this card if you have the spell card, A Feather of the Phoenix.

D. Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior, this monster has a special ability similar to his red armored counterpart, but the difference is that you’ll be able to use Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior’s special ability 4 times giving it a total of 2400 attack points and you’ll be able to destroy 4 spell or trap cards of your choice on the field; make them your opponents though. Ultimately, this is the perfect go to card when you need a monster to overpower your opponent.

E. Blackwing – Kochi the Daybreak, this card’s only use lie in Synchro Summoning a level 8 monster like Stardust Dragon or any other Synchro monster with a lot of attack points. Don’t underestimate this card though, it is not as much a lightweight as it looks; I have gotten a lot of level 6 and 7 monsters on the field quickly using this card especially using it in conjunction with the spell card, A Feather of the Phoenix.

Spell Cards

These are my third favorite cards to use because of their awesome effects and some, if not all, of these can give you an edge in battle.

I. Double Spell, this card will grant you the use of a spell card in your opponent’s graveyard at the cost of one of your own. For example, if you were going to say use your opponent’s spell card, Spell Shattering Arrow to destroy a continuous spell or even a field spell. Double spell will allow you to do just that.

II. Creature Swap, need your opponent’s monster to seal that victory for you but you don’t have a card strong enough; Creature Swap is the answer. However, if your opponent uses it on you then make sure you have Mystic Space Typhoon to destroy the card or Spell Shattering Arrow which works just as well.

III. Reinforcement of the Army, a handy little card to use if you’re looking to get a Lv.4 warrior monster into your hands quickly especially if you don’t have any monster cards in your hand; useful for the beginning of a duel or if you’re looking for that lucky break.

Trap Cards

These are going to be your go to cards when you’re trying to keep your opponent in total “stasis” and usurp their control of the duel, I can say that I’ve used all of these in just about every duel I’ve been so I can tell you that they are Video Game Region approved.

A. Nightmare Wheel, a really good card to use if you want to bind your opponent’s monster and still deal them damage. However, you’ll get more use out of this card if you wait until your opponent summons their ultimate monster because only then will you truly have them on the ropes or completely defeated.

B. Call of the Haunted, your typical bring-a-monster-back-from-the-dead card and it does have its uses considering that you can use it to bring back any monster of your choosing; it has to be one of yours and not your opponent.

C. Raigeki Break, a very powerful card and useful if you’re looking to destroy your opponent’s ace monster or field spell they’re using to their benefit like Harpie’s Hunting Ground or Vampire Kingdom or any vampire monster for that matter.

D. Mirror Force, you can destroy all of your opponent’s monsters easily when your opponent decides to attack you with one of their monsters in attack mode. The perfect sneak attack in my opinion.

E. Xing Zhen Hu, I love this card and one that I have used dozens of times. When your opponent sets spell and trap cards down, use this little beauty to stop them from using those cards and those cards will stay in stasis as long as your opponent doesn’t figure out how to break your card’s grip. This card is useful in duels with opponents who are known to play a specific spells and/or trap cards.

Ace Monster Cards

Ace Monster Cards, as I call them, are monsters that are special summon like Synchro, XYZ or even regularly summon like if they require one or more sacrifices to summon. These cards are powerful and you shouldn’t be caught dead without them.

I. Blood Mefist, this card is so awesome because your opponent takes damage no matter how many cards are on their field; this card is great if your opponent is down to their last 2000 life points but also useful if they’re not. Ultimately, a card no expert level duelist should be without.

II. Number 50 Blackship of Corn, summoned with the forfeiture of two level 4 monsters, it can inflict damage on your opponent if they have monsters who has attack points that equate or is less than the attack power of Number 50; what I like is that the card automatically send your opponent’s monster to the graveyard using one of your XYZ material.

Divine Monsters

Divine Monsters are monsters with supreme power like the three Egyptian God Cards and as every gamer/duelist knows that their special abilities are not to be taken lightly.

The Winged Dragon of Ra, the most powerful God card to ever exist. The Winged Dragon of Ra has two special abilities. The first, draining your life points and giving them to Ra (which you shouldn’t) and two, destroy your opponent’s monsters at the cost of 1000 life points; a special ability you should use.

Slifer the Sky Dragon, Slifer, much like Ra, cannot be interrupted while summoning. With Slifer, you’ll be able to drop your opponent’s monster’s life points down 2000 points and if they didn’t have that amount at the time they’re summoned then they’re destroyed which is good for you especially if they have an annoying special ability. Slifer does get Attack points that equate the amount of cards in your hand. Slifer is more seen as a last resort type of monster.

Obelisk the Tormentor, Obelisk is a good monster to use if you have other monsters on the field besides him because he can use his special ability to wipe out every monster your opponent has even if those monsters are in defense mode; handy. This makes him a secondary pick under Ra.


Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist is a great game for the PS4 with a lot of good cards to use to subdue your opponent and they all have a use including the ones I have mentioned here. Every spell card, every trap, every effect monster, every ace monster as well as divine monsters are all useful in one way or another but using these particular cards in whatever deck you have will ensure your victory. Use these and triumph!

I’d be interested in hearing what you think about my post or certain things within my post, I’d love it if you send me a message and I will get back to you immediately. Thank you and happy gaming.

R.J’s last minute tip

If you’re looking to destroy your opponents monsters just to level the playing field or to empty theirs, use this…






  1. sherry sherry

    There are so many games out there now! I’ve never really played this PS4 game, Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist before, but you certainly have a ton of info on what cards are best to use and when.

    This game sounds like it takes quite a bit of strategy and skill to figure out which cards are the best to use in order to beat your opponent, so your tips here will be an awesome help to people like myself that are new to the game. I find it really helpful that you’ve broken down the cards into different sections on which ones you find most useful or in other words, your favorites.

    Plus, I’m glad you mention the drawbacks to using certain cards as well, which is good to know…I’ve played other games that I didn’t realize using a certain card or ability would drain another more necessary one to win the battle, which can be very frustrating!

    Anyways, I’ll have to look into this one more after reading about it here, thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes ~Sherry

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      Hey Sherry, thanks for your feedback. Yes, Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist is a strategy game but I assure you that the cards that you get from the Card Shop will more than make up for any kind of discrepancy or headache you might run into with an opponent that “seems” unbeatable. Trust me, I can give you all the help you need, just reach out to me when you get it.

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