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Published July 7, 2019

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has one of the most powerful swords in the entire game, the Blue Rose Sword; it is a weapon of pure power and a shardbinder’s best friend especially in the later parts of the game. There are tons of other weapons that become available after finding the Legendary Equipment book in the chest in the Hall of Termination in the room with the staircase leading to the Gebel boss fight; the kicker, you have to have the invert ability shard to reach it on the ceiling.

It’s right there

Incidentally, crafting a lot of the weapons that reside within this book will put your power on par with many of the enemies inside the Glacial Tomb even the Oriental Sorcery Laboratory. Just a little tip, you should start carrying both food and healing items with you before your advent boss fight with Zangetsu.

At first, I didn’t see a lot of reason to craft weapons and other accessories like helmets and armor but you’ll see after a while that crafting is better than buying the items from the store which costs thousands of dollars. But, I’ll get into that along with the Blue Rose Sword’s power, why crafting it is worth it, the keys to crafting it and the Warhorse battle. So without further ado, let’s jump right into exploring the…………

The Blue Rose Sword

The Blue Rose Sword is the mightiest of all of the swords you’ll use in the game and while its power may not be up to par or on par with the greatswords in the game, it is still powerful enough to drop enemies in the game including bosses. My advice, start crafting the Blue Rose Sword after you gain the Invert ability shard, I mean, leave the Inferno Cave area immediately after killing the boss that has it and start work on it. Trust me, you’ll be thankful you did once you see how much more health you’re saving instead of using health items to stay alive.

The owner of the Invert Ability!

At first glance, the Blue Rose Sword might not look like much but its attack power is immense for a sword of its caliber and one that should NEVER be underestimated. I’m telling you now, just holding the Blue Rose Sword will automatically give you that feeling like you could destroy anything. However, be mindful of the fact that there’s no one weapon for every enemy, but I’ll revisit that later.

Make no mistake, you’re not going to want to face O.D or even Zangetsu (part II) without the Blue Rose; there’s a reason why its power is what it is and……

Why crafting it is worth it

Crafting the Blue Rose Sword is, extremely, a lot of work and you might, if you were like me during the gameplay, think that it was not worth it or a secondary sword weapon of slightly less strength might suffice and I’m not trippin’ if you think that. However, you will find that no other one-handed sword weapon rivals that of the Blue Rose. You can hit an enemy a few times to destroy it and move on, it’s not quite the same if you’re using a weapon like the Almace or the Caladbolg which are both elemental swords.

You’ll need these to craft the Blue Rose

I want it to also go on the record that you may find that you’re barking up the wrong tree using this weapon inside of the Glacial Tomb, but I assure you that enemies will still fall by its blade. Oddly enough, enemies don’t gain HP from attacks made by weapons of the same element so if you’re using an ice elemental blade on an enemy of ice, they’re going to die. Period!

So having said that, there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t craft the Blue Rose, having it will ensure that bosses like Zangetsu in the Oriental Sorcery Laboratory will take lethal damage from the sword’s special ability and you can still live to fight another day. Now the……….

The key(s) to crafting it

The key to crafting the Blue Rose lie in two aspects, the extra items in your inventory and the extra shards. As you well know, Dominique and later, Annie will pay top dollar for any and all extra shards that you have and I want it to also be known that I used to sell the extra shards on a routine basis but don’t do it. What I usually do is if I have extras of a shard like 4 of the Riga Storeaema, I sell 3 of those and just have the one.

It’s okay to sell the extra shards as long as you have only one of that shard as in the above example, you’ll need to buy at least 3 Hofud(s) swords in order to begin the crafting process, and you’ll acquire a lot of other items as well even buying them which is okay or buying one part of it and crafting the rest. So in order to successfully craft it, you’ll need to create the 3 elemental blades needed for its creation which is the Almace, Caladbolg and the Florenberg.

It is imperative that you don’t sell any shards and all extra gear until you’re ready to craft the Blue Rose and that goes for if you have two extras of the dullahammer helm, sell that 1 extra dullahammer helmet to add to your money or bottom line as it were but again, not until you’re ready to craft the Blue Rose; it’s okay to sell one or two things to craft a weapon but save the rest. Here’s one of the general reasons why you’ll want the Blue Rose, for………..

The Warhorse Battle

After obtaining the Warhorse’s Key in the Glacial Tomb, make your way back to the Warhorse’s Door on the Garden of Silence’s west side. Upon opening the Warhorse’s door, you’ll feel a little nostalgia as you’re seeing what’s happening in front of you. The boss is no pushover but he’s not exactly tough either and this is where the Blue Rose comes in, you can abuse its special ability as long as your magic power holds out.

