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Published February 27, 2019

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon introduced a lot of things and characters that were never seen before but share different similarities to video game characters in past games. For example, Miriam share similarities with the Belmonts with whip in hand and different subweapons. Gebel is similar to Alucard in that he can turn into a bat and fly to get to different places, Alfred is like Sypha from Castlevania 3 with the different spells.

But the thing that made the Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Characters great was their unique style of fighting not to mention their ability to complement each other and their teammates. Zangetsu is a lethal power with his sword and subweapons but his weakness lied in his sword in which it didn’t hit for distance which meant you had to get in close to attack with it.

The characters are but one of the reasons that motivated me to write this review on the game, it had everything and it cannot be argued that it was a game that I’ve come to love as a Castlevania favorite even though its not. But, I will be covering the gameplay, subweapons, characters even rendering my judgment as far as the game itself goes. So without further ado, here’s my review of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

Characters 10/10

As previously mentioned, the characters in the game, Zangetsu, Miriam, Alfred and Gebel all share similarities with gaming characters from other games but they all have their unique way of fighting which brought a lot of heat to the game. For example, Gebel is good about hitting multiple times with his bat attack which is good for when you fight the boss, Bloodless.

I gave the characters a 10/10 because there wasn’t anything that the game could throw at you that the characters couldn’t counter, it was just great how I could switch to characters on the fly in order to get to specific places like a lot of the hideaways that Zangetsu couldn’t get to but Miriam can with her high jump and slide ability.

Alfred could keep people and himself protected by using his flame barrier which came in handy when you needed to avoid ceiling hazards such as falling enemies and the like. Each character was a delight to use and they served their purpose as they were making their way thru each level. Overall, the characters kept me interested in the game.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay was very simplistic and very easy to catch on to, it made the game pop; I was so into the game because of the gameplay. I enjoyed every little bit of it. I gave the gameplay a 10/10 because there weren’t any hard elements in the game that made the gameplay suffer. My second reason is because its earned it, the gameplay for the game was magnificent.

I have to say that I would’ve thought that the controls would’ve messed up the gameplay because there were so many controls to remember regarding each character. For example, using Miriam’s slide ability to get into narrow holes or using Alfred’s ice spell to get through enemies that are potential roadblocks or using their frozen form to get into someplace or other then switching to another character to navigate said place.

From my experience, I’ve always found myself switching from character to character when it came to crossing gaps, breaking through enemy forces even switching out characters when it came to certain candle/subweapons; it’s like you couldn’t tell which candle had which subweapon, you could only tell that only when you hit the candle with your chosen character. The gameplay was awesome!

Subweapons 10/10

This is my favorite part of the review, the subweapons. Now, the subweapons in the game made many of the levels a little easier to do and there are some that were just a perfect fit for certain characters especially when they’re going up against a boss monster or monsters that didn’t really die by any other subweapons.

I love Miriam’s subweapons because it always seemed as if she had one for just about every type of enemy and the same could be said about Alfred, in particular, Miriam’s axe which she used to cut enemies in half/one shot them. Zangetsu’s tarot card subweapon is great for dealing with stationary enemies.

The subweapons made bosses cake as well, the subweapons made the game and it made me happy that they were in the game and you could get creative with the subweapons as well like using Alfred’s flame barrier then switching to another character hence that character using the flame barrier’s protection to get through obstacles.

You can even have Alfred freeze water then hit to break it so as to be able to walk on solid ground which is helpful since Alfred is the slowest moving of all the Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Characters.

My Judgment 10/10

My judgment on the game is 10/10 because I loved how it played, it wasn’t too complicated, wasn’t too easy and the story mode was awesome especially since no one saw the fact that Zangetsu was tortured by the amount of demons he killed hence him becoming a demon which meant that one of the strongest characters in the game was gone; I have to admit that I felt a little lost without using Zangetsu on Nightmare mode.

However, the other 3 creatively filled his spot which made Nightmare mode a little easier to do but it cannot be argued that it would’ve been nice for gamers to use Zangetsu but the game still gets a 10/10. My advice, if you haven’t played this game or even had thoughts about downloading it, do it; you’ll not regret it especially since you’ll be using your characters to find the sacred items that are scattered in different locales throughout the level.

Overall, get and play the game, it’ll be the best thing you’ve spent money on not to mention that its a great addition to any PS4 collection.


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Characters are powerful in their own way, but in my review I covered why Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is a great game to play based on the gameplay which didn’t make the game hard or easy and it was entertaining.

The characters were unique and were able to get creative with their subweapons and different attacks. Overall, my review of the game of 10/10 was well-earned. If you have any questions about my review then please send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Thank you and Happy gaming.

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