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Published July 4, 2019

Bloodstained ritual of the night tips and tricks come in many forms as you well know, a lot of the tips and tricks consist of where to go next seeing as how there’s little direction in the game as to point the way. Contrary to misguided belief, the map has a tell which lie in the areas that are incomplete on the map. Don’t get in the habit of trying to rush your way through the game and while you’re completing the areas, it’s not worth it by no means; take it from me.

Before proceeding any further, it’s worth mentioning that bloodstained ritual of the night tips and tricks may come off a little “basic” and some of them may very well be an exercise in futility but a lot of them are very useful. I’ve used dozens of strategies to conquer all kind of challenges in the game like using my gun weapon and the various bullets on the Carpenter in the Hall of Termination.

There are several ways to go about doing specific things in the game that will ensure that Miriam nor you will have any kind of hardship which I’ll discuss along with why you don’t need to rush, the significance of the Hall of Termination, 6 things to avoid doing, 100’ing the map so without further ado, let’s explore the concept of why you…………

Don’t Rush

Implementing the various bloodstained ritual of the night tips and tricks can often cause you to want to rush to a specific part of the game, I’ve been guilty of this as well. However, I want it to go on the record that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is longer than anticipated so what I tell you now is for your own good. Don’t rush. Rushing through is pointless and it’s like I always said, the faster you run trying to get to the finish line, the slower you’re going to be getting there.

Also, there’s no need to rush because you’re going to get where you’re going anyway so rushing isn’t necessary. Besides, how much of the game are you enjoying when you rush through, none. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been rushing through a small portion of the game but that’s only because I’m near the endgame but there’s a way to get where you’re going and still do it right.

Which is Don’t Rush, that’s it; that simple. You miss out on good items and information if you’re concentrating more on getting to the end level boss. In this game, rushing costs you more than just time and damage, it can cost you your life. Consider yourself warned!

The Hall of Termination

One of the levels you’ll eventually come to is the Hall of Termination. This level is significant for 2 reasons. The first, Gebel is here awaiting you and it is here where you’ll decide his fate. However, the Hall of Termination is more than just Gebel’s hideout, it’s also a place that holds a great many item that is yours for the taking after you gain the invert ability shard; see, I gave you another of my expert level bloodstained ritual of the night tips and tricks, you’re welcome.

Another thing you want to keep in mind while you’re here is that the Millionaire Door is here which is accessible after obtaining its key from the Den of Behemoths. A lot of the enemies here are not particularly strong but they are numerous, so if you’re looking to navigate it safely then I suggest bringing a spear weapon or gun weapon; killing enemies at a distance here will work to your advantage.

If you make the choice to come here with healing and food items, do it; you’ll be thankful you did when you face the boss, don’t waste any of your resources on any of the enemies here, they’re not worth it; remember that.

6 things

Alright, so when you’re going through Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and using whatever tips and strategies to get through, here are 6 things that you should definitely do and avoid to keep from getting that game over screen or at least getting killed by Alfred or any other enemy for that matter.

A. Don’t take on Gebel before exploring the areas beyond the Forbidden Underground Waterway, Okay, there’s a reason I say this, and the reason why is because you’re going to cross swords with Gebel or at least make it to his private chamber before exploring the rest of the Forbidden Underground Waterway, leave Gebel alone until you’ve beaten Zangetsu in the Oriental Sorcery Lab, only then will it be time.

B. Avoid selling the Zangetsuto, this probably goes without saying but you definitely want to avoid doing this because if you’re to have any chance of beating Gebel without really hurting him then you’re going to want to heed this bit of advice. Plus, you’ll have a cool katana to add to your collection. Win-win!

C. Slice the Red Moons, you’ll come across two red moons while you’re playing. The first is during your battle with Gebel, and the other is in the Garden of Silence. Take the Zangetsuto and slice both red moons thereby ending the battle with Gebel and opening the way to the Den of Behemoths and the other areas beyond, you only need to hit them once; remember once only!

D. Gebel leads to an automatic game over, avoid that by not killing him, as in the previous tip; when you take on Gebel, you’re to attack him until the moon turns red then use the Zangetsuto to destroy the moon. Killing Gebel is not the way to undo Gremory’s hold over him. Killing Gebel is an automatic game over too; remember that.

E. Don’t let your guard down around Alfred, this guy is a slippery character. When you fight him, run around the circular platform to cut him so he’ll run right into you and you can get in some free hits. Avoid his elemental and environmental traps as best you can, if you have any resist poison shards; equip them. Alfred’s form of poison will kill faster than regular poison because seemingly you take more damage. You have been warned!

F. Go to O.D’s library in Livre Ex Machina and avoid returning his book, this bit of advice is the very definition of a slippery slope. O.D. will track you down after you’ve gone eons without returning his book; you’ll want to do this because pissing him off and taking him on will net you a very awesome shard. I won’t say which or what kind, but it is worth it!

Mind these things and you’re going to own in this game and the thing about O.D. I was serious about that! Don’t return his book until he comes for you/track you down.

Don’t get lazy about 100’ing the map; trust me you’ll want to

Now, there are a lot of areas in the game and a lot of places to use the bloodstained ritual of the night tips and tricks especially in the areas I mentioned. Filling in the map and exploring a lot of the rooms in the various areas can get a little overwhelming and boring. My advice, get the Detective Eye passive shard; you’ll find its owner, Seeker, in the Forbidden Underground Waterway area.

The Detective Eye shard will grant you the ability to see hidden walls and weak parts of the foundation in the areas you visit or go to. This makes it almost effortless to fill in the entire map, don’t get lazy about 100’ing the map because you’re going to come across a lot of items that’ll let you craft some incredible equipment and protection.

Trust me, you’ll want to explore every area and again and I can’t stress this enough, get the Detective Eye shard; you’ll also need the Invert ability shard along with the Aegis Plate. With all 3 of these, there’s nowhere in the castle that you will not be able to go. Obtaining these is paramount, so make it your life’s work to obtain them, I did and the payoff was huge.


The bloodstained ritual of the night tips and tricks are completely laid out in a way that implementing them will put you on the fast track to success such as slicing the red moon and not Gebel, leaving him alone until after you’ve fought and beat Zangetsu. Keep your guard up around Alfred and be ready for anything.

Don’t return whatever book you take from O.D’s library, the payoff will be huge and finally, don’t get lazy about 100’ing the map and Detective Eye, Aegis Plate and Invert ability shard are the keys to going anywhere you want in the castle.

So what is your opinion about my post, do you agree with my 6 things or how about my point on O.D’s library book or do you have an overall opinion? Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you immediately. Thank you and Happy gaming.

Piss this guy off, it’s worth it!


  1. Riaz ShahRiaz Shah

    Beautiful graphics, reminds me very much of Castlevania! I saw Bloodstained while it was about to get released but then I forgot about it altogether, definitely need to try it out! What happens if we slice the red moon more than once, do we lose? I really need to check this out. time to download!

    • Rodney McGillRodney McGill

      The red moon isn’t meant to take more than one hit from the Zangetsuto, and the red moons, either of them, will not bow out by any other weapon. 

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