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Published July 10, 2019

In Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, there are shards, Bloodstained Shards, as I like to call them that give you power beyond comprehension. The shards are definitely an excellent way to get and keep power throughout the entire game and you can definitely strengthen these shards to increase their potential as well as their ability i.e. Riga Storeama (a very powerful shard ability).

Incidentally, when you strengthen certain Bloodstained Shards, you see different changes in their ability and sometimes it’s easy to believe that most enemies wouldn’t be affected by a particular shard but it cannot be argued that no enemy in the game is immune to a type of shard ability.

However, there are 3 shards that you should definitely focus on for the simple fact that the power of these 3 shards will come in handy and will more than likely help you when you need it. Before I get into the discussion about the 3 chosen, I think it’s worth mentioning that you can strengthen any shard to any level of power you want, it just depends on what you consider to be powerful amongst the shards.

But in this post I’ll talk about the 3 chosen shards, why you should strengthen these particular shards, tips for using them and the pros and cons of each. So without further ado, let’s explore……

The 3 Shards

The 3 Shards that I would definitely say have earned the right to be called ‘Bloodstained Shards’ is because of their potential to spill blood as well as heal it. Case in point, Healing, you’ll get this from the fairy enemy, Sidhe. The second shard you should upgrade is the Tis Raiff, this shard is dropped by the Vul’sha enemy. The last shard that you should get and strengthen is the Va Ischa.

You will definitely see a huge difference in the power of these 3 shards when you strengthen them to Rank 5 and above, you’ll want to do this because their power come in handy in a pinch especially healing. Johannes is responsible for enhancing shards so see him about strengthening these 3 and try to do this while you’re venturing around from place or every time you Johannes.

Ultimately, 2 out of these 3 shards can be a lifesaver especially when you cross paths with enemies that are allergic to their ability (except healing). Healing as a whole is always welcomed, healing is something you should definitely get to Rank 9 because having it as a passive ability will free up space for a favorite shard that you love having on your person like Riga Storaema (I love this shard, you get it from the cat demon, Nyabon in the Dian Cecht Cathedral; strengthen this one too).

Why you should strengthen said shards

So why should these 3 shards take precedence over all others via enhance, or is it more to your benefit to strengthen the aforementioned shards; there are dozens of reasons. One general reason why should strengthen the Bloodstained shards I was talking about is because their power is practically unmatched on the right type of enemy. For example, Va Ischa; an ice ability shard that shoot ice in 3 directions.

Strengthening this will make your ice projectiles stronger and will allow you to put a big hurting on your enemies especially those who are allergic to ice magic. Healing, obviously so you can save on your food items in your inventory which can give you back more health per use but Healing can do that too after you strengthen it, it’ll give you back 5 HP per use, combine that with the Warlock Necklace that you get from Abigail and you’ll be able to heal for less magic points usage.

Finally, the Tis Raiff. This becomes a very powerful ability to wield on enemies of the dark element and enemies that you just want to deal a lot of damage to and ultimately kill so trust me when I say, it is definitely to your benefit to strengthen the rank of these 3 shards.

Tips for using the aforementioned shards

Okay so obviously, all of you know how to use the Bloodstained shards but have you ever stopped and wondered how to use them strategically; I too thought this and I’m now going to relay a little of what I did so that it may benefit you as it did me. Let’s start with the Tis Raiff, you can aim this beam of holy power in all 8 directions; it’s useful on enemies that are far away from you that you don’t want to get near like the Fire elementals in the Inferno Cave.

Healing, I’d have to say that healing is good to use in conjunction with a food item to heal so that you’re not going through all of your food and healing potions. So for example, say you consume a pizza. You recover almost three-quarters of your health then you can just simply use the Healing shard to heal the rest. Being excessive or extra in this game has very ugly consequences so consider yourself warned!

Va Ischa, this is your aerial enemy grounder, the way to deal damage to your enemies that are aerial in nature like those annoying demons and archdemons and any enemy that is aerial. You’ll get satisfaction in knowing that using this continuously will ground, deal damage and kill your enemies so they’re less of a nuisance.

Pros and Cons

Now, everything in the universe have its own set of pros and cons, the Bloodstained Shards that I was talking about is no exception. I’m going to talk about the pros and cons of the 3 chosen shards and you can weigh it and see it if it’s worth it to you to strengthen them.

Healing, the pros of this shard is the following:

I. You don’t have to work hard to heal damage

II. It comes through in a pinch

III. Always ready to use and requires little magic points to take advantage of.

The healing shard, the color of it anyway!

The cons,

I. You only regain 1 HP point per use until you get it to Rank 5 and above to start getting back 5 HP per use.

II. You’ll burn through your entire magic gauge trying to significantly heal

Tis Raiff, pros

I. Can deal decent damage to enemies if they’re above or below you and straight ahead of you

II. Its full power can be aimed in 8 directions

III. Effective on all enemies


I. Takes too much to upgrade before seeing any real damage done

Va lscha, pros

I. Effective out the starting gate

II. Its upgraded form can ground foes

III. The damage output is spectacular the more you upgrade it.

Look whose got the Va Ischa shard, this guy!


I. Sometimes summoning it while under a ceiling can interfere with its potential to deal damage to enemies.

So take these into account when you make the decision to upgrade these to higher ranks.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has a lot of powerful shards that can and will destroy your enemies but three of the Bloodstained shards such as Healing, Va Ischa and Tis Raiff has so much more potential which you’ll unlock as you’re upgrading them. Keep in mind too that upgrading these can be costly but worth it if it can destroy your enemies in almost 2 hits. Remember the pros and cons, and definitely strengthen them when you get the chance because only then will their true power shine forth.

So what do you think of my post, do you think there are other shards that needs mention that I didn’t talk about or do you think that the chosen shards I discussed are not worth upgrading? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.


  1. Aabidah Ahmed Aabidah Ahmed

    I’m loving this bloodstain Shards Action Game. I always look for a good action game to play that is worth my time. 

    I haven’t played this one yet, but after this review, I am sure to download it.

    Thank you for the tips on how to strengthen the Shards. I’m looking forward to playing this game after your preview.

    All the best.

    • Rodney McGill Rodney McGill

      I’m really glad that you want to download the game, you won’t be disappointed I assure you.

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