I would advise you having at least 3 High Ethers for this battle because the Blue Rose’s special ability runs off magic, your magic so having a magic refill or two will help you out immensely in this battle. Also, I want it to go on the record that you’re not going to take much damage if you’re being evasive of the boss, the imposter just does a lot of jumping around and hardly uses its weapon of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

Make no mistake, the boss isn’t terribly tough but I still advise that you bring your A-game when you enter his chamber; oh and don’t use invert to flip the joint hoping to gain an advantage on the boss, I tried it already with disastrous results. But, chin up because I have……

Additional tips

Alright, I’ve beat the game and I’ve gone through much to get to that point but there were things in the game that sort of eluded me such as not fully tending to some quests and requests made by a few of the NPCs (Non playable characters). All the while, Lindsay may get attention or a lot of attention given her quests for vengeance.

Let it be known that Abigail and Susie are just as important and forgetting about them can be really easy to do given their practical ‘invisibility’. Now, as I previously mentioned, there were things in the game that sort of eluded me but conversely, not to the point where I didn’t know. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind the next time you play the game

#1, the benefit of the Support System via skill shard is handy for having weapons set up to the point where you’ll be able to switch out weapons without having to equip them from the weapon screen. For example, having a greatsword on the ready will make it easier to kill armored enemies and big enemies. The logical, said enemies take lethal damage from said weapon.

Or, having a whip weapon on the ready so you can be prepared when you face quick and evasive enemies, it’ll serve a huge purpose when you’re not smashing through every healing item on your list.

If you’re having trouble getting my point on this then check out my video.

I’m just saying that abusing the Shortcut system in the game will allow you to switch weapons on the fly to deal with every kind of enemy.

#2, Pay more attention to Abigail. The reason I say this is because the one food item that the enemies in the game don’t have or it could be a rare drop is the bread item. I believe that Abigail may have that after you fulfill one of her requests. Susie is looking for Corn Chowder. If you stopped at her requesting that then logically speaking, Abigail might have the food item that might consist of bread so you can ‘dismantle’ it to get the bread item.

Above all, give Abigail what she wants and give her the same attention that you give Lindsay because Abigail is the key to fulfilling her requests and Susie’s.

#3, As you’re moving from place to place in the castle, you’ll face tons of enemies and healing from their damage can be a little difficult which means that not every potion is going to heal every bit of damage. So my recommendation is this. From the Galleon Minerva up to the Dian Cecht Cathedral, go with potions.

Upgrade to the High Potions as you’re travelling from the Bridge of Evil up to the Hidden Desert, and then upgrade to the Ex Potions from Secret Sorcery Laboratory til the end of the game. Also, after you gain the invert shard, go back to the Library in Livre Ex Machina and flip the room to knock O.D. out of his chair to reap many an item. After you get the Dimension Shift, revisit some levels, you’ll unlock many a secret as well.

#4, Treasure chest icons on the map detail treasure chests that have yet to be opened or opened again in the case of blue chests. What many may not know is that the blue treasure chests have a tell, they respawn which can allow you to get your hands on some rare material as well as other items.

Also, if I didn’t mention this early on, check a book out of O.D.’s library when you first go to Livre Ex Machina  but don’t return it, he’ll eventually track you down and fight you. You’ll want this because defeating him will net you a very powerful shard.

#5, After you craft the Blue Rose, try to craft the other ultimate weapons whose attack power is on par with the Blue Rose

The Gae Assail, the ultimate spear; you’ll want this!

Mind these tips always and you’ll never stray or at the very least get killed continuously.


The Blue Rose is a sword of immeasurable power and crafting it is well worth the trouble especially since endgame enemies will be easier to kill with it, crafting it is worth it and as long as you remember to hold off on selling all of your extra stuff until you’re ready to craft the Blue Rose then you won’t have to penny pinch in order to get the Blue Rose crafted.

So what do you think of my post, do you think the Blue Rose is worth the effort or no, do you think that my additional tips are spot on? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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  1. GomerGomer

    Is this for men too? 

    Among the role-playing-games that I know, this Blue Rose is the most unfamiliar to me. Just by it looks, I have this feeling that it is for women only but then, I’d be kind to my curiosity, I will give in to my curiosity and try this one. It doesn’t matter if I am a man. I’m excited to enter again the world of Aldis. With my power, I will be able to beat Kern and the legions from Jarzon.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is for all people of all ages, and for the record, the Blue Rose is a sword, not to be confused with an actual blue rose. 

  2. RoDarrickRoDarrick

    Excellent post this is and I have heard a lot about the blue rose sword in the bloodstained ritual of the night game. Seriously, I thought it was mere hyping before because it never occurred to me as a powerful weapon so I never bothered my self getting it but reading through this post now, I’m convinced enough that the sword would definitely be worth owning and surely, that would be my aim next in this game and by the way, this game is freaking awesome and I’m loving it.

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      I’m glad you are RoDarrick, it’s a kick ass game; I beat it last week and I wish I could go back for seconds, but I’m working on another game right now. Reach out to me if you need help.

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